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Hilarious interviews, intermittently jolted by DJ Douggpound's signature drops and sound bites. Guests include musicians, comedians, directors, random ass teenagers... anyone might show up. The Poundcast has no rules dude.

Hilarious interviews, intermittently jolted by DJ Douggpound's signature drops and sound bites. Guests include musicians, comedians, directors, random ass teenagers... anyone might show up. The Poundcast has no rules dude.
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Hilarious interviews, intermittently jolted by DJ Douggpound's signature drops and sound bites. Guests include musicians, comedians, directors, random ass teenagers... anyone might show up. The Poundcast has no rules dude.




Tim Nackashi and Brent Weinbach

Doug and Brent talk to filmmaker Tim Nackashi about his recent life changing trip to Africa! They also talk about Sling Blade, of course.

Duration: 01:18:24

Jared Jekyll and Brent Weinbach

Doug and Brent interview Jared Jekyll, a comedian, actor and musician from Sydney Australia. They talk about Disneyland, food and short celebrities!

Duration: 01:41:45

Episode 100! Doug and Brent call the listeners.

For the 100th episode of the Poundcast, Doug and Brent call some Pound Puppies and Pimples and get a glimpse into their lives. Friend of the show Coolzey stops by too, preach.

Duration: 02:49:36

Major Entertainer Mikey Hickey and Brent Weinbach

Major Entertainer is a Los Angeles based professional *OPENING ACT* deeply committed to self promotion and social networking. Able to quickly adapt to any situation in which entertainment is required, he shines brightest in front of a small audience who has never heard of him before.

Duration: 01:15:18

Doug's parents: Pauline and Gary Lussenhop + Brent Weinbach

Doug and Brent talk to Doug's parents about growing up in the 60's, how to stay married for almost 50 years and of course, Doug!

Duration: 01:43:05

Rock n' Roll Gary

Rock n' Roll Gary is back by popular demand to share some disturbing stories from his long career as a rock n' roll insider. Listener discretion advised.

Duration: 01:07:19

Wolf Eyes, Brent Weinbach, Twig Harper

Wolf Eyes have been making far out music for over 20 years. They stopped by the Poundcast during their LA residency to do some skateboarding and goof around. Fellow musician Twig Harper and Poundcast favorite Brent Weinbach join the discussion. Check out Wolf Eyes' hit instagram feed:

Duration: 01:15:34

Josh Fadem and Brent Weinbach

Josh Fadem is a comedian and actor, he has appeared on Twin Peaks and Better Call Saul among others great shows. Brent Weinbach is probably Doug's prime pimple. Topics include alternative rock, working with David Lynch and listener questions.

Duration: 01:16:10

Kate Dwyer, Penelope Gazin and Brent Weinbach

Kate Dwyer and Penelope Gazin are musicians, artists and co-founders of the online marketplace They talk to Brent and Doug about making art, being in bands, growing up with creative parents, their fake male co-founder, Keith Mann and lots of other stuff! Also, Doug gets busted for farting :(

Duration: 00:41:58

Jessie Ennis, Simon Ward and Brent Weinbach

Jessie Ennis (Better Call Saul, Love) talks about the side effects of nerve medication, growing up in a Mr. Show house and working on set. Director Simon Ward started off working for Peter Jackson and James Cameron, now he makes incredible music videos. Brent Weinbach joins as co-guest on this lively episode of The Poundcast.

Duration: 01:37:41

92 - Mikey Kampmann, Andrew Michaan and Brent Weinbach

Mikey Kampmann is a comedian and a member of 2 Wet Crew living in Ojai California. Mikey used to collaborate back in the day with comedian Andrew Michaan up in Portland. Andrew now lives in LA, so does Brent Weinbach. What will these pimples talk about? Better listen and find out.

Duration: 01:25:27

91 - Johnny Pemberton and Unkle Funkle

Johnny Pemberton is a comedian an actor and one of Doug's tight ass bros. Unkle Funkle isn't one of Doug's tight ass bros yet, but Doug is working on it because he's a big fan. Funkle is a musician and multi-talented member of Gnarburger bands such as White Fang and The Memories.

Duration: 01:35:22

90 - Laura Weinbach and Brent Weinbach

Laura Weinbach is a musician and the sister of Brent Weinbach. She talks about music and what it was like growing up with Brent as a brother. Check out her band Foxtails Brigade and her new weekly entertainment review podcast with Foxtails Brigade drummer Dominic Mercurio called Totally Tell Me.

Duration: 01:30:35

89 - Train Hoppers: Mike Collins and Dylan Thadani with Brent Weinbach

Musician Mike Collins (Drugdealer, Salvia Plath) and his friend Dylan Thadani rode freight trains from the east coast to Seattle, then hitchhiked to LA. Now they are here to tell the tale. Poundcast favorite Brent Weinbach joins the chat.

Duration: 01:30:00

88 - Nick Thune and Brent Weinbach

This no-frills episode of the Poundcast features Nick Thune and Brent Weinbach. They talk about poo and answer lots of questions from some hardcore Pound Puppies and Pimples.

Duration: 01:19:23

87 - Jack Stratton of Vulfpeck and Brent Weinbach

Jack Stratton is a founding member of the funk band Vulfpeck. He joins Doug and Brent to talk about releasing a silent album, collaborating with musical heroes and playing "in the pocket". They also get into listener mail and some deep cuts. Put on some studio headphones and let this Poundcast roll.

Duration: 02:02:18

86 - Brent Weinbach and Coolzey

Doug is back from his trip down under to hang out with Brent and catch up. Lots of listener questions and rapper Coolzey tells a super scary ghost story! Send questions and comments to

Duration: 02:10:46

85 - Nick Flanagan and Brent Weinbach

Nick Flanagan is comedian from Toronto now living in LA, check out his new tape "Wiped Privilege". Brent Weinbach's new special “Appealing to the Mainstream” is out now and available on Seeso. These dudes talk to Doug about being creative and making comedy.

Duration: 01:43:55

84 - Renee Lusano, Jason MacDonald and Brent Weinbach

Renee Lusano (@wrenees on instagram) travels the world and takes selfies with her drone in beautiful, remote locations! Jason MacDonald happens to be Renee's boyfriend but he also happens to be a photographer and a good friend of Doug. Of course Brent Weinbach is on the Poundcast too. This is a fun episode, preach!

Duration: 01:38:25

83 - Fatal Farm and Brent Weinbach

Fatal Farm (Zach Johnson and Jeffery Max) are the filmmaking duo behind the incredible web videos Lasagna Cat, Infinite Solutions, Robocop Remake and countless others. Brent and Doug are huge fans and they get to the bottom of things!

Duration: 01:58:13

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