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Reading, OH


Justin and Adam's podcast The Porchcast, possibly the only podcast recorded on a porch in the midwest city of Reading, Ohio. Thanks for comin' around and checkin' it out!






Porchcast Season 2 Episode 2 - Talkin' bout philosophical shit in da club!

On a very special Porchcast guests Tim Brengle and Tom Schmidlin join an Adam-less porch to speak about cats and being in da club, white people version of facing death, and the philosophy of a fat Tom. Come on up to the porch and see what's happening!

Duration: 01:54:37

The Porchcast - Episode 4 - Cumslappin’ time in the USA! Brought to you by

This time on the Porchcast we are joined by Christin, Alex, Tim, Jeff and Tom for a nice chat about topics of the day. The handicap having their own Benihana. People “icing” people, but not the bro version A NEW VERSION! Whether homosexuality is a choice and why Sunkist tastes so good with whiskey. Come on up on the porch and see what all the hubub is about!

Duration: 01:47:19

The Porchcast - Episode 3 - Mr. Softee gives toddlers white russians!

On the newest episode of The Porchcast starring Justin and Adam we are joined by our friends Tim Vater, Zachary George, Brian and Tom Bolton to discuss the Census, North Carolina, toddlers drinking alcohol, dudes that talk to other dudes about kids and, most importantly, Tom Bolton and Mike Cody’s podcast We Need To Talk. Come on up on the porch and see what’s going on!

Duration: 01:08:43

The Porchcast - Episode 2 (Part 2) - Pizza orphans, the folly of youth and

In the second part of a very special Porchcast Justin and Adam sit down with guests Jon Lewis, Zachary George and Jerry Legend, again, to speak of kids boxing for pizza, Facts of Life/Life Goes On similarities and how pushing around illiterate kids makes you seem like a an asshole all while it begins raining harder! Come up on the porch and check ‘er out!

Duration: 00:43:22

The Porchcast - Episode 2 (Part 1) - Rape deterrents, Nambla and why the Ne

In the first of a two part special episode Justin and Adam sit down with guests Jon Lewis, Zachary George and Jerry Legend to speak of hillbilly eateries, Scatman John, anti-rape devices and male chastity belts all whilst we were sitting in the rain! See how we suffer for you? The least you could do is come up on the porch and take a listen!

Duration: 01:05:26

The Porchcast! - Episode 1 - Racist enclaves and the women who love them.

On this innaugural Porchcast Justin and Adam talk to special guests Tom Caruso and Tom Schmidlin about ethnic lunches, white power carpet stores and stripper pole ceiling daycare! Come on up on the porch and find out what any of that means!

Duration: 00:57:39