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Ep. 11 - In Which We Assess the Suspects

Kase and Michelle took a brief break to wrap their heads around who could possibly be the masked killer -- and came up with some theories. Is it another Bad Dad? Is it Archie? (No, it's not Archie.) Is it the Darkest Betty timeline? Or is it someone we haven't met yet?


Ep. 10 - In Which We Need To Talk About Kevin

The plot thickens this week as Kase and Michelle talk with Pajiba's Kristy Puchko about the trials and tribulations of Mr. Kevin Keller, plus WTF is going on at the Lodge residence. Then we speculate about the identity of the Black Hood and his Zodiac-inspired MO and the new characters of Southside High. And -- is Cheryl an agent of chaos this season or just bored now that she's not the focus of this season?


Ep. 9 - In Which We Have Fun Girl Talk!

Jingle Jangle takes front and center in Riverdale as we narrowly avoid the closing of Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe. Yay? Then we say hi and (possibly) bye to Midge Klump and speculate about the Black Hood and who could be behind the spree of murder and violence spreading through Riverdale. #letmelodyspeak


Ep. 8 - In Which We're All Hopped Up on that Jingle Jangle

The Podcast with Pep! is BACK for business. Listen as Kase and Michelle journey back to Riverdale and think deep thoughts about the mastermind behind Fred's shooting, *SPOILER* Miss Grundy's murder, and the interior design choices of the Andrews home. Theories include: Cheryl is a witch! Archie is a Blossom! Chic Cooper is coming to town and MAYBE is like a Patrick Bateman type? Listen now to see if we have any evidence to support these theories!


Ep. 7 - In Which We Start Screaming and Don't Stop

Kase and Michelle go on a roller coaster of emotions while discussing the season one finale of Riverdale and bring Crystal Bell of MTV News and Kristy Puchko of Pajaba and Nerdist along for the ride. At least there's Hot Dog to help soothe our nerves? What is happening with Cheryl? Is Varchie really for real? Is Jughead going to be a gang member? And... what is going to happen to everyone's favorite dad, FRED ANDREWS?!? Listen now to hear us flail helplessly before we start putting...


Ep. 6 - In Which We End on a Cliffhanger

THE KILLER HAS BEEN REVEALED! Don't listen unless you're full caught up on episode 12, Anatomy of a Murder. We mean it! In this episode, Kase and Michelle welcome Marc Snetiker of Entertainment Weekly to dissect the very twisty turny episode, while longing for the good ol' days of pep rallies and mean girls.


Ep. 4 - In Which We Are All Dark Betty

It's party time and Kase and Michelle are getting SHWASTED by digging into Fred Andrews's surprisingly well-stocked liquor cabinet. This week we have Kristy Puchko from Pajiba and Nerdist along with Crystal Bell from MTV News to dissect the worst birthday party ever, hypothesize about what's up with Betty, and bring some brand new ~murder~ suspects to the table.


Ep. 3 - In Which We Decide if We Could Convincingly Pull Off A Spider Brooch

This week Crystal Bell of MTV News joins Kase and Michelle to get deep on all things Riverdale. We walk through even MORE murder theories, gush about how adorable Kevin Keller (not a murderer) is, and get deep on the symbolism of the jewelry on Riverdale.


Ep. 1 - In Which We Start Accusing Everyone

Kase and Michelle were talking about Riverdale too much to their friends so they decided to make a podcast to talk about it instead. In this episode, they get the party started by discussing their obsession with Riverdale, including who they think killed Jason Blossom and how KJ Apa is a sweet boy who just loves to eat.