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Bonus "Catch Up" Ep - The Post & The Shape of Water

In another bonus episode of The PrePost Film Review, Matt and Jon catch up on some recent Oscar nominees (and winners!) with a discussion about The Post & The Shape of Water. 00:00:00 - Introductions 00:02:15 - The Post (spoilers!) 00:20:05 - The Shape of Water (spoilers!) You can get in contact with us a million different ways! Like us on Facebook Email us at Follow us on Twitter Subscribe to us on iTunes You can also find Matt & Jon on Letterboxd


Ep 80 - Phantom Thread

It's a rare treat for cinephiles when a new Paul Thomas Anderson film hits screens, and his latest film, Phantom Thread, is even more special as it marks the end of Daniel Day-Lewis' acting career. Needless to say, expectations are high. Has PTA crafted yet another modern cinematic masterpiece? Or will this be one of his first disappointments? Tune in to find out! Join Matt & Jon as they discuss their predictions and expectations for Phantom Thread. Then - after the film has been...


Ep 79 - 2017 Year In Review

Join Matt and Jon in annual year end episode as they look back on 2017 and decide what their favourites and most disappointing films/trailers were! Was this a good year for cinema overall? 00:00:00 - Introductions 00:01:32 - Best film 00:09:55 - Favourite film 00:20:57 - Best trailer 00:27:49 - Worst trailer 00:34:15 - Closing thoughts and looking ahead. We'd like to thank all of our listeners for joining us during 2017. Happy New Year! (We know it's mid February, but the thought...


Bonus Ep - London Film Festival 2017

In this episode of The PrePost Film Review join Jon and Matt for a well overdue recap of the 2017 London Film Festival. Hear Matt run through the highs and lows of the festival and hopefully uncover some hidden gems that may have not been on your radar. Films discussed: Killing of a Sacred Deer Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri Foxtrot Hagazussa Makala Good Time The Florida Project Wonderstruck Brawl in Cell Block 99 Ingrid Goes West You can get into contact with us a...


Ep 78 - Star Wars Episode 8 - The Last Jedi

It's December! (Or perhaps January by the time you read this) That means it's time for everyone to hop into their X-Wings, fly to the cantina, order some blue milk with vodka and start discussing the latest Star Wars film. Following on from the hugely successful Force Awakens, The Last Jedi had insurmountable expectations placed upon it. Can director Rian Johnson deliver the goods? Does The Last Jedi keep the franchise feeling fresh and new? Or is it simply a retread of The Empire...


Ep 77 - Thor: Ragnarok

Another day, another Marvel film. In this episode of The PrePost Film Review the guys tackle the 3rd film in the Thor series and the 17th (!) film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While in the past Jon and Matt have been lukewarm on the "MCU" this entry has a secret weapon - Kiwi director, and PrePost favourite, Taika Waititi. Will Taika's comedic brilliance elevate Thor: Ragnarok to a level no other Marvel film has reached? Or will this be a case of a talented director being restrained...


Ep 76 - Blade Runner 2049

In this episode of The PrePost Film Review Jon and Matt discuss the "impossible sequel" that is Blade Runner 2049. Rumours of a Blade Runner sequel had been around for many years prior to the announcement of 2049. It was almost unanimous amongst fans of the original that a sequel would not work and further more, was not needed. Nevertheless, director Denis Villeneuve took on the task, along with writer Hampton Fancher (who was a writer on the original film). The pair obviously felt...


Ep 75 - mother!

In this semi-informal episode Jon and Matt are tackling the latest divisive film from Darren Aaronofsky. mother! has received a whole range of critical and general audience reactions, from profuse praise to seething anger. Where do Matt & Jon fall on this film? Join the guys as they discuss the film in a slightly less formal episode of the PrePost Film Review. You can get in contact with us a million different ways! Like us on Facebook Email us at Follow...


EP 74 - MIFF 2017

In this bonus episode of the PrePost Film Review, the guys sit down to discuss some of the films Jon saw at the 2017 Melbourne International Film Festival. Films discussed: Ingrid Goes West The Endless Japanese Girls Never Die Ikarie KB1 The Face Of Another The Lost City Of Z Jungle Ethel & Ernest In This Corner Of The World You can get in contact with us a million different ways! Like us on Facebook Email us at Follow us on Twitter Subscribe to...


Ep 73 - It

In this episode of The PrePost Film Review Jon and Matt continue exploring the dark and twisted mind of Stephen King with the new adaptation of everyone's favourite creepy clown novel - It. Somewhat unusually, the guys are going into this film with very different expectations - Jon is both a massive fan of the book and King in general while Matt is a King novice with no prior exposure of the demented adventures of Pennywise. Will It be able to live up to Jon's love for the source...


