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5: Podcast Homework For Episode 6

Another week, another selection of turd podcasts. This time Phoenix was feeling a bit sexy so he chose 3 podcasts of a sexual nature. Next week will be one hard-core episode of The Podcasts Podcast. Phoenix and Frank are sure to fuck is what we're getting at here. Or not. You'll have to listen to find out. Next week's shows: Sex Talk With My Mom - E101 Too Horny For Religious Life // Sex With Prostitutes...

Duration: 00:26:58

4: Board Game Podcasts

Phoenix West and Frank Linkz roll the dice and came up with this load of horseshit. Board games are only mildly interesting in person so listening to people describe them is borderline deadly. Do not drive while listening to these 3 shows, they will murder you. Epic Gaming Night - Ep 91 Board Games & Chill The Married With Board Games Podcast - MWBG #29 Stop Cheating You...

Duration: 00:59:23

3: Podcast Homework For Episode 4

Here be the podcasts we are reviewing in episode 4 of this classy program. It was Frank's turn to pick the shows and he picked something one of the guys in the alien podcasts discussed at length: board games. So... with much reluctance, we will force ourselves into listening to people talk about board games. Something that isn't even fun when you're playing the actual game, let alone listening to people play them and talk about them without visuals. Epic Gaming Night - Ep 91 Board Games &...

Duration: 00:32:55

2: Alien Podcasts

Phoenix West and Frank Linkz reviewed random alien podcasts and had a riot making fun of them. They tried to say at least one nice thing about each show before tearing them apart. The shows they listened to are: Hysteria 51: Pyramids Of Giza - Egyptian Tombs Or Alien Gas Stations The Alien Invasion - Walking Dead UFO and Travis Walton rescued by ET...

Duration: 00:59:42

1: Podcast Homework For Episode 2

The structure of this show is simple. Every odd numbered episode will be announcing the shows we will record on the even numbered episodes. That being true, this is an announcement episode for episode 2. The theme of episode 2 is... ALIENS. Click the links below if you want to listen before listening to us make fun of and/or compliment the shows we picked at random: Hysteria 51: Pyramids Of Giza - Egyptian Tombs Or Alien Gas Stations...

Duration: 00:19:17