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Episode 123 - 5000 Veteran Entrepreneurs in 2018

If you were going to reverse the failure rate of small business, how would you do it? Over recent decades, according to the US Small Business Administration, only 30% of new ventures survive past their tenth birthday. That is a travesty. There are tremendous resources available that could help most companies survive and thrive. Why don't they? In many cases, it's simply a matter of a new entrepreneur's emotion and not having any idea what they don't know. In other words, the new small...


Episode 122 - Meet Sharlene Hawkes and Remember My Service

Meet Sharlene Hawkes, master storyteller and President of Remember of My Service. Sharlene's early career begin on-camera as a media personality with ESPN uncovering the passion and dreams behind world-class athletes and sports organizations. Sharlene discovered how much most top performers never reveal in a standard interview. Sharlene has made a career out of uncovering the hidden experiences that define unsung heroes. In recent years, she has partnered with military units to tell their...


Episode 121 - Investors and Transitioning Veterans in Small Business

You've probably heard the expression; "I can't see the forest for the trees." That is the case for most small business start-ups, especially when it comes to raising investment capital for a new venture. How can a new entrepreneur learn to look at their 'baby' objectively? Why is it crucial to be cold and calculating when it comes to your investors? Understanding your business financials is essential to success. Also making sure you do right things in the right order sets you up for...


Episode 120 - Building a DEBT FREE Small Business & Minimizing Taxes

When we asked young people what they believed their first task would be should they decide to start their own company, the number one response was overwhelming; BORROW MONEY. The followup question left them speechless; "What would you do if it was illegal to go into debt to start a small business?" In Episode 120 we drill into this idea both from philosophical and practical points of view. When you understand the real impact of starting your business with a significant debt burden, it...


Episode 119 - Balancing Work, Life & Physical Fitness

How many times have you attended a workshop on time management only to be told once again how important it is to make time on your calendar for those people who are important to you? Yes, spouse, children, family and important friends. If you don't, you'll regret it. Yeah... we've all heard it, but how do you really do it? In Episode 119, we drill into a very specific, time-tested process to guarantee you create balance in your life for your top priorities. You'll see how to incorporate...


Episode 118 - Why American Exceptionalism & Leadership are Unique

How many people do you know that get fired up about studying history? Those numbers likely drop dramatically if you were to ask type-A small business owners to shut down their company for a few hours to study the impact of America's Founders on entrepreneurship. While this scenario isn't likely, the takeaway points we discuss in Episode 118 begin with key decisions America's Founders made that are crucial to our ability to create ventures. Constitutional provisions ensure we can own the...


Episode 117 - How Small Business Acceleration Begins

Do you remember the first time you got the twinge of entrepreneurial interest... the first moment you thought about the idea of actually working for yourself and controlling your financial future? It's pretty intoxicating, isn't it? I know it was for me. In Episode 117 we take a look at the first questions a new entrepreneurial apprentice needs to consider if they are going to seriously pursue the world of small business. This mindset is something few talk about because it's not nearly as...


Episode 115 - Responsible Entrepreneurs Lead in Disasters

The mythology of Entrepreneurship frequently promotes the idea of a free spirit riding solo onto the open range of small business success. The reality is that successful entrepreneurs are solid team players and can be counted on to be calm, cool and collected while doing the many tasks required by fast moving, nimble companies. This is even more true when disaster strikes. Successful entrepreneurs develop a strong sense of preparation, backup plans and flexibility. In cases, like recent...


Episode 114 - How to Survive a Small Business Disaster

Small Business Acceleration can be a lot of fun when everything is going well. The challenge is that nothing ever goes according to plan. How well are you prepared to handle emergency circumstances, whether they are personal, business or within your support network? In Episode 114, we'll review real world situations and how to respond. Much like flying an airplane, building your business is thrilling. However, when you lose an engine on takeoff, what was exciting a minute ago can be...


Episode 113 - The Small Business Ecosystem Drives Growth

Small business is not static. 500,000 new companies start every year, 80% of which are single person operations. How many more people do you believe are 'thinking' about starting a new venture at any given time? 2 million? 5 million? Those numbers are pretty big... but the travesty is that two thirds of those companies ultimately fail. In previous episodes, Steve Olds explained why the apprentice mindset is crucial to what he calls the Small Business Ecosystem. The apprentice must begin...