Ep 72 - The Dark Tower

Stephen King's "Dark Tower" books have had a rough relationship with Hollywood over the past decade, with many different writers and directors attached to adapt the series throughout the years. Finally, however, the series has landed in the lap of director Nikolaj Arcel. With Ron Howard producing and an impressive cast, will this Dark Tower film bring joy to the many fans who have been waiting for an adaptation? Or is it possible this series of "unfilmable" books should stay firmly on...


Ep 71 - War for the Planet of the Apes

Those damn dirty apes are back in this episode of The PrePost Film Review as Jon and Matt discuss the third and final chapter in the latest Planet of the Apes trilogy - War for the Planet of the Apes. With War Matt Reeves is back at the helm as director after knocking it out of the park with the previous Apes film Dawn of the Planet of the Apes which bodes well as both the guys thoroughly enjoyed the previous film and expectations are high. Will this be a triumphant end to an incredible...


Ep 70 - Dunkirk

Christopher Nolan has returned to cinema screens with his World War II epic - Dunkirk. Taking a break from the "genre filmmaking" of his last few releases, Nolan is presenting viewers with a fairly straightforward story, his approach to the filmmaking, however, is any but straightforward. Does this fast paced, almost silent film, live up to the high expectations for a Nolan release? Join Matt & Jon as they discuss their predictions and expectations for Dunkirk. Then - after the film has...


Ep 69 - Baby Driver

Edgar Wright is back, baby. Both Jon and Matt are huge Wright fans, in fact his new action/musical hybrid Baby Driver was Matt's most anticipated film of 2017. So the stakes for this episode are high. Every film Wright has made has been a winner - zombies, cops, video games, alcoholism - he has successfully tackled them all, can he now add car chases to the list? Tune in to find out if Wright's winning streak can continue with Baby Driver. And if Matt will be blown away or crushed with...


Bonus Ep - Eraserhead

In another bonus episode of The PrePost Film Review, Matt and Jon continue their informal David Lynch retrospective and discuss his 1977 debut feature Eraserhead. You can get in contact with us a million different ways! Like us on Facebook Email us at Follow us on Twitter Subscribe to us on iTunes You can also find Matt & Jon on Letterboxd


Ep 68 - Wonder Woman

The DC Cinematic Universe is back, this time with the origin story of Wonder Woman - the iconic hero who briefly popped up in the train wreck that was Batman Vs. Superman. Having failed at all previous attempts to replicate the success of Marvel, DC are taking things back to basics, focusing on a single character and hiring a talented and respected director to try and bring Wonder Woman to life. Will this be the film that saved DC? Or will this be another boring, slow motion filled, CGI...


Ep 67 - The Mummy

Universal Pictures are trying to play cinematic universe catch-up with the reintroduction of their "Dark Universe" and the first film in its series The Mummy (They did already try with Dracula Untold, but that seems to have been swept under the rug) To help usher in this new franchise, Universal have managed to sweet talk Tom Cruise into a starring role in the horror-adventure film. I s there a chance this could be the beginning of a fun, horror themed set of films? Or are Universal...


Ep 66 - Alien: Covenant

In this episode Jon and Matt are tackling the latest entry into one of the greatest Sci-Fi franchises of all time - Alien: Covenant. The guys are both big fans of the first two entries in the Alien series, but were very, very, underwhelmed with Ridley Scott's previous effort Prometheus. So this new film is a bit of a wild card. Will Alien: Covenant put the franchise back on track? Or are the guys going to, once again, be torn apart by bitter disappointment? Tune in to find out! Join...


Bonus Ep - Raw

In another bonus episode of The PrePost Film Review, Matt and Jon discuss the critically acclaimed French "horror" film Raw. The debut feature of director Julia Ducournau, Raw has been receiving high praise from those who have managed to catch its limited release. But is this coming-of-age horror story all that it's cracked up to be? Is there any meat on its bones? ***Apologies for the sound quality of Jons audio in this episode - due to some technical difficulties this is the clearest...


Ep 65 - The Great Dictator

Join Jon and Matt on trip back to 1940, when war is raging, the world is in political turmoil and Charlie Chaplin has made his first "talkie" - a little film by the name of The Great Dictator. Both Jon and Matt are relatively new to Chaplin and are keen to check out what is often considered one of his best films in order to see what all the fuss is about. Will The Great Dictator live up to its reputation? Or are the guys on a war path with disappointment? Tune in to find out! Join Matt...


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