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The official podcast of The Phinsider - SB Nation's community dedicated to the only franchise in NFL history to have an undefeated team: the Miami Dolphins

The official podcast of The Phinsider - SB Nation's community dedicated to the only franchise in NFL history to have an undefeated team: the Miami Dolphins
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The official podcast of The Phinsider - SB Nation's community dedicated to the only franchise in NFL history to have an undefeated team: the Miami Dolphins




Phinsider Radio - The mass exodus of players, new additions & contract changes

This week on Phinsider Radio, we kick things off talking about the mass exodus of talent from the Miami Dolphins. Since the last time we recorded the show a little more than a week ago, the Miami Dolphins have moved on from Jarvis Landry, Ndamukong Suh, Mike Pouncey, Lawrence Timmons and Julius Thomas. While Timmons and Thomas were foregone conclusions and while Landry was just about there, none of us thought it would come down to Suh and Pouncey being released (despite the rumors). However,...


Phinsider Radio - Tony Pauline discusses QBs in the draft, Jarvis Landry & more!

In this special edition of Phinsider Radio, we talk to NFL Draft Analyst Tony Pauline about the QBs in the draft and what the Miami Dolphins plan of attack is! Will they go with Baker Mayfield or perhaps will it be Josh Rosen? Is there a dark horse candidate that is out there that Miami may be interested in? Pauline tells us. We also hear about Jarvis Landry and what the Dolphins current line of thinking is. Can they realistically hold onto him until the draft? Tony weighs in and offers...


Phinsider Radio - Interview with Dan Orlovsky, Ryan Tannehill and Jarvis Landry

Note: This podcast was recorded before the news broke regarding Jarvis Landry and the ability for him to seek a trade. This week on Phinsider Radio, we have an in-depth discussion with former NFL Quarterback, Dan Orlovsky. He talks to us about what it's like to be a backup quarterback and just how important it is. We also talked NFL Draft and a few prospects coming in, including Baker Mayfield, Josh Allen, Josh Rosen and Sam Darnold. Who does he think is the best one coming into the draft?...


Phinsider Radio - A chat with former NFL Scout Greg Gabriel and more!

This week on Phinsider Radio, we talk with former NFL Scout Greg Gabriel, who provides a wealth of information. What do front offices do during draft season? How much do they lie? You won't want to miss the story he tells about Kyle Boller. We also talk in-depth about the Jarvis Landry and the franchise tag situation. Was this the right move for the Miami Dolphins and where do they go from here? What are Gabriel's thoughts on Landry? Spoiler: If you're a Landry fan, you won't be happy. We...


Phinsider Radio - Interview with Patrick Claybon of the NFL Network and more

This week on Phinsider Radio, we talk with Patrick Claybon on the NFL Network. During the interview, we hit on topics regarding the coaching carousel around the NFL. Who is most likely to succeed right away and what are Claybon's thoughts on Josh McDaniels? We also talked to him about the national perception of Ryan Tannehill. Is it better or worse than the perception of Tannehill down in South Florida? The answer may surprise you. Another answer that may surprise you? Claybon's thoughts...


Phinsider Radio - Recapping Super Bowl 52 and looking at Josh McDaniels

This week on Phinsider Radio, we recap Super Bowl 52 from the National Anthem to the end of the game and everything in between. What commercials stood out? What was the gutsiest play call by Doug Pederson and the Eagles offense? How did they come together to beat the New England Patriots? Of course, we must discuss Jay Ajayi and the photo he put up on Instagram following the game. Was he right to do so or was it a petty move? We dicuss in detail. Additionally, we also look at how Josh...


Phinsider Radio - Super Bowl, Kirk Cousins, Alex Smith, Dolphins QB plans & more

With Sutton and Houtz pretending to be sick, MC$ breaks down the latest news heading into Super Bowl Weekend. Will Tom Brady and Bill Belichick ride off into the sunset after the game or will they continue to wreck havoc on the NFL? He also discusses Kirk Cousins and the firestorm he created on Twitter. Cousins comes into play because the Washington Redskins made a crazy trade, sending CB Kendall Fuller and a third round pick to the Kansas City Chiefs for Alex Smith. With all that...


Phinsider Radio - Is this the worst Super Bowl matchup for Miami Dolphins fans?

The stage is set for the biggest game of the NFL season and no, we’re not talking about the Pro Bowl! It’s going to be the Philadelphia Eagles vs. the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl. It’s one of the worst match-ups possible for many Dolphins fans. On one side, you have the Patriots but on the other, there’s Jay Ajayi. Why are Dolphins fans so angered about Jay Ajayi playing in the Super Bowl and is their anger warranted? We dive into this topic on Phinsider Radio. Besides looking...


Phinsider Radio - What should the Miami Dolphins do with Cameron Wake?

This week on Phinsider Radio, we dive into one of the greatest players in Miami Dolphins history - Cameron Wake. At 36-years-old, he has shown a few signs of slowing down but when it comes time to rushing the passer, he’s still one of the best in the game. With his run defense a huge liability though, and with his large contract number, does it make sense to consider other options? More specifically, should the Dolphins consider trading him to another team? We look at that scenario along...


