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Engaging interviews and discussions of elections and the political issues of the day. Updated weekly.

Engaging interviews and discussions of elections and the political issues of the day. Updated weekly.
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New York City, NY


Engaging interviews and discussions of elections and the political issues of the day. Updated weekly.




McKay Coppins: What Is God’s Plan for Mike Pence?

McKay Coppins, Staff Writer at The Atlantic, joins Chris to discuss religion and politics, and his recent piece: “God’s Plan for Mike Pence.” If we want to understand just how divided the country is – and if we want to consider whether it will ever be repaired – we better dig deeper into the role of religion and politics. One question: How do evangelicals today reconcile the [...]

Duration: 00:25:18

Chris Matthews: Looking at Today’s Politics Through the Perspective of RFK

First, where to begin? Roy Moore? Al Franken? Tax bill? Jerusalem? Government shutdown? Russia? The pace of politics is relentless – fatiguing, really – so you need someone of relentless energy to talk about politics with. And few have more relentless energy than Chris Matthews. But these times also call out for perspective and context. What in the world is going on? To many of us, it feels like there’s an all-out war – on decency, good behavior, justice – even democracy. What does...

Duration: 00:39:00

Charlie Cook: Is There a Wave Coming In 2018?

It’s only a slight exaggeration that there is nothing in the political world that Charlie Cook can’t analyze, clarify or explain. Which is good news, because we had plenty to cover, starting with the Cook Political Report’s Midterm analysis. The report — Political Environment and Congressional Breakdown Charts – is available only to Charlie’s subscribers. But he went into the details with me. I also asked Charlie about a recent piece he wrote – one with a headline sure to excite...

Duration: 00:44:01

Preet Bharara: The Latest on the Russia Investigation

I just finished talking with former U.S. Attorney and current podcast/analysis/and media star Preet Bharara. He claims to be a rookie at this whole media thing, but if you’ve listened to his top rated podcast “Stay Tuned with Preet,” you know that’s what someone in the law enforcement business might graciously call “pretext.” The guy’s a pro. Our conversation covered the topics you would expect – Russia, President Trump, flipping witnesses – and some you might not – like what was that...

Duration: 00:28:53

Rep. Jim Jordan: “Just Ask Me”

So a couple of weeks ago, I saw Rep. Jim Jordan – Republican from Ohio’s 4th congressional district – say something on TV that I feel I see our politicians say all the time and I never believe: Call me. Rep. Jordan was reacting to something that [...]

Duration: 00:20:07

Jason Altmire: A Former Congressman Explains Our Divided Country

So this is tough one. I just finished speaking with former Congressman Jason Altmire. He has written a new book that I really hope you read. It captures exactly what most of us hope for, but also seems like a ridiculous long shot at the moment: That somehow our divided country will come together around policy and politics. Congressman Altmire’s new book is “Dead Center: How Political Polarization Divided America, and What We Can Do About It.” Some background: From 2007-13, Altmire...

Duration: 00:41:54

David Litt: My Hopey, Changey White House Years

David Litt is the author of “Thanks, Obama: My Hopey, Changey White House Years” Remember when presidents spoke in complete sentences instead of in unhinged tweets? Former Obama speechwriter David Litt does. In his comic, coming-of-age memoir, he takes us back to the Obama years – and charts a path forward in the age of Trump.

Duration: 00:29:25