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Episode #117 - 6 Trends That Will Shift Your Business in 2018

Starting a business is easy. Growing a business can be a challenge. Profiting from a business can take a while. Staying abreast of what and how business is changing is key to success. In this LIVE broadcast, I share 6 steps that may be worth identifying in 2018 if you are seeking to grow your business. Are you social? Connect with me on INSTAGRAM. Learn more about what I do to help you start, market and grow your business here. Thanks for listening, Nichelle


Episode 116 - Do You Believe in Dreams?

Happy Dr. Martin Luther King Day! I dedicate this broadcast to the dreamers and the believers. WAKE UP! If you understand the message of Dr. King, you understand that it takes more than a dream. In this LIVE broadcast, I give you 5 specifics to help you activate your dreams. Are you social? Connect with me on INSTAGRAM. Are you subscribed to The People Connect Podcast on iTunes, iHeartRadio or Google? Connect with me here to learn more about what I do to help you.


Episode #115 - How to Find Joy in Your Everyday

If we are honest with one another, we can testify that everyday ain't a great day. As optimistic and positive as I am, I make a detailed effort to claim it a great day. My attitude is as such, "I'm blessed to get the opportunity one more time." With that mindset, I don't have bad days, only days that could get better. In this LIVE broadcast, I share 5 tips about how to make everyday and every week worthy of one more chance. Are you social? Connect with me on INSTAGRAM. Learn more about...


Episode # 114- How to Build a Profitable Business Selling Products

Are you a business owner seeking to build and expand your business with product sales? Are you seeking some tips and tricks to diversify your product portfolio? If so, this episode is for you. Understanding selling is a task in itself. Understanding how to promote on different platforms is another beast. Join me as I dive through different areas of product sales. Are you social? Connect with me on INSTAGRAM. Learn more about what I do to help you here. Interested in opening a...


Episode #113 - How to Make 2018 Your Best Year

The old has come and gone. The new is sitting right in front of you. What will you do with it? What will it take for you to climb that mountain, jump out of your comfort zone, stop waiting on him or her? What will it take? In this LIVE broadcast, I share 10 principles to help you launch into 2018 right. Share the broadcast and subscribe on iTUnes, iHeartRadio or Google. Let's be blessed together. Are you social? Connect with me on INSTAGRAM for daily inspiration, motivation and...


Episode #112 - Are You Ignoring God or is He Ignoring You?

I hear often I am waiting on God to speak to me. Have you ever thought that perhaps God was waiting on you? God speaks, but are you listening? Hearing God can be difficult if you don't recognize His strengths. God is omnipresent, therefore, wherever you are, He is. In this LIVE broadcast, I share steps, thoughts, strategies and reminders of how to hear God and what you should be looking out for. Join me and let's get our praise on. Are you social? Connect with me on Instagram. Learn more...


Episode #111 - The 5 C's of a Compelling Sales Strategy

Many don't like sales, but most don't understand that everyday they are selling someone on something. Whether it's an idea, a movie, a restaurant or whatever. You are convincing someone to believe or share in what you believe. During this LIVE broadcast, we discuss the aspect of five ways you can own the sales process. Are you social? Connect with me on Instagram. Are you on Facebook? Like our page here. This podcast is sponsored by Motor Club of America. Learn more about their services...


Episode #110 - 5 Need to Know Facts for Leasing Commercial Space

As a certified business consultant and a licensed real estate broker, I assist clients with multiple things. Helping them grow beyond where they are is my specialty. In this LIVE broadcast, I share with you specific tips and strategies on how to expand beyond your current space as a business owner into your next destination as your business grows. Join in for the conversation. Like what you hear? Don't forget to subscribe on iTunes, iHeartRadio or Google. Are you social? Connect with me...


Episode #109 - How to Make this a December to Remember

In this last month of this year 2017, what you do now will prepare you for 2018. There is no better time to put things in perspective and make some decisions. Don't wait until the new year to make resolutions that you probably won't keep. Start today making plans and move forward with them in January. Join me on the LIVE broadcast and be prepared to take notes and make some goals. Are you social? Join me on INSTAGRAM. Learn more about what I do to help you here. Looking to make an...


