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Bringing you computer industry news, hardware and software reviews, guest interviews and news of User Group meetings for over 20 years, the Personal Computer Show is a three-time winner of the prestigious national Computer Press Awards.




September 20 show

The show was pre-recorded this week. New iPhones cannot be used with T-Mobile 5g LTE Network. CCleaner victim of hack attack. Marty Winston offers an Overview of Home Automation Today: What is it, Home automation for the DIYer, Home automation should meet a need, not to look for a need and How to approach a home automation project. Dr. Alfred Poor on Wearable and Health Technology: Enhance Apple ear pods as listening aids, Vibrate pillow to get to sleep and a forecast of wearable tech...

Duration: 00:58:22

September 13 show

Jerry Pournelle passed away at age 84. Who invented email. Best Buy pulling Kaspersky software from shelves. Equifax Says Cyberattack May Have Affected 143 Million in the U.S. Apple Unveils iPhone X and 8 Models as it upgrades TV set-top box. Wearable and Health Technology with Dr Alfred Poor: Custom 3D Printed Insoles, An Endoscope for Endoscopy, Energy Harvesting. Home Automation with Marty Winston: Electronic Workbench.

Duration: 00:58:22

September 6 show

Defamation lawsuit over who invented email is thrown out of court. Four million Time Warner customers using the MyTWC app were unsecured. Why the US government should not ban Kaspersky security software. US government claims it can jail you indefinitely for not decrypting your data. Wearable and Health Technology with Dr. Alfred Poor: Lower Body Exoskeleton, Wearable Lab Tests, Robotic Arm and Hand that can Heal Itself. Home Automation with Marty Winston: Using Solar Panels Off the Grid.

Duration: 00:58:22

August 30 show

New 3D printers can print carbon fiber-infused nylon that can be as strong as steel. FTC to give back tech support scamming money to the bilked. T-Mobile Starts Building Low-Band Wireless Network for rural communities. On Air Guest - Dr. Rebecca Mercuri, one of the leading international experts on electronic voting. Topic: the upcoming primaries in September: How accurate will the vote count be? Different voting machines have varying degrees of integrity. Federal and local jurisdiction on...

Duration: 00:58:22

August 23 show

A patent that helped Amazon take over online commerce is expiring. FBI reportedly advising companies to ditch Kaspersky software. Fixing Windows 10 Audio Static. Express Updates for Windows 10. Recycling Storage Equipment. Hank Kee on Do you still need a tablet? Home Automation with Marty Winston. Being at the Center of the Solar Total Eclipse. Gas Discharge Tubes.

Duration: 00:58:22

August 16 show

Ancient advice about passwords was all wrong. Hank thinks Consumer Reports knock on Microsoft Surface laptops is not fair. Airplanes track the eclipse. Android Malware secretly records audio and pictures. Wearable and Health Technology by Dr Alfred Poor. A no-drug alternative to opioid pain killers. Smartphones reveal insights into population obesity. Gold can be used for ultra-thin, flexible, breathable sensors and conductors. From the Tech Corner by Hank Kee. Where's the [Internet]...

Duration: 00:58:22

August 9 - PRN only this week

A New York library card is your ticket to stream thousands of movies. Apple stops making the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle. Windows Subsystem for Linux to ship with Windows 10. Hank recalls 1986. A history of using tapes for backup. Dr Alfred Poor on Health Technology: wearable tech detects drowsiness when driving. Also, a free database of wearable tech devices. Nano Scale Robots. Hank Kee on the Digital Camera Evolution. Marty Winston on Home Automation - Spousal Approval of High Tech...

Duration: 00:58:22

August 2 - Two different shows again

Different shows this week again on WBAI and on PRN. Fund Raising on WBAI. A new financing option for a Microsoft Surface PC. Apple removes VPN apps from the App Store in China. TSA will screen electronics larger than a cell phone. Solar Eclipse on August 21st. David Perry with an interview from Blackhat. Dr. Alfred Poor on Wearable and Health Technology - specifically, heart failure monitoring. See for more. Hank on Microsoft Software Withdrawal and Deprecation....

Duration: 00:58:22

July 26 - Two different shows again

Different shows again this week on WBAI and on PRN. Both featured: Health Technology with Dr Alfred Poor - A Sixth Finger (2 Thumbs), Connecting to the Human Brain, Self-Monitoring Health. Hank on Back to School Electronics. A review of the Epson Expression Home XP-440. Marty Winston on Home Automation. UPS configurations. PRN show: What's todays top Programming Language? Microsoft Kills Windows 10 updates on older CPUs. Features that are removed or deprecated in Windows 10 Fall Creators...

