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PG137: South Florida Shooting and the FBI, Mueller’s Indictment, Senate Immigration Fails, Mitt Romney for Senate, and No Solo-Press Conferences for President Trump

This week’s show opens with Trey introducing a new voice for the left: Ken Katkin. The two then move into the tragedy in South Florida this week. The two open by talking about the FBI’s potential shortcomings as noted by Governor Rick Scott. They then move, briefly, to discuss the role of gun legislation. The topic is particularly difficult for Trey who lives and works in Central Florida. Next Trey brings up the Mueller’s indictment against 13 Russians. Both Trey and Ken agree a central...


The Crisis of the Middle Class Constitution

Mike talks with Ganesh Sitaraman, a professor of law at Vanderbilt Law School and a senior fellow at the [Center for American Progress]( He's a longtime advisor to Senator Elizabeth Warren, serving as her policy director and senior counsel. Professor Sitaraman has commented on foreign and domestic policy in The New York Times, The New Republic, The Boston Globe, and The Christian Science Monitor and is the author of [The Counterinsurgent’s Constitution: Law...


PG136: Trump Rejects Dem Memo, Budget Agreement, Gerrymandering (also - Mike 'Sings'!)

This week's show opens with Mike and Jay discussing President Trump's decision to not allow the release of the Democratic response to the memo released last week by House Intelligence Committee chair Devin Nunes. While the FBI and Department of Justice voiced concerns with releasing the Democrats' response, Mike points out that they also raised concerns about the Republican memo, which the President allowed to be released. Even so, Mike is withholding judgement because the White House...


Abortion, Trump's Racism, Podcasts We Like, How Mike Became a Liberal

Mike and Jay start the show by addressing listener comments, starting with a criticism of their recent discussion of reproductive rights, which several listeners said was sorely lacking in nuance. They also get into the extent to which they follow world politics, President Trump's racism, and podcasts they recommend (well, podcasts Mike recommends - Jay's pretty much a one podcast guy). After that is Mike's recent interview with conservative radio and podcast host Todd Feinberg, in which...


PG135: GOP vs FBI, State of the Union, Immigration, Infrastructure

This week's show opens with Mike and Jay's discussion of the 'Nunes Memo', in which the GOP majority of the House Intelligence Committee suggests that the FBI obtained a FISA warrant to spy on Trump campaign associate Carter Page using highly questionable evidence. Jay believes that it's important for this information to come out, while Mike argues that the GOP was wrong to release what he believes to be partial and misleading information. Next is a look at President Trump's State of the...


The Flu Bug Strikes! | Sam Quinones on the Opioid Epidemic

This week, disaster struck The Politics Guys. Well, okay, maybe not disaster exactly, but a truly nasty flu bug felled Trey late in the week. We'd planned to have Trey run the show along with a special more far left than Mike guest co-host, but that all fell apart when Trey's thermometer hit 105 yesterday afternoon. (He got some good drugs and is feeling slightly better today.) Mike and Jay had planned to take the week off and so neither of them was ready to do anything but provide...


Dana R. Fisher on American Resistance

Mike talks with University of Maryland sociology professor Dana R. Fisher about her research on activism and protests, the Women's March, who protests and why, whether protests can drive real political change, differences between Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party, and lots more. [Follow Dr. Fisher on Twitter]( ** Show Notes** [The Women's March]( [Indivisible]( [Mike's Talk with Indivisible's...


PG134: Government Shutdown, March for Life, NC Gerrymandering

This week's show starts off with the story everyone's been talking about - the government shutdown. Mike and Jay largely stay away from the blame game consuming most of the media, and try to focus on why both parties did what they did and the role President Trumps leadership (or lack thereof) played. Next, Mike and Jay discuss the 2018 March for Life, as well as some recent actions taken by the Trump administration and the House of Representatives in support of the pro-life movement. While...


GOP vs Facts, Politics Guys vs Diversity, Jay's Burkean Ideals, 2020 Contenders

In this listener mail episode (really more of a listener mail, Facebook, Twitter, and site comment episode) Mike and Jay respond to listener comments concerning: * Why Republicans like Jay aren't nearly as respectful of facts as Democrats are (Jay disagrees, as you might expect) * Why The Politics Guys isn't more diverse, and whether or not the lack of a liberal further to the left of Mike is a problem. * How Jay's Burkean ideals match up to the modern-day GOP. (And Mike...


PG133: Immigration, Is Trump a Racist?, Medicaid, Surveillance Law

Mike and Jay open the show with a discussion of everything that's been happening on the immigration front this week, including the Trump administration's decision to not extend temporary protected status to nearly 200,000 Salvadorians, a federal judge's ruling that DACA must continue until the courts rule on it, and the potential immigration deal that blew up amid President Trump's remarks about 'shithole' countries. Mike argues that President Trump is both a racist and an impediment to...


