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Tabletop gaming podcast bringing you board game, miniatures, RPG and CCG reviews and discussion. Analogue gaming in a digital world.

Tabletop gaming podcast bringing you board game, miniatures, RPG and CCG reviews and discussion. Analogue gaming in a digital world.
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Tabletop gaming podcast bringing you board game, miniatures, RPG and CCG reviews and discussion. Analogue gaming in a digital world.






Episode 36 – Fallout, Kitchen Rush and Ethnos

The Polyhedron Collider boys return to their normal podcast format, venturing into the wasteland of Fallout from Fantasy Flight Games, trying to be the next Gordon Ramsay with Kitchen Rush from Artipia Games and and conquer fantasy lands with Ethnos from CMON. With a little help from the mailbag we discuss Andy's acquistion disorder, the value of games and just how much are game collection is worth. Games Mentioned 00:07:03 Fallout 00:28:55 Kitchen Rush 00:35:06 Ethnos 00:46:50...


Episode 36 – The Games We Are Looking Forward To In 2018

Warning: This podcast contain strong language and adult themes. It’s the New Year, so Steve, Andy and Jon gaze into their crystal ball and look forward to the games that are coming out in 2018. We’ll choose our top picks that are coming to Kickstarter, before looking at the games we have backed and are waiting impatiently to be delivered and those games from the big publishers that we know about. Games Mentioned 00:06:36 Batman: Gotham City Chronicles 00:15:32 UBOOT: The Board...


Episode 35 - The Best Games We Played in 2017

The Polyhedron Collider Cast Episode 35 - The Best Games We Played in 2017 Warning: This podcast contain strong language and adult themes. It’s the end of the year, so the boys get together and discuss the best games they have played in 2017. Things kick off with the ‘3 for 3’ awards, where the Polyhedron Collider crew discuss the games all three members have purchased in 2017. We then look back on 2017 with a little help from our listeners. Finally, we all pick the three games that we...


Polyhedron Collider Cast episode 33 - Kickstarter

The boys discuss Kickstarter and the effect it’s had on tabletop games. We discuss the best board games we’ve backed, the ones that have been lacklustre and those we regret not backing. Via questions from our listeners we also look at how Kickstarter has effected the gaming industry and muse over if the bubble will burst. This episode is available on iTunes or your favourite podcast player via our feed Intro and Outro Music: "Ouroboros" Kevin...


Polyhedron Collider Cast episode 33 - Gloom of Kilforth Dice Forge and Star Trek RPG

Warning: This podcast contains strong language and adult content. The Polyhedron Collider Crew return with another slice of board gaming chat interspersed by rabbit holes and nonsense. Steve and Jon venture out to battle the Gloom of Kilforth, all three members of the team love Dice Forge so much they keep getting distracted and Andy tell us the tales of Captain Cocktail and his intrepid crew in the Star Trek Adventures RPG from Modiphius. Games Mentioned 00:06:16 Gloom of...


Episode 32 - Clans of Caledonia, Monster Lands, Inbetween and Essen Picks

Warning: This podcast contains strong language and adult content. It’s time to get excited about Essen Spiel and so the boys try and keep it clean and family friendly. Unfortunately, a request for Polyhedron Collider to review adult products leads to a discussion of said products and things evolve into childish giggling. We do however get a chance to play ‘game of the year’ contender Clans of Caledonia, dice placement fantasy game Monster-Lands and talk about the Stranger Things inspired...


Episode 31: Wreck & Ruin, This War of Mine and reviewing board games

After a bit of a break the chaps from Polyhedron Collider return with a good old chat about board games. We go full throttle for our review of Wreck & Ruin, race animals in The Champion of the Wild, get all depressed in This War of Mine and drown our sorrows on a Drinking Quest. The boys then have a good lock chat about the current state of board game reviews and look at ethics, how we approach reviews and the best and worst receptions we have had to a review. Games...


Episode 30: Anachrony, Tzolk'in and Labyrinth

After summer holiday season the Polyhedron Collider schedule has taken a hit, so here we are two weeks late with a bumper podcast full of chat about board games, Gen Con, involute gear forms, and eating olives. We take in depth looks at Anachrony, Tzolk’in and Labyrinth and provide a roundup of some of the games we have been sent to review that where rather bad. We also answer questions from the mail bag about blinging out our games, use of theme and which are our most significant...


Episode 29 - Runewars Miniatures Game, This War of Mine and Cave In

It is time yet again for a slice of tabletop gaming chat as the boys explore the latest miniatures game from Fantasy Flight Games Runewars, get all depressed by This War of Mine and explore the latest Kickstarters with our thoughts on Burning Rome and Star Scrappers Cave In. We also discuss the latest news about Talisman and organising a Dungeons and Dragons session. Games Mentioned 00:09:27 Runewars Miniatures Game 00:25:51 Burning Rome 00:33:35 This War of Mine 00:44:16 Star...


Episode 28: A Game of Trains, Isle of Skye and Century: Spice Road

This week’s theme would appear to be the quicker lighter games in our collection. The boys all gush over A Game of Trains, play Isle of Skye while on the Isle of Skye and discuss the hot game of the moment Century Spice Road. We also end up down rabbit holes within rabbit holes as we discuss kilt patterns, how to pronounce garam masala and wearing a Victorian cape to work. Games Mentioned 00:02:45 A Game of Trains 00:07:16 Barenpark 00:10:15 Isle of Skye: From Chieftain to...