Episode #108 - 10 Business Essentials That Require Your Attention Before Year End

Are you ready for 2018? Is your business ready? If not, now is the perfect time to start, plan and prepare. During this LIVE broadcast, I share 10 steps that are necessary for you to end this year and excel in 2018. If you plan on starting a business, these tips can give you a starting point. Dive in and let's learn... Are you social? Connect with me on INSTAGRAM. Learn more about what I do to help you here. Like our FACEBOOK page here.


Episode #107 - 5 Things to SOW into Your Business in November

You reap what you sow.. If you want great things to grow in your business and your life, you must be a great sower. In this LIVE audio, I break 5 tips into bite size pieces to help you grow your business and get more sales. Are you social? Connect with me on INSTAGRAM Need help starting or growing a business? Connect with me here.


Episode # 106 - 3 Business Strategies for New Entrepreneurs

If you are a business owner or thinking about becoming one, now is the time to strategize your activity, your productivity and your profitability. We are headed towards the holidays and it is a cash cow season for opportunity. Check out these simple strategies to help you identify with your weaknesses and strengths to lead you to profitablity. Are you social? Join me on Instagram Are you on my email list for new business and life hacks? Join here


Episode #105 - I Believe Theory is a Great Place to Start

As humans we rationalize, debate and judge. Most often this is done without any respect to person. In this broadcast, I offer different perspectives to think about and view a situation as it relates to business, life & relationships. It's ok to disagree.. Are you social? Connect with me on Instagram Are you insterested in starting a business? Connect with me here


Episode #104 - Why You Should Take Your Elevation Seriously

Are you preparing for your next level? Are you serious about what you do and how you do it? Are you intersted in additional income, a new job, a spouse or whatever your heart desires? You can't get any of it if you are not doing what is required. In this broadcast, I break down a reason for this season and a purpose for your cause. Are you on Instagram


Episode #103 - When Your Overdrafts are Paid

To be confident in you. To be confident in what you do. To be confident in the source. You don't ever have to worry about checks bouncing and things not being paid. As long as you do what you are supposed do, count is paid in full. Are you social? Join me on Instagram Learn more about what I do here


Episode #102 - ProCLAIM and ReCLAIM YOUR Focus NOW

61 days left in 2017.. Before you know it, 2018 will be knocking on your door. Are you ready to start it off right? Are you prepared to make some changes? Will things be different for you or will it remain the same. This LIVE broadcast should make you think and believe you deserve more. Need assistance with planning, focus, clarity and results? Contact me here Are your ready to START, MARKET & GROW into the CEO of you? Go to 2ExcelWithNichelle to learn more about what I do to help you....


Episode #101 - Patents, Trademarks & Copyrights.. Oh My - With Attorney Andrea Evans

If you have ever thought about starting a business, if you are already in business, now is the time to start thinking on another level. Your product or service could be at risk. During this LIVE broadcast, Attorney Evans shares her knowledge and expertise as to why you must protect your rights. Like our FACEBOOK page. Are you social? Connect with me on Instagram for inspiration, motivation and information. Learn more about what I do and how I can help you here.


Episode #100 - How to Strategize Writing a Business Plan

Are you inetested in starting a business? If so, the first thing you need to think about is a plan. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. In this LIVE broadcast, I stress 5 topics that you need to think about in the planning stages. Need assistance with writing a plan? Go here to get the business plan template. Are you social? Join me on Instagram Like our Facebook page Like what you hear, give us some feedback on iTunes, iHeartRadio & Google


Episode #99 - When the Judge has no Credentials (Inspiration)

Oftentimes people judge you and don't know your story. Yet it doesn't stop them from having an opinion. Well.. it's a natural course of action for humans. Nevertheless, when you understand a few things, the comments of others become null & void. This live broadcast shares my views on this perspective. Are you social? Connect with me on Instagram Like our Facebook page. Thanks for listening to The People Connect Podcast. Tell us what you think on iTunes, iHeartRadio & Google.


Episode #98 - Tips to Sell Your Home Fast (Real Estate)

Selling a home can be a challenge. Hiring a licensed Realtor can make that job easier, but it really boils down to what, you, the seller are willing to do. It's important to understand that a licensed Realtor can not only save you some money, but help you earn from your investment as well. Join me during this broadcast as we dive into many areas of a homeseller. Are you social? Join me on Instagram Catch us live on Facebook Sign up for our email list for inspiration, motivation and...


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