Whistleblowing, Leaking, and Employment Discrimination

Mike talks with attorney Scott Oswald, a managing principal at [The Employment Law Group]( Scott has extensive experience with whistleblower, employment discrimination, and wrongful termination cases, regularly lectures on employment and whistleblower law, and has authored numerous articles on federal and state whistleblower and employment law protections. Mike and Scott discuss the differences between whistleblowing and leaking, protections for...


PG132: Korea Talks, Iran Protests, DOJ on Marijuana, Wolff’s Book and Offshore Drilling

In our first show of 2018 Mike and Trey look at what they thought would be a quiet week in the news that quickly exploded. First they look at the unexpected offer by Kim Jong Un to talks between North and South Korea. Then the hosts turn their attention to the emergence of protests in Iran and look at the similarities and differences between the 2009 and 2018 protests. After this weeks foreign policy questions are finished Trey and Mike discuss domestic policy beginning with Session’s DOJ...


Avocado Politics

Mike and Jay aren't doing their regular Saturday show today, but instead of giving you nothing this weekend Mike thought he'd try an experiment. As you might know, [Mike started a blog]( not too long ago. One reader suggested that he do it as a sort of mini-podcast as well. That sounded like a reasonable idea, and so he gave it a try. This is the result (for better or worse). We hope you enjoy this experimental Politics Guys episode, and that you let us know...


PG130: Alabama Elections, Net Neutrality Officially Ends, The GOP Tax Cut (again), Sexual Allegations and Muller

This week Trey rejoins Michel after finishing the fall semester at Dayton State College. The first topic of conversation is the Alabama special Senate election. Trey and Michael discuss the implications of a Jone’s win, a Moore loss, and what the exit polling data tell us about the future. They then turn to Net Neutrality briefly before moving to the biggest week’s news: the GOP tax bill. With the bill out of conference committee Trey and Michael discuss the modified plan. Next comes a...


Norman Ornstein - One Nation After Trump

Mike welcomes back to the show political scientist and American Enterprise Institute Resident Scholar Norman Ornstein. They talk about his latest book: One Nation After Trump: A Guide for the Perplexed, the Disillusioned, the Desperate, and the Not-Yet Deported. Mike and Dr. Ornstein discuss why Donald Trump’s victory does and doesn’t mean, whether ‘presidential demeanor’ really matters, if President Trump’s liberties with the truth are that much of a break with the past, if presidents can...


PG129: Jerusalem, Sexual Harassment Resignations, 2018 Budget, Monuments

Today's show, which Mike does solo, is a radical departure from the normal format. That's not because Mike went renegade and ditched Jay's conservative counterweight or that Jay quit in disgust at Mike's liberalism. Mike and Jay actually did record a show, but due to a major issue that affected both the main and backup recording, Jay's end of the conversation was essentially unlistenable. (New equipment is on its way to Jay and this won't be an issue going forward. In Jay's absence, Mike...


The U.S. Constitution Explained

Mike talks with historian Ray Raphael about his latest book, The U.S. Constitution: Explained - Clause by Clause - For Every American Today. Ray argues thatboth sides are wrong about the 2nd Amendment, explains why there's no such thing as an Constitutional Originalist, discusses whether or not the Constitution is outdated, and lots more. Ray Raphael on the web | Listener support helps make The Politics Guys possible. If you’re interested in supporting the show,...


PG128: Senate Tax Bill, Flynn Makes a Deal, Who's Running the CFPB?

This week, Mike and Jay start off with a look at the Senate tax bill, which passed by a vote of 51-49, with 'no' votes from every Democrat and one Republican (Tennessee's Bob Corker). Jay is a lot more optimistic about the economic growth potential of the cuts than Mike is, though they both agree that corporate tax reform is necessary. They also agree that there will be a House-Senate compromise leading to a bill for President Trump to sign. In the end, Mike fears that the resulting law...


PG127: Net Neutrality, AT&T Time-Warner Merger, Transgender Ban, Sexual Harassment

Mike and Jay start off this week with a discussion of net neutrality in the wake of the FCC's move to revoke Obama-era rules that prevent internet service providers from privileging content from certain providers over others. Jay argues that this is a welcome backing off of government regulation that is not only more fair to ISPs but should result in greater investment and better outcomes for consumers. Mike disagrees, saying that investment didn't drop after the net neutrality rules went...


Bad News for Mike's Favorite Agency, Mendez Mistrial, Listener Mail

Mike and Jay open by discussing what, for Mike, was crushing news - Consumer Financial Protection Bureau head Rob Cordray announced that he would be stepping down. Mike points out that since its creation as part of the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial reform legislation, the semi-independent CFPB has been a strong advocate for consumers. He laments that this this will largely cease under Trump-appointed leadership. Jay, like most Republicans, believes that the agency is too independent,...


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