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Two over-opinionated personalities: Premium Pete & Miss Lissa Knows cover pop culture, politics, lifestyle, etc. Expect the unexpected.

Two over-opinionated personalities: Premium Pete & Miss Lissa Knows cover pop culture, politics, lifestyle, etc. Expect the unexpected.
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Two over-opinionated personalities: Premium Pete & Miss Lissa Knows cover pop culture, politics, lifestyle, etc. Expect the unexpected.




Bun B

Fuhgettaboutit! Internets! This week on The Premium Show we are joined by the the one and only Mr. Trill OG himself, Bun B! Bun opens up about his bouts with depression, mentoring young artists, and sheds light on life and rapping without his partner and best friend Pimp C. The Trill OG recalls his lavish birthday party thrown by Drake, growing up in Port Arthur TX, working with Beyonce, and much, much more in what is one of Bun B’s most in depth interview’s of his career. Grab a swisher,...

Duration: 01:56:11

Barbershop Convos (Feat. AKING and Dallas Penn)

Internets! This week on The Premium Pete Show, Pete sits down with his old friend A-King and Dallas Penn for some good ol Barbershop talk! The Trio takes a trip down memory lane and discuss how they met, how the Combat Jack show got put together and some of their greatest episodes and moments in podcasting. The crew also discuss the importance of showing love to others while your alive and so much more. Press Play your gonna enjoy this one, CHEA! BREAKING NEWS: *The Premium Pete Show LIVE...

Duration: 01:18:46

Travis Grillo

Internets! This week on The Premium Pete Show, Pete sits down with Travis Grillo, Founder Grillo's Pickles. Travis tells us how missing out on his dream job at Nike inspired him to turn a family recipe into a $25 million dollar business. From a pickle cart on a busy corner in Boston to distributing nationwide through Whole Foods, Kroger, and Publix, sit back and prepare to be inspired by the entrepreneurial journey of Travis Grillo!

Duration: 01:06:00

Smush Parker

Internets!! This week on the Premium Pete Show, Pete sits down with NBA veteran and New York basketball legend Smush Parker. Smush takes us through his rise from park basketball in New York City's West 4th St. park, to college ball, and up to his career in the NBA and overseas. Smush also discusses fatherhood and spending habits, his relationship with Kobe Bryant, playing under Hall of Fame coach Phil Jackson, and lists some of the toughest players in the NBA that he's faced. Be sure to...

Duration: 01:25:17

The Return of Joseph Sikora

Ladies and Gentlemen of The Internets! This week on The Premium Pete Show we're joined by the one and only Joseph Sikora aka "Tommy Egan" from "Power". Pete and Joseph discuss the latest season of the hit show and Joseph details working closely with 50 Cent, sex scenes with Lala, and distinguishing himself from his role as "Tommy". Joseph also describes a recent spiritual retreat, working with award winning director Cary Fukunaga, and even takes a few phone calls from his fans. Be sure to...

Duration: 00:54:28

Misa Hylton

Internets! This week on The Premium Pete Show, Pete sits down with designer, entrepreneur, and former Bad Boy stylist Misa Hylton! Misa recalls her past and present relationship with Diddy, urging him to sign Biggie Smalls, and working with artists such as Jodeci, Mary J. Blige, Faith Evans, and Missy Elliott. Misa also discusses motherhood, the challenges of raising children in the public eye, and Lil Kim's iconic wardrobe at the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards. Relax, hit play, and enjoy! Chea!

Duration: 01:20:35

Ebro Darden

Internets! This week on The Premium Pete Show, Pete is joined by Hot 97's own Ebro Darden. Old Man Ebro discusses everything from working alongside Funk Master Flex, Angie Martinez and Paul Allen to disagreements with Taxstone, his feelings towards Charlamagne The God, and much, much more. *Get to know one of the most opinionated and important voices in hip hop radio. Sit back and enjoy! Be sure to rate, subscribe, and check out the YouTube channel for behind the scenes footage and more...

Duration: 01:27:40

DJ Ted Smooth

Los Internetos! Fuggetaboutit! This week on the Premium Pete Show, Pete sits down with The Remix King aka DJ Ted Smooth! Ted recalls providing remixes for Beyoncé, Jamie Foxx, and Miguel, as well as producing classic New York records, growing up in East Harlem, cosign's from Diddy, and wanting to punch his father in the face. Later in the show, The Remix King is joined by his fiancé, Jessie Cotto, to discuss their online comedy series #HeSaidSheSaid. Get to know New York's own DJ Ted...

Duration: 01:28:28

Rich Antoniello

Internets! Fuhgettaboutit! This week Premium Pete sits down with Founder and CEO of Complex Rich Antoniello. Pete and Rich discuss in detail Complex's rumored $300 million dollar merger with Hearst and Verizon, Rich's past at National Geographic, the importance of discipline, and inspirational business leaders. Rich shares heartfelt memories of his father, along with background on some of Complex's biggest productions. This is one for the books, listen up and get inspired!

