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120: Spanglish

Listen on YouTube Part 2 of our discussion on learning languages: Links: 80: Peak81: Deliberate PracticeThe Podcast 114: PanamáInternational Phonetic AlphabetIPA chart with soundsDuolingo

Duration: 00:54:55

119: The Polyglots

Listen on YouTube The story of how Michael and Radek learned English, German, and other languages. Michael's way was to watch lots of movies and sing lots of songs. Meanwhile, Radek plugs in historical spaced repetition learning data from his very first magic spreadsheet (again!). The Podcast 64: Garbage collectionThe Podcast 85: Magic SpreadsheetSpaced repetition learning (Wikipedia)DuolingoTadamFullRecall

Duration: 00:49:20

118: More Than Good Enough

After a few months of heavy iPad use, Radek admits: despite its (obvious) flaws and limitations, iPad Pro is a surprisingly good computer. There's still ways to go, but with some determination and a shift in mindset, there are very few things you can't do on an iPad. The Podcast 102: iPad OnlyCan the iPad Pro Replace Your Laptop? by Michael HyattApple smart keyboardpaper53LineaWorkflowAutomate for androidTasker for AndroidMichael workflow for watching YouTube video Picture in Picture

Duration: 00:46:25

117: Notch of the Future

Listen on YouTube Discussing the good, the bad, and the ugly of the iPhone X. Also: Wireless charging everywhere, ARM on the Mac, iPhone multitasking. iPhone XNozbeHow fast you can charge an iPhone with a variety of different chargersQi charging standardNew iPad Pro outperform MacBook ProExample of iPhone X in landscape mode

Duration: 00:46:48

116: App of the Reunion

Watch on YouTube Like every half a year, we reunite in one physical location, this time: Wrocław. We talk about learning languages, beers, Taiwan, and the low-carb diet. WrocławNozbe.comAll Nozbe Reunion videosThe Podcast 91: Best cityThe Podcast 100: Two yearsThe Podcast 18: Meetings don't have to be toxicThe Podcast 115: TriathlonsThe Podcast 108: iPad ConsultationsThe Podcast 109: Workflow to the rescueDuolingo

Duration: 00:45:06

115: Triathlons

Listen on YouTube Michael celebrates his tenth triathlon, explains how he got into it and tries to persuade Radek to compete as well. The Podcast episodes mentioned in this episode: The Podcast 107: Simplify everythingThe Podcast 32: How to get fatThe Podcast about learning better with Deliberate PracticePart 2Our social media channels (follow us to watch The Podcast live): FacebookTwitterLast video episodes: The Podcast 91: Best cityThe Podcast 100: Two yearsOther links: Videos from...

Duration: 00:37:10

114: Panamá

Listen on YouTube About Radek's trip to Panama, along with a bunch of traveling pro tips. The art of packing – how to pack for 13 days in a regular backpack. Modern materials and packing for a wide range of temperatures. Avoiding jetlag. Panama (Wikipedia)Volcán BarúZip lines in PanamaDecathlonWhatsApp

Duration: 00:54:06

113: Don’t be creepy

Listen on YouTube If you're a doctor or a lawyer, you have an ethical obligation to do the right thing for your patient or client. Why aren't software developers held to the same standard? Ask Michael episode about data securityWhy the security and safety of your data is Nozbe's biggest priorityWhatsAppMacstoriesNYtimes subscription model

Duration: 00:35:26

112: Pursuit of Essentialism

Listen on YouTube Today, we discuss the book Essentialism by Greg McKeown. The goal: designing a simpler, more focused life. Doing less, but better. Cutting down on what's "good", but not good enough. Essentialism - The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeownaudibleMichael highlights from Essentialism - how to become an essentialist?Productive Magazine - Interview with Greg McKeownDeep WorkaudibleNonviolent Communication: A Language of LifeaudibleThe Power of Habit: Why We Do What...

Duration: 00:41:35

111: Death to Paper

Listen on YouTube Michael explains how he uses Evernote. This was going to be a boring episode about note taking. Turns out, this is a powerful system that completely removes the need for storing paper. All of the 13,000 notes, documents, receipts, health records, are accessible and searchable anywhere. Whoa. EvernoteHow Michael use EvernoteNozbe-Evernote integrationIFTTTUlyssesLinea app

Duration: 00:45:06

110: Non-Violent Communication

Listen on YouTube Today, we discuss Non-Violent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg: Resolving conflicts with other people, taking responsibility for your own life, finding empathy for yourself. PS. Apologies for being not one, but two weeks late! Nonviolent Communication: A Language of LifeaudibleThe Podcast 86: Perfect weekMen Are from Mars, Women Are from VenusaudibleThe Podcast 104: A Guide to the Good LifeMichale Hyatt podcastEssentialism - The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg...

