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Bringing Color to Life | Dean McRaine | Episode 345

Dean McRaine has been a professional potter for 30 years, on Kauai since 1991. Dean is mostly self taught and consequently he has explored some unconventional pathways in his work: raw glazing, cone 10 oxidation firing, WVO (vegetable oil) firing, and Dean's favorite technique, colored clay millefiori.

Duration: 01:10:04

Finding His Way Back to Clay | Gus Villalobos | Episode 344

Gus Villalobos is a potter making his work and way in Miami, Florida. If you follow Gus on Instagram, then you may know him as Gus the Pothead. Gus is in a constant pursuit of the perfect form.

Duration: 01:10:04

Exposure that Creates an Explosion | Dana Bechert | Episode 343

Dana Bechert is a full time ceramic artist living in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Dana was raised on the Connecticut shoreline by two artisan parents. Growing up Dana was introduced to various trades and skill sets, including pottery. Dana attended the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in Baltimore Maryland. Upon graduating with a degree in Interdisciplinary Sculpture in 2012, Dana started her eponymous ceramics studio and has been working as a full time potter ever since. In...

Duration: 00:48:38

Chasing the Dream | Parker Hunt | Episode 342

Gadsden, Alabama is Parker Hunt's home town. At age 11 Parker and his family moved to Havelock, North Carolina when his step-dad received orders to Cherry Point. At the time that was a pretty drastic change for Parker. Until Parker's mom remarried, his grandfather had the most impact in Parker's life. So leaving behind the Sunday evenings fishing off the peer and then to "The Chief" for banana splits with his grandfather was hard.

Duration: 01:00:53

Being In Between | Nick Kesler | Episode 341

Nick Kesler is a 32 year old man who has a beautiful wife, Laura and 10 year old son, Rhett. Nick loves to build things like decks and houses, but most of all Nick likes to throw pots in his patio studio in Lakewood, WA.

Duration: 00:43:50

A Journey of Discovery | Michael Rice | Episode 340

Michael Rice is an Irish Artist who specializes in Ceramics. He is particularly interested in firing procedures such as Raku, Smoke and Saggar firing; his work is also is concerned with geometry, gestalt principals and archetypal forms.

Duration: 01:01:25

Firefighter Turns Potter | Frank Nemick | Episode 339

Frank Nemick's work flows from his subconscious. Frank explores his psyche’s despair and hope. Frank tries to explore humanity's despair and hope. By using abstraction and irony to convey these basic human feelings, Frank tries to show our fragility and our strength. And our folly. Frank is influenced by his past career as a firefighter. Seeing suffering and loss daily, despair is often a foregone conclusion. Observing people cope, leads to hopefulness. A background in philosophy helps...

Duration: 01:03:37

Pivoting to Clay | Courtney Murphy | Episode 338

Courtney has been a studio potter in Missoula, MT for the past four years. She first moved to Montana in 2009 as a resident artist at the Archie Bray Foundation. Afterwards she moved to Missoula as a resident at The Clay Studio of Missoula and decided to stay. Courtney studied Ceramics at the Oregon College of Art and Craft. Her designs are influenced by simplified abstractions of nature, folk art, mid-century modern forms and shapes, as well as patterns and textiles. She is compelled by...

Duration: 00:53:03

Old Dog Learning New Tricks | Brad Miller | Episode 337

Brad Miller is an artist currently working out of his studio in Venice, CA. Brad received his MFA from the University of Oregon in 1977. From 1980 thru 1992 Brad worked at the Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Snowmass Village, Colorado. He served as Executive Director at the Ranch from 1984 thru 1992. Since 1992 Brad has focused on his studio practice. Brad's work is in numerous museums collections including the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The Denver Art Museum, The Brooklyn Museum and...

Duration: 01:11:02

"Follow That Lead" | Betsy Williams | Episode 336

Betsy Williams is a studio potter living at 7500 feet above sea level in northern New Mexico. Her work highlights user friendly shapes and quiet yet compelling decoration.