Duration: 01:43:52

Hawaii Mike

Fugettaboutit! Internets! This week on The Premium Pete Show we speak with Cannabis Chef & Master Marketer Hawaii Mike. Mike gives a behind the scenes look into his famous ChefFofHigher Dinners, sealing deals with companies like Mountain Dew and Gatorade, and his time as a road manager for Mobb Deep. Mike details his family life, favorite strands of weed, and turning his passion for cannabis into a thriving business. Roll one up, sit back, relax, and enjoy! Chea, Chea!

Duration: 01:28:40

Yu Ming Wu

Internets on this week's episode friend of the show Dallas Penn joins Pete as they sitdown with Footwear Entrepreneur Yu Ming Wu! Listen in as he talks the struggles of growing up broke with immigrant parents and working in a sweatshop at a young age all the way to becoming a millionaire. His keys to his dominance of the blog and social world and the footwear industry. Buying domains up and more! One of the most quiet but most powerful people in sneakers takes us down his journey of...

Duration: 01:48:29

Steve Lobel

Fugettaboutit! Internets! In this episode Pete gets right to it with one of the hardest working managers in music business, Steve Lobel. Steve talks growing up in Queens, his tremendous work ethic, navigating industry politics, and working with artists such as Run DMC, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Sean Kingston, Outlawz and even Nipsey Hussle! Steve discusses an accident at Kanye's birthday party that led him to successfully sue Louis Vuitton and much, much more. Press play, sit back, and enjoy!

Duration: 01:29:51

Memphis Bleek

Internets this week on the Premium Pete Show we sit down with Brooklyn's own Memphis Bleek. Memph goes in on everything from groupie love, child support, and Dusse, to his label Warehouse Music Group and old Jay-Z & Roc a Fella tales; including an untold Kanye West story! Definitely a classic conversation for the books. Grab a glass of Dusse, sit back, relax and press play!

Duration: 01:52:47

Entrepreneurial Gems With April Walker

Internets, This week Pete and Dallas Penn show love to the Legend PRODIGY [RIP]) What he meant to Pete, Hip Hop and more. Later on Pete is joined by Fashion Trailblazer and Friend April Walker. She discusses her Book: "Get Your Ass Off The Couch" April also shares the inspiration behind the book, being naive to fear and her fathers support. Pete and April break down Walker Gems, discuss her role in "All Eyez On Me" April delves into the misery she felt when she was at the top, celebrating...

Duration: 01:26:36

The Fathers Day Episode

Internets! This is a VERY special episode of The Premium Pete Show - We Celebrate Father's. Joined by Rapper Casanova, Aaron (@a_the_emperor), the Editor in Chief of Complex Networks, Noah Callahan-Bever, and Head of Artist Relations at Genius, Rob Markman, Pete delves into everything from their upbringing, kids & technology, to police brutality and the guilt that comes along with having a busy career. Later they are joined by Prodigy, he gets in on the conversation and details his...

Duration: 01:38:31

Ed Woods

Internets! This week on the Premium Pete show we sit down with World Class Attorney Ed Woods. Ed discusses His Journey to becoming a Entertainment Lawyer, negotiation skills, his best deals and his regret of passing on Kanye. Ed breaks down his long list of celebrity clients, a spat with Diddy, his TV appearances and so much more. Stories on DECK sprinkled in with some GEMS!

Duration: 01:25:43

JaQuavis Coleman

On this episode of the Premium Pete Show Dallas Penn joins the squad. The trio sits down with NY times best selling author Jaquavis Coleman. We get in-depth about the crisis in his hometown Flint,Michigan, his creative process, the amazing story of how he met his wife Ashley Antoinette and how they're considered the most successful literary couple in America. The process of turning his life around from the streets to Hollywood, Plus his true feelings about his dealings with Birdman and so...

Duration: 01:12:15

The Law Office of Kenneth J. Montgomery

Internets, This Week's Episode is Packed with Jewels. We sit down with Criminal Defense Attorney, Professor, Former Assistant District Attorney, Kenneth Montgomery. We get into what inspired him to be a Lawyer, Raising Children, Racism, his thoughts on Black Privilege. The Myth of the Jewish Lawyer. His amazing List of Clients he's Represented, Labels he Sued, and a shit load more. Listen and Learn, CHEA!

Duration: 01:23:40

Episode 58: Live 1 Year Anniversary Celebration

Internets, lock in grab something nice because we're celebrating our 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Pete, Lissa and Dallas recap the live show, the trio touch on how special of a night it was, marriage and other random things. Plus we play some audio from the live show: Dr. Maya Pettiford Q&A, an untold Just Blaze story and a bunch of other surprise guests...

Duration: 01:07:04

Episode 57: !llmind

Internets, this week we sit down with Tony award-winning producer, ILLMIND. He talks about the moment his parents finally believed in his dream; his days doing B.L.A.P, Dr.Dre, Kanye keeping him current and more. Entrepreneurship, Being the only person selling beat kits and how they ended up on Drake, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, J Cole and Bruno Mars Albums and more. Plus, Later on we're joined by Perfection, the co-host of his BLAP Chat podcast. They dig into the business side of...

Duration: 01:23:06

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