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Closing Down For A Summer Hiatus (See You At Podcast Movement) - The Podcast Report Episode #129

We're closing up shop here at The Podcast Partnership on Season 4 of The Podcast Report. Season 5 will be back soon with a new format, new style, new website - and, of course, an explanation of why we've done it all. Covered in this episode: Goodbye sponsors and Patreon, a massive client launch, Podcast Movement, PodCon, the next version of the book, Adam Curry's Podcaster Pro, the course, Podcast Pickle 2.0 and...

Duration: 00:14:46

Marketing To Podcasters Versus Marketing To Your Audience - The Podcast Report Episode #128

The next step in podcasting's growth is in the marketing of our shows, not to podcast consumers but, in fact, our real audience. The final episode of Season 4 covers 7 truths about your future podcast audience that have immediate implications on what you do next. I'm going to follow my own advice in Season 5. More on Season 5 - and what's happening next, next week ... Links: Sponsor -

Duration: 00:12:01

In This On Demand Age - Is Live "Worth It" - An Interview With Rob Greenlee - The Podcast Report Episode #127

Live is big - but is it worth it in an on-demand age? Does anyone tune-in for appointment listening anymore? Podcast Hall Of Famer Rob Greenlee joins Paul in this episode of The Podcast Report as the reminisce a bit and take on the topics of the ill-fated Zune, live strategies, what the heck is Google doing with Podcasting - and more ... Links: Sponsor - Podcast Hall Of FamerRob Greenlee -...

Duration: 00:53:48

Podcast Outliers - More Damage Than Good? The Podcast Report Episode #126

There are some names and ideas associated with Podcasting that some don't want to be associated with. Is this enough to stop us from Podcasting? Links: Sponsor -

Duration: 00:11:57

If You Aren't Serious About Your Podcast Project Files, You Aren't Serious About Your Podcast - The Podcast Report Episode #125

I want to save you some heartache that my client is going through right now. Do yourself, and your Podcast, a big favor - KEEP YOUR PODCAST PROJECT FILES. The reasons some give for not keeping these files are simply wrong. If you truly value your Podcast, you will find a way to keep and archive your Podcast project files. A short rant from Paul on the topic. Links Sponsor -

Duration: 00:07:05

Three Tasty Flavors Of Podcast Monetization - The Podcast Report Episode #124

When the team at Social Media Marketing World asked me to do a panel on podcast monetization, I honestly didn't think I'd get the team I was hoping for. Rob Walch makes his podcast money the way most people think of podcast monetization: He has ads on his shows. As a bonus - he helps advertisers sell ads through Libsyn. He has a lot to say on the topic. Gary Leland makes his podcast money selling his own products on his own website. He sells nothing marketing or podcast related. I'm going...

Duration: 00:48:35

How Do You Get Strategic With Your Podcast Show Notes - The Podcast Report Episode #123

A potential client emailed me for a reference re "the best show notes." That lead to this rant. It's time to get strategic with your podcast show notes. Links Sponsor - http://AmyPorterfield.com

Duration: 00:15:42

Thoughts On The infinite Dial 2017 Report - The Podcast Report Episode #122

The Infinite Dial 2017 report is out - and the results are fantastic. Here's what Podcasters should think (and do) about it. Sponsor - The Infinite Dial 2017 - How To Podcast Book - How To Podcast App - The Podcast Report App -

Duration: 00:23:14

What Are You Going To Do When Google Wants A Different Feed Than Apple? - An Interview With Rob Walch - The Podcast Report Episode #121

What makes the one podcast host different from another - other than price (hidden or otherwise)? In Episode 121 of The Podcast Report, Paul Colligan chats with Rob Walch of Libsyn about their take on Podcasting - including destinations, multiple feeds, add insertion and more. Yes, Paul's a fan of libsyn, but this is an examination of what's possible when you think ahead and plan for the future. If you aren't doing that, you aren't really interested in the real business of...

Duration: 00:51:56

The Secret To Podcast Success Is Intention About Your Passion - An Interview With Brian Kurtz - The Podcast Report Episode #120

Brian Kurtz is a direct marketing legend who is no fan of this "podcast your passions and the profits will follow" nonsense. He is, however, a HUGE FAN OF PODCASTING. Episode 120 is a conversation about what podcasters can learn from direct marketing. And, yes, Brian offers a 2.0 version of the "Podcast Your Passion And The Profits Will Follow" meme that has done so much damage in the past. Links Sponsor - - Or Text "" to...

Duration: 00:59:19

Does Your Podcast Suffer From Free Hugs Syndrome - A Conversation With Ed Dale - The Podcast Report Episode #119

Does your podcast suffer from "free hugs" syndrome? Are you finding it hard to generate revenue from a medium that gets frustrated when you try to monetize? Enjoy this conversation with Ed Dale as we examine why podcast listeners are so reluctant to buy something from your podcast - even though they're your biggest fans. It's not automation or a hack - actually, it's a simple need to have something worth automating first. Would you like a cookie? Links Sponsor -...

