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The Pet Doctor - Episode 255 Getting to the Root of Pet Dental Care Products

My clients often gnash their teeth when I tell them that their pet needs dental care, often with multiple extractions. But why they ask. The groomer brushes their pet’s teeth every 6 weeks, they give them dental chew treats that the pet store recommends and they had their teeth cleaned 2 years ago. What gives? Dr. Eric Van Nice is a board certified veterinary dentist in Tustin, California. He will give us some great tips to chew on for home pet dental care. Questions or comments? Email...

Duration: 00:34:48

The Pet Doctor - Episode 254 Potted Pets… Medical Marijuana Debate

With 26 states and the District of Columbia having legalized the use of Cannabis sativa and now 7 states and the District of Columbia decriminalizing recreational pot use, more and more people are reporting the health benefits in people and pets. Is pot appropriate for your pet? Why isn’t your veterinarian recommending it or even talking to you about its use? Dr. Ken Pawlowski, the 2016-2017 California Veterinary Medical Association’s President is my guest today. We are going to discuss...

Duration: 00:33:29

The Pet Doctor - Episode 253 Longevity and Dementia

Dogs and cats like their owners are living longer than ever…that is the good news. Sadly with that longevity both can suffer with dementia issues. The signs can vary tremendously. You might be tempted to believe that your pet has become frustratingly stubborn, lazy, grumpy or just downright daft. Is it dementia, a behavioral quirk or does it have some other underlying medical explanation? If it is dementia are there any effective treatments? Is there anything you can do to prevent it or at...

Duration: 00:37:41

The Pet Doctor - Episode 252 Taking the Pet Out of Petrified and Pet Care

I won’t pretend to understand what a dog or cat feels when it goes to the veterinarian or groomer but for some pets visions of space aliens conducting medical experiments and water boarding might be close. As pet care givers we try to coo our furry charges into believing that it is for their own good and to be brave. But if you have ever broken out in a sweat at the thought of going to the dentist for a root canal, you know that all the cajoling in the world just doesn’t cut it. Debbie...

Duration: 00:36:40

The Pet Doctor - Episode 251 The Key to Kidney Disease… Early Detection

Pets are living longer than ever…that is the upside to improved veterinary health care and nutrition but with longevity other health issues like chronic kidney disease becomes more prevalent. Chronic kidney disease is one of the most common causes of illness and death in older pets. Even if your pet looks to be the picture of health this insidious disease may be affecting it. By knowing the subtle signs and appropriate screening tests, you may not be able to prevent your pet from becoming a...

Duration: 00:37:35

The Pet Doctor - Episode 250 Swatting Flies with Shovels…or Why Calm is Better Than Shouting to Get Through to Your Dog

It is so frustrating. You’ve watched the well know TV dog trainer and are following his advice. You are the leader of the pack. You are demonstrating your superiority by calling your dog to your side with a deep booming voice and your dog refuses to come. He sits there yawning and licking his lips…what gives? My guest, Turid Rutgaas is an internationally known dog trainer who believes that by understanding the unique communication style of dogs our human/dog family will howl with...

Duration: 00:34:23

The Pet Doctor - Episode 249 Soothing the Prickly Pet… Why Your Dog May be Itching and What Can be Done

You’re feeding grain free. There are no fleas. You have tried every lotion, potion and supplement on the internet. You are about to banish your dog from the bedroom because you aren’t getting any sleep. The incessant itching, biting, scratching and licking are driving both of you crazy. Help! The causes of skin irritation are myriad. You may not be able to find a cure but control is possible. Dr. Andrew Hillier is the Veterinary Medical Lead of Dermatology at Zoetis. We will chat about...

Duration: 00:33:59

The Pet Doctor - Episode 248 Kitten Kindergarten

Rin Tin Tin, Lassie, Toto from the Wizard of Oz these are but a few of Hollywood’s famous canines… but what about their silver screen feline counterparts? Why aren’t there more celebrity kitties? Has it something to do with the phrase…’as easy as herding cats?’ You might not have visions of stardom, you would be happy just to have it come when you called. No matter what a cat may tell you, they are trainable. The behaviors you teach your cat could save its life and make them more enjoyable...

Duration: 00:40:15

The Pet Doctor - Episode 247 Putting a Dent in Dental Disease

You’ve heard it for years… teeth need to be brushed at least twice a day… but your dog’s? Just because you have owned dogs for years and never brushed their teeth, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done. Just because your pet has never had its teeth brush before, doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Though brushing a pet’s teeth is the gold standard for proper oral hygiene other options exist that will help your pet nibble away at dental disease. Dr. Andrew Schreibman, a senior technical services...

Duration: 00:31:18

The Pet Doctor - Episode 246 It is All About the Cat-titude

I’ll admit it…I am addicted to Google. What were the numbers of the last Powerball lottery? Can’t remember what Prince called himself before he was Prince? And what is Pokémon Go? When in doubt…Google it. I even use it when I need veterinary information. The answers that pop up on these inquiries are sometimes blatantly wrong or can be highly misleading. So what is a pet owner to do when they want information on pet care? Where can they go to find reliable, reputable information? Dr....

