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Straight pop culture and showbiz talk from two hard-boiled writers. Grab a drink and settle in...

Straight pop culture and showbiz talk from two hard-boiled writers. Grab a drink and settle in...
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Straight pop culture and showbiz talk from two hard-boiled writers. Grab a drink and settle in...




Ep. 29: HBO’s ‘The Deuce’ is David Simon’s Ode to Dirty NY

Anthony Venutolo and Jack Lugo are joined by TV critic Vicki Hyman in a discussion about HBO’s ‘The Deuce’ that you don’t want to miss. Created by David Simon and George Pelecanos ‘The Deuce’ explores the New York City sex trade in the early 1970s centered around Times Square. The panel each offer their individual thoughts on what they liked about the show as well as some of their qualms with the series. Among many topics, we discuss the complexity of Maggie Gyllenhaal’s character Eileen /...

Duration: 00:37:16

Ep. 28: Is ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Season 9 Larry David’s Return to Form?

‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ has returned and with it begins a whole new season of antisocial awkwardness and insensitivity that only Larry David can deliver. Anthony Venutolo and Jack Lugo discuss the long-awaited season 9 premiere in which “Larry” must deal with an “un-fireable” assistant plus the fallout of having offended the Ayatollah as well as squirm his way out of new faux pas involving Richard Lewis’s dead parakeet and a lesbian wedding. Anthony and Jack discuss the cultural influence...

Duration: 00:27:13

Ep. 27: Will ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Boldly Find it’s Streaming Audience?

In a solo episode, co-host Jack Lugo weighs in on the much anticipated world premiere of ‘Star Trek: Discovery.’ CBS has decided to use the show to launch its subscription-based media streaming platform CBS-All Access. Sonequa Martin-Green stars as the series lead Commander Michael Burnham, a human Starfleet officer raised on Vulcan by Sarek (Spock’s father). A violent encounter with a Klingon forces Burnham to take extraordinary measures to try to protect her ship and the Starfleet...

Duration: 00:32:23

Ep. 26: ‘The Last Tycoon’ Creator Billy Ray Talks His Passion Project

Set in Hollywood in 1936, ‘The Last Tycoon’ explores a pivotal time in American history. The Amazon original series, based on an unfinished novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, features a stellar cast and impeccable production values to tell a complex and compelling story set against the backdrop of a time when movie studios collaborated with Nazi Germany to censor their own films. Anthony Venutolo and Jack Lugo speak to series creator, writer, and executive producer Billy Ray to talk about ‘The...

Duration: 00:40:26

Ep. 25: Was ‘Twin Peaks’ on Showtime 18 Hours of WTF?

Grab a booth at the Double R, order up a slice of cherry pie, and prepare to drink a damn fine cup of coffee because we’re about to talk Showtime’s ‘Twin Peaks.’ In this episode of The Pop Culture Juke Joint, Jack Lugo and Zachary Towlen try to make some sense of what happened throughout the new season of ‘Twin Peaks’ as well as during the unsettling finale. David Lynch’s attempt to bring arthouse cinema to television has been met with both praise and frustration from fans of the series....

Duration: 01:01:41

Ep. 24: ‘Dice’ on Showtime Returns for Season Two and It Just Gets Better

The Diceman is back on Showtime for a second season of misadventures and irreverent vulgarity that only Andrew ‘Dice’ Clay himself could deliver. Anthony Venutolo and Jack Lugo couldn’t possibly be more overjoyed with the return of the comedic gem of series. As we discuss the merits of Dice’s Showtime series, Anthony dives into his own personal history with Dice both as a fan and as a journalist. We also talk about the general format of this Curb-esque type comedic series and whether or...

Duration: 00:38:23

Ep. 23: Is ‘Logan Lucky’ Soderbergh’s Return to Form?

Jack Lugo gives his quick review of the new Steven Soderbergh film ‘Logan Lucky.’ This is the Oscar-winning aeuter’s return not only to theatrical filmmaking but to the heist film genre after his previous success with the ‘Oceans’ film franchise. This heist flick touts a stellar cast featuring Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, and Daniel Craig in his most uncharacteristic role yet – a Southern explosives expert named Joe Bang. Does this “Hillbilly Oceans film” live up to the heights Soderbergh...

Duration: 00:14:54

Ep. 22: Did We Throw Tomatoes at the Season 1 Finale of ‘I’m Dying Up Here’?

While Anthony reviewed the debut episode of the season one Showtime drama ‘I’m Dying Up Here’ a couple of months back back in Episode 15, in this mini-episode of The Pop Culture Juke Joint, Jack Lugo reflects on the season finale. It’s been a season of ups and downs for this Jim Carrey-produced show, but was it worth sticking with until the end? Does this show deserve to stay on the main stage on Showtime or should it be relegated to open mic night down in the cellar? Jack gives us the...

Duration: 00:20:30

Ep. 21: Yo, Adrian! We Just Saw the Unreleased ‘Rocky V’ and it’s Amazing

‘Rocky V’ is a film that most fans have grown to begrudgingly accept as a low point in an otherwise heartwarming and inspiring franchise. Anthony Venutolo and Jack Lugo discuss an unreleased workprint / director’s cut that casts this entry in the Rocky franchise in an entirely new light. WE SAW IT AND IT’S AMAZING! Many sequences in the workprint differ greatly from the theatrical cut resulting in a viewing experience that in our opinion is vastly superior to the film that most fans have...