Duration: 01:03:52

Dan Benjamin Built Something Different With Fireside.FM - The Podcast Report Episode #118

The services side of the podcast industry needs some new thinking and Dan Benjamin offers something unique to this space that is worth looking at and talking about. Dan Benjamin has been podcasting for a long time and built a hosting platform based on his experience and his needs. He's not a hobbyist - he's doing real business with his podcasts - and I thought it would be perfect to have him on the show. It's a conversation about Fireside.FM - but it's also a conversation about what this...

Duration: 00:44:11

Mike Stelzner Of Social Media Examiner Killed A Podcast - And His Business Is Better For It - The Podcast Report Episode #117

I interviewed and praised Mike Stelzner for starting a new Podcast back in episode 31 of this show. I used the transcript of the interview in my How To Podcast books and more. I loved the move and what it represented. Mike killed the Podcast and explains why in this episode of The Podcast Report. I applaud his move. Plus - real chat about what makes Mike's event - Social Media Marketing World a strategic place for...

Duration: 00:36:15

Taking Ads On The Podcast Report - Why? - The Podcast Report Episode #116

For the longest time, I said I was never going to take ads on this show. Now I'm taking ads. What changed? Links

Duration: 00:22:09

Russell Brunson is GIVING AWAY MP3 Players With His Podcast On It, Is Making A Profit, And Is At The Top Of The iTunes Charts - The Podcast Report With Paul Colligan #115

Russell Brunson is giving away MP3 players with his Podcast on it, is making a profit, and is at the top of the iTunes Charts. It's a brilliant model in an industry obsessed with "free and cheap" ways to get the word out. Russell, now, knows EXACTLY what he's doing with his Podcast, where the money is coming from and more - it's a pleasant change - and something we all can learn...

Duration: 00:35:13

The Best Money In Podcasting Comes From Serving The Fans - The Podcast Industry Report With Paul Colligan Episode #114

An interview with J.D. Stein of Money For The Rest Of Us - fulfilling the promise from Episode 111. You'll find Podcast strategies and some insight on the power of Podcasting from someone who is doing it very very well. This is the last episode of Season 3 - and The Podcast Industry Report will be going on a Winter Hiatus to re-engineer the show. Make sure you're subscribed so that when the new Season is launched - it comes right to your phone. Links...

Duration: 00:46:50

Podcast Predictions For 2017 - The Podcast Industry Report With Paul Colligan Episode #113

Paul shares his Podcast Predictions for 2017 - and examines what he got right and wrong in his 2016 predictions: No New Podcast Consumption Models In 2017 - Podcasting doesn't need fixing At Least One #1 Show With No Ad Insertions - There Are Other Models A New Toolset From iTunes (But Nothing From Google) - Apple Must / Google Doesn't Care Links –

Duration: 00:11:52

Netflix And The Smart Client - The Podcast Industry Report With Paul Colligan Episode #112

Netflix JUST introduce a feature that we Podcasters have had for over a decade now. Paul has a few thoughts on what you get by being good to your audience. Big Ideas – Netflix just realized what we've known for over a decade now - people like to download their content and take it with them. (Tweet This) First Podcast Goal -> be good to your audience. (Tweet This) Links – Episode 111 - 7 Strategies - Social Media Marketing World 2017 -...

Duration: 00:10:24

The 7 Essential Podcast Strategies For 2017 - The Podcast Industry Report With Paul Colligan Episode #111

Ready to do amazing things with your Podcast in 2017? Want a free consulting session with Paul Colligan on how to do just that? In this episode, the 7 Essential Podcast Strategies For 2017 - and an amazing contest. Tell us your 7 sentences for your 7 strategies in the comments at Paul will pick one for a Skype Consulting session that we'll play in a future episode. Click To Grab The Bonus PDF Big Ideas – There were 7 big ideas this episode - they're...

Duration: 00:17:17

7 Hidden Competitive Advantages Of Podcasting (That Have Nothing To Do With Downloads Or Monetization Strategies) - The Podcast Industry Report With Paul Colligan Episode #110

Increasing Podcast downloads and killer monetization strategies are fine pursuits - but they have nothing to do with the 7 hidden competitive advantages of Podcasting. Some of the best things Podcasting brings you come regardless of download numbers, subscriber campaigns or iTunes SEO. Click To Grab The Bonus PDF Big Ideas – There is a reason it’s easier to listen to a Podcast than a radio station in a Tesla. (Click To Tweet) Some of the biggest advantages of Podcasting have nothing...

Duration: 00:16:01

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