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Melora – Ft. Modi

In Melora, Bashir learns all about the pros of zero gravity, and Quark learns the cons of being a con. Ensign Melora is from a species that developed under low gravity, so getting around DS9 proves to be difficult. Fortunately, Bashir has taken an interest in the young ensign and is willing to push aside […]


Will You Take My Hand?

The crew struggles with Georgiou’s hostile plan to end the war with the Klingons; meanwhile, Burnham faces painful memories. Clay and I discuss the finale to Discovery’s maiden season, “Will You Take My Hand?”. The show has had a frantic pace since the pilot, but will it all culminate in a finale that wraps up […]


The War Without, The War Within

Burnham and crew face the harsh realities of war back in their own universe, while desperate times call for desperate measures in the fight against the Klingons. The penultimate episode of Discovery’s first season, “The War Without, The War Within” features a lot of character interactions, which highlights both the good and the bad aspects […]


What’s Past is Prologue

Mirror Universe Lorca initiates his long planned coup; meanwhile, Burnham has to convince an unlikely ally to help Discovery return home. It’s time to say goodbye to the Mirror Universe (or so we think), and hello to a “surprise” that awaits us back home. Clay joins me to discuss an episode of Discovery that left […]


Vaulting Ambition

Burnham reveals the truth to Emperor Georgiou, and Lorca reveals the truth to the audience in “Vaulting Ambition”! While Burnham struggles to come to terms with the “ghost” of her former mentor, Stamets explores the mycelial forest and discovers the horrible condition of its stability. It’s the shortest episode in Star Trek history, but the […]


Cardassians – Ft. Clay

Dr. Bashir and Garak try to solve the mystery of Cardassian orphans on Bajor, and the podcast tries to solve the mystery of the mystery! Dr. Bashir finally gets his hands dirty when he helps Garak uncover the truth behind a Cardassian boy who has been raised on Bajor. Clay and I discuss the best […]


The Wolf Inside

Spending time in the Mirror Universe might corrupt your soul, but at least you’ll get some snazzy new outfits! While Burnham struggles to get intel back to Discovery, a coalition of anti-Terran Empire species might be the way for the crew to turn the tables on the Emperor. Unfortunately, Ash Tyler seems to have remembered […]


Despite Yourself

Discovery appears to have become stranded in the Mirror Universe, which is not a big surprise to anyone who’s been paying attention (or reading online forums)! The crew must quickly adapt to living in a hostile universe filled with killers, liars and backstabbers. Fortunately, they’ve had a lot of that themselves over the first nine […]


Invasive Procedures – Ft. Amy

A meek Trill stages an attack on DS9, with the ultimate goal of stealing the Dax symbiont. We’ve been complaining that the Trill have been underdeveloped since they originally appeared in TNG, so Invasive Procedures seeks to flesh out this mysterious species. Does it work? Amy joins me to discuss scowling at the television, Quark […]


The State of the Podcast in 2018

A quick update regarding the status of the podcast as we head into 2018. Wes also shares some feedback from the listener survey, discusses small changes going forward, and announces the winner of the DS9 DVDs! Website | Twitter | Facebook | Patreon | iTunes | PocketCasts | Stitcher | Android | RSS | Email


The Siege – Ft. Clay

In the third episode of the Bajoran Coup arc, DS9 is under attack from The Circle and Kira and Dax have evidence to prove Cardassian interference in the whole messy affair. Clay joins me to discuss the possibly pointless third act of this serialized story, and to examine what the definition of “siege”might be. We […]


The Circle – Ft. Clay

Kira has been sent back to Bajor, and Li Nalas is the new Bajoran liaison aboard DS9. Meanwhile, Odo tries to solve the mystery of who is arming The Circle. In the second episode of the Bajoran Coup arc, things slow down and start to unfold. Can it match the heights of the previous episode? […]


The Homecoming – Ft. Clay

In “The Homecoming”, Kira rescues a legendary Bajoran freedom fighter, and an extremist group known as The Circle begins to terrorize Bajor and DS9. The first of a three episode arc, The Homecoming certainly feels like a new show: the rejuvenated budget has worked wonders. But is it the same old stuff we saw in […]


DS9 Season One Wrap Up

We’ve finished the first season of Deep Space 9! In this episode, Wes gives his final thoughts about the premiere season of the series, discussing both the stories and characters that inhabited the up and down year. Was it 19 episodes of C-grade TNG, or did the series manage to create something unique? Wes also […]


In the Hands of the Prophets – Ft. Clay

To wrap up season one, DS9 looks all the way back to Emissary! After the Bajoran religious leader Vedek Winn discovers that Keiko O’Brien is teaching secular values to her students, the entire Federation-Bajoran relationship looks like it may crumble. Commander Sisko is hesitant to push his values on anyone, but he may need to […]


Duet – Ft. Clay & Zack

After a Cardassian arrives on DS9, suffering from a rare disease that could only have been contracted at a Bajoran labor camp during the Occupation, Kira tries to determine if the man is a notorious war criminal. Frequently heralded as the first great episode of DS9, Duet features terrific performances and a script that finally […]


Dramatis Personae

After a Klingon ship explodes and beams a single survivor aboard DS9, the crew start acting in peculiar ways. Kira, in particular, seems to have developed a mutinous streak! Dramatis Personae features telepathic alien orbs, and those always lead to the best episodes of Star Trek, so buckle up! Wes discusses the episode and reads […]


The Forsaken

Ambassadors visit the station, O’Brien gets a digital puppy, and Odo melts in the loving hands of Lwaxana Troi! The Forsaken brings back the beloved(?) character of Mrs. Troi and sticks her with the gruff character of Odo, and DS9 continues its first season trend of using TNG story structure: this time it’s a character […]


Discovery S1 Mid Season Wrap Up

Discovery has taken a break after nine episodes of middling television, but Clay and I will keep the fire stoked (as Torchbearers) with a podcast episode where we discuss our final thoughts about this new half a season of Star Trek. We also talk about cancelling CBS All Access (for a month), the desire to […]


If Wishes Were Horses – Ft. Modi

When a trio of imaginary characters (Rumpelstiltskin, Buck Bokai, and a horny Dax) appear on DS9, the station suddenly finds itself in danger of being destroyed by a subspace anomaly! Featuring a mysterious alien race of unknown powers, “If Wishes Were Horses” continues the DS9 trend of repackaging TNG episodes with a new cast. Modi […]


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