Duration: 00:44:16

109: Workflow to the rescue

Taking iOS automation up to eleven. Featuring: making Magic Spreadsheet work on iPhone using Workflow, smart checklists in Nozbe, journaling Workflows, Automator on the Mac, URL schemes, and finally… how Radek made an iPhone day planning app by stringing together two different apps with Workflow. Nozbe test flightDrag and drop and Siri - Nozbe on iOS 11Workflow appAlfred appzoom.usWorkflow at MacstoriesProductive appBear appThe Podcast 85: Magic Spreadsheet717389JournalJournal night Add...

Duration: 00:49:12

108: iPad Consultations

Listen on YouTube Michael teaches Radek how to be more productive on an iPad. Featuring: using Evernote (or Notes) as a temporary files storage, solving drag&drop issues with web apps, limitations of Dropbox, and putting it all together to make complex workflows easy. Soulver Workflow app The Podcast 77: Ego is the enemy The Podcast 102: iPad Only Suits series Federico Viticci shelf idea in iOS 11 (concept video)

Duration: 00:34:59

107: Simplify everything

Habits, systems, and reminders are crucial, but it is possible to go too far and end up hoarding them. Every now and then, it's worth questioning which are really essential, and which no longer serve a purpose; what can be removed, simplified, automated, or delegated. Previous episode about distractionsThe Life-Changing Magic of TidyingAudibleEssentialism - The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeownAudibleThe Podcast 49: Zero sum gameThe Podcast 87: Sleep SmarterNew reminders in...

Duration: 00:45:43

106: Combined Twitter&Instagram Moment

Part 2 of our discussion on reducing the cognitive load of notifications, and loosening the grip of social media addiction. We've made some changes and simplifications since the last episode and we have some pro tips to share! The Podcast 105: Twitter detoxWeekly ReviewFresh start with apps on iPadBlock Dock bounce on Mac

Duration: 00:52:24

105: Twitter detox

Listen on YouTube Discussion on distractions and addiction, and how that relates to software we use. We forgot how to be bored for even 30 seconds, and we fill even the smallest slices of our time by responding to notifications and with social media. Just so we can have our hit of dopamine. Monkey brain optimizationLast Week Tonight by John OlivierA Guide to the Good LifeAudiblePicks: Bad ScienceAudibleChallanger SaleAudible

Duration: 00:39:05

104: A Guide to the Good Life

Listen on YouTube Part 2 of our discussion of Stoicism and the book "A Guide to the Good Life". Be sure to check out Part 1 first. The Podcast 103A Guide to the Good LifeAudibleRadek's notes7 Habits of Highly Effective PeopleaudibleHow we communicate internally in Nozbe - Design Fight episodeFor Colored Girls (2010) with Whoopie GoldbergPicks: Nonviolent CommunicationaudibleSkunk Works: A Personal Memoir of My Years at Lockheedaudible

Duration: 00:48:54

103: Stoicism

We discuss "A Guide to the Good Life", a modern, approachable introduction to Stoicism. A philosophy of life easy to dismiss as a boring piece of history not applicable to modern life, but in reality, a tremendously useful bag of psychological tricks that help you live a happier, calmer life. A Guide to the Good LifeAudibleRadek's notesAdam MalyszIt's all about passionAmazon

Duration: 00:41:06

102: iPad Only

Michael tries to sell Radek on the idea of using an iPad as your main (or only) computer. Radek remains skeptical, but buys the new iPad Pro anyway. TapTyping

Duration: 01:04:34

100: Two years

This week, we're celebrating our one hundredth episode of The Podcast. Sharing the story of how this show came to be, how it evolved with us over time, and where its future lies. Email or tweet at us and tell us what you like or dislike about The Podcast and what you'd like to hear us talk about in the future. Productive! MagazineRinat KhanovThe Podcast 19: Design FightThe Podcast 1Why we get fatAmazonAudibleNozbe Reunion TorunRadek on TwitterMichael on TwitterPolish book about productivity

Duration: 00:43:11

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