Duration: 01:02:14

Ep. 20: Epix’s New ‘Get Shorty’ TV Series Misses All the Marks

This episode, Anthony Venutolo and Jack Lugo review the new Epix series remake of ‘Get Shorty.’ Is this series worth diving into or should we stay far away from it like a certain locker being monitored by the DEA? Without giving too much away, let’s just say that just like Chili Palmer’s jacket, some things just shouldn’t be messed with. Speaking of Chli Palmer’s jacket, Anthony has a personal story to tell about his quest to find the perfect Chili Palmer leather jacket back in the day....

Duration: 00:30:18

Ep. 19: HBO’s ‘The Defiant Ones’ Defines Genius by Exploring Dr. Dre & Jimmy Iovine

Anthony Venutolo and Jack Lugo take on the HBO Documentary ‘The Defiant Ones.’ Bookended by the multi-billion dollar acquisition of Beats Music and Beats Electronics by Apple, ‘The Defiant Ones’ offers an intimate look at the lives and careers of both music business producer-entrepeneur Jimmy Iovine and hip-hop visionary Dr. Dre. Both rose to unimaginable heights while contributing to as well as shaping music culture over the span of decades. Anthony and Jack discuss this four-part...

Duration: 00:31:45

Ep. 16: What’s Old is New Again… Beware of Rejoice?

Anthony Venutolo and Jack Lugo discuss the never-ending slew of remakes, revivals, and reboots of TV shows and films that permeate pop culture. Grab a drink and join us as we talk about some of the current and upcoming nostalgia productions that have piqued our interest this year. Some of the properties we discuss include: ‘Roseanne,’ ‘One Day at a Time,’ ‘Fuller House,’ ‘Twin Peaks,’ ‘Fargo,’ ‘Get Shorty,’ the Universal Monster films, ‘Creed,’ ‘Dirty Dancing,’ ‘Lethal Weapon,’ ‘Miami...

Duration: 00:30:47

Ep. 15: Break out the Bell-Bottoms! Showtime’s new ‘I’m Dying Up Here’ has Arrived

Bell bottoms… Check. Porn stache. Check. Wretched excess? CHECK! Anthony Venutolo gives his quick impressions of the new Showtime period drama “I’m Dying Up Here,” which takes a deep dive into the gritty stand-up comedy scene of the seventies. Based on the book “I’m Dying Up Here: Heartbreak and High Times in Standup Comedy’s Golden Age” by William Knoedelseder and executive produced by Jim Carrey, the show is chock-full of period detail and boasts a stellar cast that includes the terrific...

Duration: 00:09:54

Ep. 14: ‘The Leftovers’ Series Finale Discussion [spoilers]

Anthony Venutolo and Jack Lugo discuss their thoughts on the series finale of ‘The Leftovers.’ After three creative seasons, the critically-acclaimed HBO drama was never one to shy away from complex themes and subjects centering on faith and loss. But did the finale deliver? Jack and Anthony dive in. Caveat, however, it’s filled with spoilers. Enjoy this show? Don’t forget to subscribe and be sure to review the show…

Duration: 00:35:13

Ep. 13: Can ‘Wonder Woman’ Save DC Comics on the Big Screen?

There’s a lot riding on DC Comics’ big screen version of ‘Wonder Woman.’ And for good reason… Many of the previous DC films were overbloated, bleak and severely misguided. Could the big-screen incarnation of the Amazonian princess and warrior save Big Blue, Bats and the rest of DC’s big screen universe from the monotonous glut they’ve written themselves into? Don’t get your hopes up. Jack Lugo reviews the film and tells us why he just finds it all so tedious.

Duration: 00:14:59

Ep. 12: The Forgotten Bond

Go grab that martini (Shaken, not stirred, of course) because we have something very special: Anthony Venutolo and Jack Lugo chat about the new Hulu documentary BECOMING BOND which delves into the fascinating life of forgotten James Bond George Lazenby.

Duration: 00:39:13

Ep. 11: Look Up in the Sky … Superhero Documentaries!

Faster than a speeding bullet… Anthony Venutolo and Jack Lugo chat about four incredible superhero and comic book documentaries: ‘Batman & Bill,’ ‘Behind the Mask: The Batman Dead End Story,’ ‘The Death of Superman Lives’ and ‘Doomed: The Story of Roger Corman’s Fantastic Four.’

Duration: 00:40:14

Ep. 10: ‘Hap & Leonard’ Season 2 Finale & ‘Fargo’ Season 3 Premiere

OUR FIRST MINISODE. Think of it as a shot and a beer. Pop culture expert Jack Lugo gives us his take on the ‘Hap & Leonard’ season two finale and a quick review of the season three premiere of ‘Fargo.’

Duration: 00:14:51

Ep. 9: Decisions! Decisions! Too Much Great TV

Together, Anthony Venutolo and Jack Lugo discuss the fact that there’s too much great goddamned TV on at the moment and their DVRs are working overtime. Among the topics: SundanceTV’s ‘Hap and Leonard,’ IFC’s ‘Brockmire’ and AMC’s ‘The Son.’ Plus much much more…

Duration: 00:34:52

Ep. 6: ‘Manchester by the Sea’ and ‘The Young Pope’ (eps. 4-6)

Anthony Venutolo and Jack Lugo chat all about the Oscar-nominated film ‘Manchester by the Sea.’ They also talk about the fourth, fifth and sixth episodes of the Sky TV and HBO limited series ‘The Young Pope.’

Duration: 00:48:00

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