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#55 - Some Practical Thoughts on Fear

​In this episode Simon Drew shares a mountain climbing experience and discusses some ideas about how Stoicism ​can help anyone to be more effective in situations where they feel vulnerable or scared. The ultimate goal of for us is inner tranquility and outer effectiveness, as Epictetus said, and Stoicism is the path to this goal. To contact Simon Drew: Facebook: Facebook:...


Episode #54 - Interview with William Ferraiolo

​In today’s episode Simon Drew interviews William Ferraiolo. William received a Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Oklahoma in 1997. Since that time, he has been teaching philosophy at San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton, California. His books include: Cynical Maxims and Marginalia, and Meditations on Self-Discipline and Failure: Stoic Exercise for Mental Fitness. This is a wide-ranging conversation that will be extremely useful for anyone who is interested in learning more about...


#53 - The Wednesday Podcast (14/02/18)

In this episode Simon Drew ​reads and discusses your answers to the question “which Stoic principles have helped you to overcome anger?” We had some really amazing answers from everyone, so make sure you listen carefully and pick some strategies that you can impliment into your life. To contact Simon Drew: Facebook: Facebook:


#52 - The Value of Motivational Stimuli

​Sometimes the motivational and personal-development movement gets a bad wrap, and sometimes this is for good reason, but in this episode Simon Drew ​suggests that there is value in continuously exposing the mind to positive and motivating messages that will inspire courage, determination, and self-worth in the person who hears them. To contact Simon Drew: Facebook: Facebook:...


#51 - Interview with Ryan Holiday

In this interview Simon Drew talks with Ryan Holiday about Stoic rituals, habits, and life-hacks. If you’re new to Stoicism, or if you’re a seasoned Stoic then this interview will be ​both insightful and practical. Ryan Holiday is an ​American author, marketer, entrepreneur, and media strategist. Since dropping out of college at 19 to apprentice under strategist Robert Greene (author of The 48 Laws of Power), Ryan has advised many New York Times bestselling authors and ​musicians. He...


​Episode #50 - ​The Wednesday Podcast (07/02/18)

​In this week’s Wednesday Podcast Simon Drew reads your answers to the question “how were you first introduced to Stoicism”. There are some really great answers from inspiring listeners, and there are also some great ideas for where you can find some added Stoic inspiration. To contact Simon Drew: Facebook: Facebook:


#49 - Seneca’s Recipe for True Friendship

​We all need reminders from time to time about what it truly means to be and to have a great friend. Friendship is one of the greatest joys of life, and in this episode Simon Drew shares some advice from Seneca regarding the art of friendship. To contact Simon Drew: Facebook: Facebook:


#48 - Mind Your Own Business

​We live in a time when it is easier than ever to become completely engrossed in what other people are doing and saying. We spend hours on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram looking at where other people are, what they’re doing, who they’re with, and what they’re saying. But in comparison to this time that we spend living vicariously through other people, how much time do we spend minding our own business? In this episode Simon Drew shares some inspiring words from the Stoics to encourage...


#47 - The Wednesday Podcast (31/01/18)

​In this Wednesday podcast, Simon Drew reads your answers to the question “Which Stoic practice/principle do you struggle with the most, and why?” There are some really great answers in this episode, and it’s empowering to hear about other Stoics who are trying to build new habits and overcome obstacles. ​ To contact Simon Drew: Facebook: Facebook:


Episode #46 - Musonius Rufus; Empowering Women Since 25 AD

​It can definitely seem like Stoicism, and philosophy in general, is flooded with men. ​Most of the Stoics are men, most of the people who are joining the facebook group are men, and many of the ​most prominent Stoics in today’s society are men. There is an overabundance of men studying, practicing, and teaching philosophy, and that’s just the facts. But Musonius Rufus has been empowering women to study and practice philosophy since 25 AD, and in this episode Simon Drew shares some of his...


​Episode #45 - Stop Sleeping, Live Your Purpose, Love Yourself

​Do you have a hard time getting up in the morning? Is life just getting a little too repetitive and boring? Are you lacking in motivation? Well if that’s you, then this episode will hopefully give you some insights that will whip your life back into shape. Simon Drew shares some advice from Marcus Aurelius that will get you up and facing the day in no time. To contact Simon Drew: Facebook: Facebook:...


#​44 - The Wednesday Podcast (24/01/18)

​In this episode Simon Drew reads your answers to the question, “who is your favorite Stoic and why?”. Thank you to all of you who answered! If you didn’t submit an answer today, but would like to in the future, just go to and subscribe to my mailing list. To contact Simon Drew: Facebook: Facebook: TIM FERRISS TED TALK:...


#43 - Your Most Precious Resource

In this episode Simon Drew discusses your most precious resource (time). He shares some amazing words from Seneca and encourages you to change the way that you see your life, and how you live it. To contact Simon Drew: Facebook: Facebook:


#42 - Do Less, Better

In this episode Simon Drew shares some advice from Marcus Aurelius about our need to do less, but to do it better. Are you spreading yourself too thin? Do you need to scale back and focus more on the important parts of life? If the answer is yes, then this episode is for you. WANT COACHING? CONTACT SIMON HERE: Facebook: Facebook:


#41 - The Wednesday Podcast (17/01/18)

In this episode Simon Drew shares your answers to the question “which Stoic practice has most positively impacted your life over the past year?”. He discusses practices like gratitude, the trichotomy of control, and living each day as a separate life. Facebook: Facebook:


Episode #40 - A Stoic Approach to Guilt

Guilt can be both a positive or a negative emotion, and in this episode Simon Drew discusses a Stoic approach to guilt, both in how we see it and what we do about it. Facebook: Facebook:


#39 - The Day of Judgement Lingers

Many people believe that there will come a day when we will finally be judged about the way we’ve spent our time here on earth, but not everyone agrees on just how that judgement can or will take place. In this episode Simon Drew shares Seneca’s idea of judgement, and also gives an alternative perspective that can help you to live a more disciplined life that is more aligned with your values. Facebook: Facebook:...


#38 - The Stoic Way to Leave a Legacy

How do we leave a good legacy, and what would the Stoics have said on the subject? This was a great question that we received from a listener of the podcast, and in this episode Simon Drew gives his response using stoic principles and quotes. Facebook: Facebook:


#37 - Is There Ever a Reason to be Angry? (My Reply to a Listener’s Question)

This episode is somewhat of a part two following on from episode number 31, titled “How To Deal with anger”. If you haven’t listened to that episode then it is recommended that you go back and check it out before listening to this episode. In this episode Simon Drew replies to a listeners question: is there ever situation that calls for anger? Simon shares some ideas and stoic principles to answer this question. Facebook: Facebook:...


#36 - 2018 Will Probably Suck, and Here’s How to Deal With It.

It’s a new year, which means new opportunities, new goals, new aspirations, and also new problems. It’s important to be excited for the year and to be hopeful of good times to come, but it’s also equally important to recognize that hard times will soon be here, and the sooner you realize this the sooner you’ll be able to focus on the important stuff. In this episode Simon Drew shares some great advice from Seneca to help you smash 2018 and make it your best year ever. Facebook:...


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