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The Pennymon Doctrine takes the news and makes it interesting enough to get young people involved in what is going on in the world. This is a podcast by and for the next generation of people who are going to try and shape the world.






#217 - Jayar Jackson From The Young Turks

On this episode: Senior Producer of The Young Turks, Jayar Jackson and I talk about his journey with The Young Turks. How crany this election is. I get talked off a cliff about Donald Trump and more! Visit My Website: Facebook - Twitter - @TPDPodcast Email - Twitch: Check me out on: Axam Radio streaming live at 6 a.m. and 6 p.m....

Duration: 01:57:17

#216 - Getting Into the Weeds With Lara Jennings

On this episode: I'm joined with former activist Lara Jennings. We talk about Jill Stein and the problems with the Green Party. I clear up my rationale on the Trump audio leaks. And we talk about the election as a whole. Visit My Website: Facebook - Twitter - @TPDPodcast Email - Twitch: Check me out on: Axam Radio streaming live at 6...

Duration: 02:05:29

#215 - Catching Up On Politics W/ Rob Hansen

On this episode: I have a chat with good friend and man crush Rob Hansen. The guy I call the future Governor of Wisconsin. We talk about the presidential election, how things are going for him with the Greenfield school board, video games, sports and more! Visit My Website: Facebook - Twitter - @TPDPodcast Email - Twitch: Check me out on: Axam Radio...

Duration: 01:30:59

#214 - Nikki Mormon Is Not All About That Bass

On this episode: I talk to my friend Nikki Mormon again. She had two interesting stories that happened to her recently and then we riff about Meghan Trainor, The Kardashians, The Bachelor, gender roles and more! Visit My Website: Facebook - Twitter - @TPDPodcast Email - Twitch: Check me out on: Axam Radio streaming live at 6 a.m. and 6...

Duration: 01:49:59

#213 - I'm Forced To Talk Trump

On this episode: After trying to not talk about Trump, Trump finally got me to talk about Trump. I explain he tax situation and why it's not that bad.. yet. LeBron writes an Op-Ed endorsing Clinton for president. Finally, I call out broadcasting legend Bob Costas for trying get to make a reasonable argument about the Kaepernick protest and horribly missing the mark. Visit My Website: Facebook - Twitter - @TPDPodcast...

Duration: 01:19:07

#212 - CJ The Jaded Gamer (Rated J Podcast)

On this episode: I chat with comedian, gamer, entertainer extraordinaire, The Jaded Gamer. We talk about his journey to becoming The Jaded Gamer, Canada, dating, gaming and more! Check out The Jaded Gamer: Visit My Website: Facebook - Twitter - @TPDPodcast Email - Twitch: Check me out on: Axam Radio streaming...

Duration: 01:53:25

#211 - The First Presidential Whatever That Was

On this episode: Molly joins me to react to the debate as it airs live! That's all I really can say, because, I'm still trying to figure out what we all just witnessed. Visit My Website: Facebook - Twitter - @TPDPodcast Email - Twitch: Check me out on: Axam Radio streaming live at 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. Tuesdays and Fridays! We are also on...

#210 - Among Some Friends

On this episode: I know I can't handle these events going on by myself anymore, so I have a few of my friends on, or st least try to. My boys Dave and Anthony join me to talk about their points of view when it comes to all of the unrest around the country. I also make an apology to Satsu2cents. I was being petty and obtuse. I also play one of my songs at the end of the show that fits for the times. Visit My Website: Facebook -...

#209 - I Can't Do This Anymore.. #TerenceCrutcher

On this episode: I do a over the top riff about police murders. I read some news articles that are disturbing and similar to what happened in Tulsa to Terence Crutcher. I also play some audio clips to help put things in different lights. But overall, I don't want to talk about these things anymore. We have to make this stuff stop happening. Visit My Website: Facebook - Twitter - @TPDPodcast Email -...

#208 - The Perspective Process

On this episode: I admittedly don't have much to talk about today, so I ended up somewhat explaining my process of coming to my against-the-grain but usually spot on conclusions. This weekend was crazy, but I don't like to talk about things like that without more information and context. So check me out on future episodes about the details of our scary weekend in America.

#207 - Please Leave #TeacherBae Alone!!!

On this episode: A friend and fellow podcaster mine was featured on The Daily Show. A poll finds Clinton supporters can be racist too. But I'm confused on how they feel what they r eel when statics disprove their thoughts. I don't understand the issue with #TeacherBae. I mean, I get it, but I don't get the hate. Apparently, we need to #SaveNelly. I love his music, but I don't know about saving the dude. Visit My Website: Facebook -...

Duration: 01:12:34

#206 - I Have Some Questions & Apparently Some Beef

On this episode: I missed Mondays show, and was behind on some stories, so I did a small story dump. We hit up some headlines from then weekend. I dig into 9/11 and my questions, which apparently make me a conspiracy theorist, as well as what it means to honor the victims. I've made my choice for the presidential campaign. I finally say my piece about the Kaepernick protest. Finally, I think I started beef with another content creator and I want blood! Satsu2cents YouTube channel:...

Duration: 01:44:57

#205 - How My White Friend Became Anti-Racist

On this episode: I have a great interview/conversation with my friend, Nikki Mormon, who is very passionate about learning all she can to be a helper and ally for the anti-racist movement. We talk about her upbringing and situations she's been in that have led her to the education and ways she is trying to do her part for the cause today. Visit My Website: Facebook - Twitter - @TPDPodcast Email -...

Duration: 01:24:11

#204 - Ding Dong The Wicked Witch Is Dead

On this episode: I get into it about Phyllis Schlafly for a while, but I touch on a lot of topics surrounding her. I don't really adhere to the "don't speak ill of the dead" policy. But before that, I quickly comment on the Kanye West "multiracial women only" casting call. Congress blocking funds for Zika virus. Darren Seals shot and burned and my conspiracy theory about it. A poll about white millennial support for BLM and much more! Visit My Website:

Duration: 01:44:05

#202 - Community Organizer Solana Patterson-Ramos

On this episode: The crew speaks with Milwaukee Community Organizer Solana Patterson-Ramos about her impressive resume and accomplishments, as well as what really happened and what needs to continue to happen in the city of Milwaukee. Later, we riff off other topics. I even get called out! Visit our Website: Facebook - Twitter - @TPDPodcast @MollyofTPD @Edikaikong Email - Twitch:...

Duration: 02:50:38

The Pennymon Doctrine Podcast Episode #200 - Having Good Intentions Makes Bad Things Happen With Satsu2Cents

On this episode of The Pennymon Doctrine Podcast: The crew and I have a cool conversation with Youtuber and friend Tyrone "Satsu2Cents" Gillard. He made a video recently about how good intentions sometimes brings the opposite results, especially in relation to social justice, that we dive into. You can watch the video here: Visit our Website: Facebook - Twitter - @TPDPodcast @MollyofTPD...

Duration: 01:59:42