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097 - Yoga for Every Body with Jessamyn Stanley - The Positive Psychology Podcast

Imagine yoga for a second: was it a white, slender and well-off hetero-sexual woman? Well what about tattooed, black, fat and queer folks? Is it not for them? Jessamyn Stanley is an inspiring yoga teacher who doesn't just not fit the mould but demonstrates that these moulds are unnecessary altogether. We discuss how yoga can be a vehicle for body positivity, mindfulness and a constructive kind of comfort during hard times. Also it's important that we don't mistake the postures for yoga....

Duration: 00:39:17

096 - Strengths-Based Parenting with Lea Waters - The Positive Psychology Podcast

Parents and non-parents want to know how to see and grow the best in the (young) people around them. Lea Waters is here to talk about how to turn on the Strengths Switch, how our own challenges shape how we see our children and what actually happens once we dedicate ourselves to strengths in daily life. You can take a test to see how you score in strengths-based parenting on her website (scroll down past the videos to find the resources).

Duration: 00:48:31

095 - Emotion Differentiation (Hermione Granger is really good at this) - The Positive Psychology Podcast

Emotion differentiation is a the closest thing to a psychological superpower. Having it gives you all kinds of benefits and protection while the absence of it has lots of drawbacks. The good news is that it is a very straight-forward skill to learn.

Duration: 00:26:58

094 - Conscious Communication with Mary Shores - The Positive Psychology Podcast

Today Mary Shores, CEO and author, will join us to talk about Business has been underrepresented in this podcast so it's good to have Mary with us. Okay full disclosure words such as karma will be discussed (and I will put them in a psychology context so the skeptics can chill...). Links: Pre-Order Conscious Communication and receive two bonues (Dream with a Deadline and Daily Desires Journal) Ignite your Dreams Workbook Fearless Ambition Facebook Group

Duration: 00:47:02

006 - Shorts: Journalist Stalker - The Positive Psychology Podcast


Duration: 00:13:19

005 - Shorts: Reverse Batman - The Positive Psychology Podcast


Duration: 00:27:52

093 - Bubbly is not Self-Love with Dani DiPirro - The Positive Psychology Podcast

Dani DiPirro is the creator of Positively Present . We talk self-love (it's not just self-care!), facing and working on our fears and when it's time to seek professional guidance.

Duration: 00:40:42

004 - Shorts: Personality Test Deep Dive & Good Viruses


Duration: 00:37:22

003 - Shorties: Don't Barf on Whales, Stop Doormatting it & I Accidentally Insult a Kind Man


Duration: 00:23:35

092 - The Heart of a Seeker - The Positive Psychology Podcast

So you've lost your religion. Or you always thought it was stupid to begin with. Maybe you are religious but are not quite satisfied. Today we look at this idea that we can find spirituality in sometimes unexpected places. Join us on Facebook

Duration: 00:28:39

002 - Shorts: Who needs Monks? Gratitude Ninjas & Clairvoyance - The Positive Psychology Podcast

Short, bite-sized, breathless and birdsong-filled reflections on how to live a good life:

Duration: 00:31:10

001 - Positive Psychology Shorties - The Positive Psychology Podcast

Introducing real-life bite-sized positive psychology goodness. For a while I have been thinking how I could use more real life examples to illustrate the concepts we talk about in the regular episodes. Enter This is raw, real-life as it happens, sometimes out of breath other times cursing a bit more than I usually do but always with one mission: to be right there for you with helpful thoughts and examples to improve your day. I have been recording on Anchor every day for a...

Duration: 00:21:39

Facebook Forum is Live & New Micro-episodes on

Okay right now it's just me and my mother so come one over and be one of the cool people who joined from the very beginning. I want us to get to know each other (you know a lot about me and I mostly likely don't know you yet), share things that will help all of us become the people we want to be and of course chat about episodes. I will also share content from my new station at It's like Twitter but for audio and allows me to share examples and stories as they happen in real...

Duration: 00:07:27

091 - What you Want, What you Say & What you Signal - The Positive Psychology Podcast

At work, as parents and in our relationships we say that we want one thing but then we behave to encourage something completely different. If our words and behaviours do not line up we will experience a lot of unnecessary conflict. Check out what kind of incentives make people tick. To get your Happiness Habit Apps Guide check check out and click on GET SOME.

Duration: 00:36:34

Get Started now with the first 3 Days

Maybe you don't need the tactics and motivation shared in this excerpt but chances are you know someone who would be grateful for a little bit more mental peace and quiet. Share this with them. Everything becomes better and more peaceful the more people can focus on what is important instead of the mental chatter that keeps us unhappy.

Duration: 00:30:35

090 - Technology: Yay or Ney with Jason Feifer - The Positive Psychology Podcast

Did technology make relationships better (hello Skype) or does it make us lonely? Today we talk to Jason Feifer, host of the thought-provoking podcast Pessimists' Archive and editor-in-chief of Entrepreneur Magazine to learn how to think about technology and the effects it has on our lives. You will also learn a fancy Japanese term you can throw around at the next dinner party and hear a guy speak a really really old language. And if you want a little mental brain update check...

Duration: 00:28:54

089 - What Harry Potter can teach you about Spirituality with Vanessa Zoltan - The Positive Psychology Podcast

If you love Harry Potter you are probably excited by the title but if you are not hold your horses and give our insightful guest Vanessa Zoltan a chance: the principles we discuss can be applied to your favourite books, music and movies and even if you don't care about any of these things this discussion will make you consider your spiritual life and why it's helpful to cultivate one even if you're an atheist (like Vanessa is). In their hit podcast Harry Potter and the Sacred Text Vanessa...

Duration: 00:38:02

088 - I am not Judging you, but - The Positive Psychology Podcast

From the distinctly unsexy depths of logic and classical psychology comes an episode on how to not be like your enemies: judgmental, illogical and manipulative. To grab your free coaching spot visit Click on the lower right contact/schedule now button and set your appointment instantly.

Duration: 00:27:37

087 - Positive Risk with Suzy Madge - The Positive Psychology Podcast

We are both terrified and fascinated with risk. Today we talk to adventurer-badass Suzy Madge who researched positive risk in ski-mountaineers but also drops out of helicopters to ski remote mountains in places like Afghanistan. Furthermore Suzy works with police forces and is therefore perfectly equipped to illuminate risk from several different perspectives. She talks about how relative the perception of risk is, why calculated risk taking is important and how high-risk situations can...

Duration: 01:06:33

086 - Crash Burn Thrive with Doug Behrendt - The Positive Psychology Podcast

Here comes the second installment on depression where Doug Behrendt tells us about his experience with suicidal depression and how he fought his way back into life, one habit at a time. Hear what Doug a former pharmaceutical rep has to say about antidepressants. You can reach him at You love listening to podcasts so why not show a clueless relative or friend what they're missing? Doing things for others feels good and the more listeners...

Duration: 00:38:59

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