Episode 112 - The POWER of an Educated Entrepreneur

One of three critical factors that will determine the speed of SMALL BUSINESS ACCELERATION is an educated entrepreneur. Many people who start small businesses look more like the Tasmanian Devil from the old cartoon than a focused professional. The reason is simple. At the beginning of a small business, there is so much to learn. The combination of enthusiasm for the new venture and the unbridled exuberance of working for themselves, can create interesting experiences. What should you be...


Episode 111 - The Entrepreneurial Apprentice Mindset

Entrepreneurship can be a very emotional topic. Money is traditionally the motivator that launches most new small businesses. There is a direct correlation between the mindset of the new small business owner and long term success. In Episode 111, Steve Olds drills into the entrepreneurial apprentice mindset and why it is foundational to the success of a small business. However, it's important to realize the mindset is applicable not only at the beginning of an entrepreneur's new venture,...


Episode 110 - Why do 8 out 10 Small Businesses Fail?

When you study the Small Business Administration statistics on entrepreneurial survival past the 10 year point, you'll find that, on average, only two out of ten survive. Talk to most experienced entrepreneurs and you'll find that most have a lot of scar tissue. Why? Because building a profitable company that survives for the long term is tough. If you look at the last 4 decades, the numbers have remained fairly constant, despite ups and downs in the economy. Is it necessary that we accept...


Episode 108 - How Your Attitude Determines Your Future

We've all heard the old saying about turning lemons into lemonade. No matter what your circumstance, there are usually plenty of well-wishers standing by to share cute phrases and pretty pictures to encourage you. While the sentiment may be heartfelt, the challenge for many people is simply moving forward. Managing your personal stress is even more complicated when you are the leader of a small business. In Episode 108, you'll meet Tim Sullivan, a US Navy Veteran and fellow entrepreneur....


Episode 107 - Getting Your Mind & Your Metrics Right for Success

What's the difference between average and outstanding performance? There are as many answers to this question as there are experts selling books on the subject. Entrepreneurs, especially those preparing to launch a company or grow into a substantial growth phase, rarely ask themselves this question. Why? Most small business owners are head-down, working inside their companies. They don't invest the time to step back and evaluate their performance versus the original benchmarks they...


Episode 106 - Free Government Cash for your Small Business

How many people believe the government has any money? The truth is the only money Washington has is what WE THE PEOPLE, aka the US Taxpayers, send in voluntarily. The US Treasury doesn't have any money sitting around to give you for your small business. However, by legally reducing your taxes, you get access to money that does not require grants, loans or giving away your firstborn child! Here's a dirty little secret. There are two different tax codes in America; one for employees and one...


Episode 96 - Meet Master Intnerviewer Rhett Palmer

In a follow-up program to Episode 95 when we discussed the importance of seeking out qualified mentors to help expedite your learning, in today's episode we discuss how to schedule and conduct quality interviews with subject matter experts. Rhett Palmer has been conducting interviews for decades and has been one-on-one with some of the most prolific Americans in history like Rev. Billy Graham, General Colin Powell and country music singer, Garth Brooks. Find out how Rhett landed these...


Episode 94 - Core Principles Matter

World-class companies are grounded on core principles... or at least that's what most of them say. The challenge is that more often than not, what is plastered on the wall and what is in the heart of the corporate organization are two different things. Today's episode is about driving the entrepreneurial vision deep into the culture of a growing organization and the consequences of not effectively doing so. What happens when the message is off? How will your team react. You'll begin to...


Episode 93 - How Innovation Blasts Tradition

New companies frequently get started because an entrepreneur looks at an old problem in a new way. If you study recent upstarts like UBER or AirBNB, you'll get a good idea of what happens when revolutionary thinking smashes into tradition. Rocking old industries requires out-of-the-box thinking and is usually received with predictable patterns. In today's episode, you'll get an idea of how strong entrepreneurs engage when they commit to making their mark on the future. There are personal...


Episode 92 - Real Life Navy Veteran Transition

What is it like for an enlisted service member, who regularly makes life and death decisions, to begin a transition into a new career in the civilian world? Meet Steve Navarro, a US Navy Corpsman who jumped out of perfectly good airplanes (crazy from a pilot's perspective) and trained with the US Marine Corps around the world. In this episode, you'll get insight into the value of a veteran who has served in unique environments and how he discovered a path into the financial services...


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