Duration: 00:58:22

July 19 - Two shows

Different shows this week on WBAI and on PRN. Both featured: Health Technology by Dr Alfred Poor. A VPN Primer by David Perry. Home Automation by Marty Winston. PRN: Verizon data from 6 million users leaked online. Consumer alert on FIOS batteries. FAA offers drone registration refunds. Photobucket breaks billions of photos online, upsets millions of users. Consumer electronics company Jawbone goes out of business. The WBAI show was fund raising offering a System Maintenance DVD and...

Duration: 00:54:59

July 12th - Convergence of Technology with Health Issues

Special show: Convergence of Technology with Health Issues. A discussion with Alfred Poor and Dan Rosenbaum. Rosenbaum is a wearable technology expert, an award-winning writer, and 30-year technology journalist. He writes the Wearable Tech Insider website. Health Tech Insider is written by Alfred Poor, PhD. With a Biology degree from Harvard, Alfred went on to spend 30 years writing about a wide range of technology topics, including more than 22 years writing for PC Magazine and other...

Duration: 00:54:59

July 5, 2017 show

Supreme Court reaffirms that there is no Hate Speech exception. A ruling against Google in Canada could affect free speech around the world. Germany cracking down on hate speech in social media. US Copyright Office suggests Right To Repair laws a good idea. Microsoft manages to cram artificial intelligence on the Raspberry Pi 3 PC board. Sony to make vinyl records again. Dr Alfred Poor on Wearable and Health Technology: Telemedicine may save visits to hospital and doctor, Remote monitoring...

Duration: 00:55:14

June 28, 2017 show

The latest ransomware, Petya. Protecting yourself. Portable apps. EU fines Google $2.7 Billion over antitrust. Google stops scanning Gmail to place ads. Google to remove private medical data from search results. ProtonMail. Dr Alfred Poor on Wearable and Health Technology: Use of VR technology in dentistry, Using the Smart Pill in Prescription Medication and Bionic Implants in Hearing Technology. David Perry on cyber security. Marty Winston on Home Automation: Energy Star Power Supplies.

Duration: 00:55:47

June 21, 2017 show

Special show on July 12th about the convergence of tech and health. An e-cigarette can infect a Windows computer with a virus. Amazon to buy Whole Foods. Amazon patents way to stop you checking online rival prices in-store. Best Buy has a new 'Try Before You Buy' option. Google Drive App to Become 'Backup and Sync'. Wearable and Health Technology by Dr. Alfred Poor. How technology helps the blind to navigate. Pacemakers using new technology. Seniors 65 and over at high risk of falling....

Duration: 00:54:43

June 14, 2017 show

There will be a special show on July 12th about the convergence of tech and health. Chrome OS (the operating system on Chromebooks) is starting to use printers without the cloud. Sharp To Americans: you don't want to buy a Sharp-brand. Intel puts Microsoft and Qualcomm on notice regarding X86 emulation. Amazon drops its unlimited cloud storage plan. Apple opens up to third party screen repairs. You can replace RAM and processors in new iMacs, but there's a catch. Wearable and Health...

Duration: 00:55:03

June 7, 2017 show

Joe seeks out a cheaper price on a prescription. He had a great experience at Chinese malware known as Fireball is on 250 million computers. Dish is fined $280 million for damages in telemarketing lawsuit. Ringless voicemail and telemarketing. Apple Needs to Reinvent Itself. It Just Might Be Doing So; Woz: Tesla, not Apple, will have the next tech moonshot; Recap of Apple announcements. Health Technology with Dr. Alfred Poor: Augmenting the Human Body, Exoskeleton Harness...

Duration: 00:54:42

May 31, 2017 show

PRN only this week. An Amazon OneClick transaction tip. Updates on WannaCry. Android malware 'Judy' hits as many as 36 million phones. Supreme Court ruling gives green light for hardware modders. Intels upcoming low cost chip looks great. Alfred Poor on Health technology. Marty Winston on Home Automation.

Duration: 00:54:56

May 24, 2017 show

Scammers calling Apple users on technical problems. Almost all WannaCry victims were running Windows 7. The free music on YouTube is good for you, Google tells music business. Samsung and Google teamed up to make two new Chromebooks that run Android apps. Wearable Technology. Home Automation.

Duration: 00:54:05

May 17, 2017 show

PRN only this week, no WBAI. WannaCry/WannaCrypt ransomware hits computers world-wide. Microsoft patches Windows XP to fight WannaCry. WannaCry shows why NSA shouldn't stockpile exploits, says Microsoft. What to do with lithium batteries that cannot be recycled and are not biodegradable? Wearable Technology. Simple Computer Tips for Busy People. Home Automation.

Duration: 00:55:15

May 10, 2017 show

PRN only this week, no WBAI. Intel security flaw in their AMT hardware affects only business computers. Windows 10 S. A second look at Chromebooks. Most U.S. households have ditched landlines for mobile phones. Home Automation - Optimizing Wi-Fi Reception. Simple Computer Tip for Busy People. Shopping for a Computer System.

Duration: 00:54:56

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