Duration: 01:09:37

"Live With Your Work" | Marina Temkin | Episode 335

Marina Temkin is a potter in Washington, D.C. She got into making pottery on a whim, when she took a class at a local community studio and fell in love with clay—but quickly learned that making good pots requires a lot of hard work and vigor, hence her business name: Whim and Vigor. Marina loves to play with color, texture, and pattern, and she gets her inspiration from nature, museums, books, and conversations with creative friends. Her focus is on functional pieces because she wants her...

Duration: 00:48:16

Saying "I Belong" as an Artist | Lisa McGrath | Episode 334

Lisa McGrath’s sculptures are the expression of the animals with whom she shares her backyard. McGrath plucks those beings and transports them into her whimsical, wonder-filled narratives..... so to with her functional work. It is just as full of wonder and evokes a story... this mug reminds you perhaps, of the night circus – or something.... Lisa McGrath completed her BFA in Ceramics from Alberta College of Art and Design in 1997. She lives and maintains her studio on the cusp of...

Duration: 00:57:11

Frank is a Man I Need to Thank | Frank James Fisher | Episode 333

Frank James Fisher is an American ceramic artist. Fisher lives and maintains a studio in Milford, Michigan, USA. Frank’s ceramic work is influenced by the graphic design principles developed during his extensive advertising career. Frank has worked in the Detroit advertising industry since entering the commercial art field in 1985. This brought a diverse blend of creative influences into his output and resulted in a unique blend of words and images on his artwork. Adept as a professional...

Duration: 01:10:37

A Lovely Story of Life with Clay | Pippin Drysdale | Episode 332

An acclaimed International Artist and Master of Australian Craft, Pippin Drysdale's career as a ceramic artist spans 30 years. Her passion for the craft merges with a love of the landscape, which has travelled across continents and in most recent years has focussed on the vivid dessert landscapes of Australia. Working from her studio in Fremantle, Pippin Drysdale continues to interrogate her practice from the perspective of an artist without borders. Through a continuing investigation of...

Duration: 01:06:59

Beating Up The Idea that "Artists Can't Make Money!" | Anna-Marie Wallace | Episode 331

Anna-Marie is the half-Italian, British-born Australian artist behind Made OF Australia. She has a Product Design background, & lived & worked in Italy & Sweden for 6 years, travelling extensively throughout Europe, fine tuning her creative talents & immersing herself in the international art world before returning to Australia in 2011 & starting her professional practice.

Duration: 00:55:21

Social Media as a Tool in the Hands of This Irish Artist | Darren Francis Cassidy | Episode 330

Inspired by nature, Darren Francis Cassidy spend happy hours lost channeling his passion into each piece in the hope that when living with his work in your home, holding a piece in your hands, or just gazing upon them you will also be inspired to go out into nature and revel in its calming beauty.

Duration: 00:59:00

Crystalline Potter & He's 17! | Jackson Fyfe | Episode 329

Jackson Fyfe is a 17-year-old potter from Newton, Massachusetts. Jackson is a full-time high school student and spends most of his free time in the pottery studio. Jackson mainly focuses on decorative crystalline pottery but will occasionally branch out and experiment with different glazing techniques and functional forms as well.

Duration: 00:50:22

Finding a Voice with Limitations | Caitlin Andrews | Episode 328

Caitlin Andrews is a part-time, self-taught potter residing in Toronto, Canada. By day, she works for the Government of Ontario as a regional grant advisor serving towns and not-for-profit organizations in the Greater Toronto Area. Her pottery has evolved over the past 6 years as she continues to improve her throwing and glaze developme

Duration: 00:42:51

Getting The MFA Paid For | Erin Ryan | Episode 327

Erin Ryan was born and raised in southern California. She has been working in clay for 10 years and received her BFA in Ceramics and BSED in Art Education from Northern Arizona University in 2015. Her work has been exhibited in numerous galleries and is also sold online. Erin is excited and inspired to be making work, as she grows her career in the ceramic arts. Currently, Erin is an MFA candidate at Indiana University.

Duration: 00:59:54

Mom & Maker | Maya Rumsey | Episode 326

Maya Rumsey is a ceramic artist based in Denver, CO. In art school Maya majored in glass but found herself pulled into the clay world. After graduating Maya did some wandering around and finally came back to making ceramics and opened her Etsy shop, Melissa Maya Pottery, in 2013 to sell her pot

Duration: 00:59:40

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