Phinsider Radio: Should the Miami Dolphins re-sign Jarvis Landry?

This week on Phinsider Radio, Sutton, Houtz and myself talk about Jarvis Landry and whether the Miami Dolphins should bring him back on a long-term contract. There is no doubt that Landry has been a dynamite player since coming into the NFL but is it because of his true talent level or is it because of the scheme he is in? While we aren’t doubting his talent, we ask if his production would be the same or better on another team such as the San Francisco 49ers. We compare Landry to current...


How should the Miami Dolphins go about getting insurance for Ryan Tannehill?

This week’s edition of Phinsider Radio is a unique one as we dive head first into the quarterback situation. More specifically, we talk about the different ways the Miami Dolphins can get insurance for Ryan Tannehill. Draft a quarterback in the first two days of the draft We take on the elephant in the room and discuss what it would mean if the Dolphins drafted a quarterback in the first, second or third round. Does this necessarily mean it’s the end of Ryan Tannehill in Miami or is it...


Phinsider Radio - Playoffs or tank? 2018 offseason - QB, WR, RB, DE and more!

It’s a late edition of Phinsider Radio this week due to some illness running around the Phinsider Radio crew. However, we were determined and steadfast in coming together to record this show for all of our loyal listeners (all 13 of you). This week, we explained why the sky is not falling for the Miami Dolphins and why the playoffs aren’t such a longshot when you really break it down and look at it. We give you all the scenarios and what the Dolphins need to do to secure a playoff spot for...


Phinsider Radio - Victory over the Patriots, Howard, Drake, Landry and more!

This week on Phinsider Radio, MC$, Sutton the creepy soccer dad, and Houtzua talk about the Miami Dolphins huge victory over the New England Patriots. More specifically, we dissect the game and look at some key contributors and how they fit into the Dolphins future. We take a dive into the game plan that defensive coordinator Matt Burke put together after being embarrassed by the Patriots just two weeks prior. It was a genius plan and someone who helped him execute that plan was none other...


Phinsider Radio - Playoff hopes still alive, Kenyan Drake, and more!

The Miami Dolphins dominated the Denver Broncos in all three phases of the game and came away with a 35-9 victory on Sunday. This means their slim playoff hopes are still alive, but they'll need to win their remaining four games and it won't be an easy task. Can Kenyan Drake and Xavien Howard build off the Broncos game and carry that forward over the next four games? They'll be tested quickly against the New England Patriots on Monday Night Football. If they can continue the success they...


Phinsider Radio - November 28, 2017

We’ve been taping Phinsider Radio the last few weeks but on our last episode, we announced that we would be moving to 1-2 live shows per month. Tonight, we kick that off with our first live show in many weeks! We’re back to fielding questions and calls from our faithful followers, all who are completely appropriate with their comments and usernames You can tweet us at #PhinsiderRadio during the show. Matt Cannata (@PhinsiderRadio), Houtz (@ Houtz), and Sutton (@Suttonlacesout) any other...


Phinsider Radio - Another depressing loss, but we’re here to make you laugh (and

After another depressing loss, we are back for another edition of Phinsider Radio! We begin by talking about Kiko Alonso's superior coverage ability and the rest of the defense. Is it time for the Dolphins to consider someone else in Nickel packages With the recent lackluster play from DeVante Parker, did the Phinsider Radio crew change their mind about Jarvis Landry? A few weeks ago, while we valued his role on the team, we thought he was asking for too much money. But now? It may be a...


Phinsider Radio - Weekly Press Conference

Starring - Houtz as Matt Burke Sutton as Clyde Christensen MC$ as Adam Gase


Phinsider Radio - A therapy session for all Miami Dolphins fans

The Miami Dolphins are a mess. After the blowout loss to the Carolina Panthers on Monday Night Football, where do the Dolphins and their fans go from here? It's going to be hard to get much lower, but it's still quite possible. However, MC$, Sutton the Soccer Dad and Houtz are here to make you feel better. This week on Phinsider Radio, we held a group therapy session. There was no pre-formatted structure as there usually is. It was just three guys sitting in their basement drinking beer...


Phinsider Radio - Kenyan Drake, Damien Williams, Cutler, DeVante Parker & more!

This week on Phinsider Radio, we spend a good amount of time on the Miami Dolphins offense, while also spending time talking about the return of TJ McDonald and what he can bring to the Dolphins defense. After Jay Ajayi had a great game for the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday afternoon, all eyes were on Kenyan Drake and Damien Williams. Did they live up to expectations of the fans, and did they make us forget about Ajayi for just one game? We discuss and also talk about what we can expect in...


Phinsider Radio - Jay Ajayi, Jarvis Landry, Adam Gase and the Oakland Raiders

This week on Phinsider Radio, Sutton and MC$ tackle numerous issues as Houtz celebrates the birth of his daughter! We kick things off right away with the Jay Ajayi trade and what it means for the Miami Dolphins. Did the Philadelphia Eagles rob the Dolphins? Just how much of this was due to off-field issues? We've read them all the past few days, but MC$ has a bit more details about what transpired, including how this really began at the beginning of the 2016 season. In fact, MC$ will tell...


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