Duration: 00:44:21

The Pet Doctor - Episode 244 Insuring Dignity at the End of a Friendship

That moment when a pet slips from being a part of your family to being a memory can be one filled with a quiet peace or regrets. If you are a fortunate pet parent, you have been given time…time to consider the passing…time to soak in the essence of your pet and time to insure that your companion has been kept comfortable and passes with dignity. My guest is Canadian veterinarian, Dr. Lianna Titcombe. She is currently the president of the International Association of Animal Hospice and...

Duration: 00:31:40

The Pet Doctor - Episode 243 Pain Management in Pets - The Joy of a Pain Free Life

You know your pet better than anyone else. You would know if it were in pain... or would you? Though pets are basically wired for experiencing discomfort as you and I are, too often they mask the typical outward indications like crying and whining for myriad reasons. So how can you tell if your pet is hurting? If you do thing they are ouchy, how about saving some money and dosing them with a bit of your pain medication? And what is so bad about pain anyway? Isn’t it just part of...

Duration: 00:36:47

The Pet Doctor - Episode 242 Optimal Cat Health... One Life Stage at a Time

Bastet (bau stet)-half woman, half feline….the ancient Egyptian cat god. These animals have held a special place in our hearts and home ever since. Though there are more cats in the United States than dog, sadly, because they are expert at hiding their signs of illness, wellness exams for felines are much less common. By the time a pet parent realizes that there is a medical concern, the disease process is often extremely advanced, often with fatal consequences. Dr. Joseph Bartges,...

Duration: 00:30:08

The Pet Doctor - Episode 241 Nutrition Edition

In 2015, Americans spent over $60 billion on pet food with veterinary care coming in somewhere around $15 billion. But is all of that money on pet food being well spent? Are we over feeding and giving less than optimal nutrition to our furry family members? Can some of the most serious medical conditions such as kidney disease and cancer be positively affected by modifying what we feed? My guest is Dr. Cailin Heinze. She is a board-certified veterinary nutritionist at the Cummings...

Duration: 00:35:41

The Pet Doctor - Episode 240 Veterinary Center for Clinical Trials

Breakthroughs in veterinary medicine has saved lives and improved countless others. We almost take it for granted that when you or your pet becomes ill, that there will be a safe and effective medication or treatment. But how did these breakthroughs come to be? Were the studies conducted on lab mice or dogs kept in research kennels? Why can’t researchers do all the studies with computers and not use living animals? How were safety and effectiveness measured and what about bias in the...

Duration: 00:35:20

The Pet Doctor - Episode 239 Ingredients for an Optimal Life

In the past few decades, dog and cats have moved from the backyard to the bedroom. We celebrate their birthdays, have nanny cams so we can check on them when we are away, include them on our holiday cards and spend more time trying to figuring out what to feed them than we spend on our own dining choices. If you are like most pet parents, a trip to the pet store can be overwhelming when you gape at the rows upon rows of pet food choices….premium, organic, grain free, free range,...

Duration: 00:39:49

The Pet Doctor - Episode 238 Big Cats!

If you have listened to this show for any length of time, you know that I am a dyed in the fur ailurophile- cat lover. And I am not alone in my affinity for cats. It is estimated that over 93 million cats reside in the United States as compared to 78 million dogs. Enter Big Cat Rescue Sanctuary in Tampa, Florida, one of the very few facilities that emancipate these felines in a humane and loving manner. Get ready for 30 minutes of tales of salvation for some of the most gorgeous...

Duration: 00:41:22

The Pet Doctor - Episode 237 Taking the Bite Out of Rabies

Every year more than 25,000 deaths worldwide are attributed to this virus. Tragically, a very effective vaccine is available to prevent these fatalities but are not being disseminated to those in need. You may think this international scourge is ebola. Ebola was estimated to cause a demise of about 11,000 persons in 2015. The disease I'm referring to is rabies, a preventable disease. One that affects people and animals. With your assistance this disease can be eradicated. My guest is...

Duration: 00:35:03

The Pet Doctor - Episode 236 Feline Fountain of Youth

Cats are living longer than ever. Why? More of them living indoors, their owners are teaming with veterinarians to address health needs in a more proactive manner along with advances in medical research. With their increased life span comes aging. Getting old isn’t a disease it is a process and it happens right in front of your eyes, day by day. It seems like yesterday that your cat was a kitten. Now your veterinarian is talking about senior issues. Pet parents try to slow the process...

Duration: 00:38:10

The Pet Doctor - Episode 235 Year of the Blood Sucker

We have all heard of the yearly hurricane forecasts made by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, now the Companion Animal Parasite Council is predicting that in 2016 the spread of vector-borne disease agents transmitted by ticks and mosquitoes will continue to promulgate and create a year-round menace to both pets and pet owners. Veterinarian, Dr. Karen Fling, owner of East Lake Veterinary Hospital in Dallas, Texas and member of the Companion Animal Parasite Council is...

Duration: 00:39:13

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