Episode 27: The Great UK Games Expo Caper Part 2

Jon is back! And so Steve and Andy regale him with some more exciting game we played at the UK Games Expo and talk about some 100% fresh board games and tabletop gaming Kickstarters. We build theme parks, we go to sea and raid as a Viking and then divvy out the spoils of war, go fishing and become estate agents and detectives. We also discuss drinking songs and how pasties are hotter than the core of the Sun. Sorry for the audio quality in this episode – we have had a myriad of problems...


Episode 26: The Great UK Games Expo Caper Part 1

Suffering from the sleep deprivation that comes from the 3 days at the UK Games Expo, Andy and Steve try to download from their brain everything they saw at the UK Games Expo 2017. They failed, which is why this episode covers just half of the games we saw. We would like to thank everyone who was involved, we had a great time. Games mentioned 00:06:22 Mournequest 00:08:08 Gretchinz 00:08:58 Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition 00:13:20 Runewars Miniatures Game 00:16:00...


Episode 25: The UK Games Expo 2017 Preview

The UK Games Expo is the 2nd to 4th of June and it’s the biggest tabletop gaming convention in the UK. It will be three days full of board games, card games, miniatures and roleplaying games and we take a look at the games that have got us excited. Games Mentione;d Knightmare Live The City of Kings Ravage Dungeons of Plunder Beer Empire Multiuniversum Cthulhu Expansion SUPERHOT The Card Game The First Martians Alien Artefacts Hannibal and Habicar Anachrony Days of...


Episode 24: Dark Souls, Farsight, Petrichor, Ravage and Exit

In a desperate effort to clear the decks before the UK Games Expo, the boys from Polyhedron Collider cast their eye over the latest batch of board games and tabletop Kickstarters. Steve faces the crushing difficulty and divisive gameplay of Dark Souls and then all three go to war with big mechs and sneaky spies in Farsight. Andy is one with the weather as he moves like the wind in Petrichor before joining Steve on the dungeon crawling of Ravage: Dungeons of Plunder. Finally Steve tries one...


Episode 23 Part 2: Questions from the mailbag

In part 2 of episode 23, the Andy, Jon and Steve go through our overflowing mailbag and answer your questions. We discuss solo games, Talisman Legacy, apps in game and our favourite and least favourite game components. The podcast is available on iTunes or your favourite podcast player via our feed Intro and Outro Music: "Ouroboros" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution...


Episode 23 part 1: Mars, Tsuro and Planetarium

Steve, Andy, his potty mouth, Jon and his creaky chair have come together for another batch of board gaming chat. In part one of a two parts special (I say special, its more that we waffled for too long and had to chop it down) we go through Andy’s Kickstarter habit, have a discussion on the pronunciation of the word Brass, Nandos and how best to censor Andy. We also talk about some games, since that’s why we’re here. Andy takes us to Mars, in a Story of Civilisation, Steve ventures...


Episode 22: FAITH, Airecon and The City of Kings

On their return from Airecon, the boys have put together a bumper episode of tabletop gaming goodness. We start by discussing FAITH: The Sci-Fi RPG and its Garden In Hell starter set. We then go over the games we played and the people we met at Airecon, including our thoughts on Geeknson gaming tables and The City of Kings, the fantasy adventure game that is taking Kickstarter by storm. 00:00:00 Intro 00:01:30 FAITH The Sci-Fi RPG and A Garden in Hell Starter Set. The FAITH: The Sci-Fi...


Episode 21: James Hudson & The Grimm Forest

Its time, yet again, for another dose of board gaming chat. Jon is off biking, or some other strenuous activity that Andy and Steve find far too much like hard work, and so they substitute a brummy for a redkneck as they are joined by James Hudson from Druid City Games. James tells us all about his new game, The Grimm Forest, and goes into detail about publishing, Kickstarter, distribution and Peppa Pig. The Grimm Forest launches on Kickstarter on 21st March. The podcast is available...


Episode 20: Our Favourite Games

Its episode 20 and the Polyhedron Collider’s One-Year anniversary, so we thought we would take a break from our usual format and take time to discuss what are our very favourite games and, more importantly, why we like them. 00:00:00 Intro 00:02:45 Arkham Horror 00:11:21 Talisman 00:18:10 Viticulture 00:26:39 Star Wars X-wing Miniatures Game 00:34:53 RoboRally 00:43:08 Eclipse 00:51:57 Dungeons & Dragons The podcast is available on iTunes or your favourite podcast player via our...


Episode 19: Cavern Tavern, SUPERHOT, Elemenz

Jon, Steve and Andy are back and ready for some chat about board games. First off we look forward to Airecon and have a rather in depth discussion about Cavern Tavern from Final Frontier Games. We then look at a couple of Kickstarters, SUPERHOT from Board & Dice and Elemenz from BadCat Games. Finally we round off the show with questions from the mailbag, answering our thoughts on Kickstarter versus pre-order and comment on the best and worst Kickstarter games we have backed. 00:00:00...


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