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Asian Efficiency is the leading website on time management and productivity. Learn how to be efficient, get things done (GTD), and stay motivated.

Asian Efficiency is the leading website on time management and productivity. Learn how to be efficient, get things done (GTD), and stay motivated.
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Asian Efficiency is the leading website on time management and productivity. Learn how to be efficient, get things done (GTD), and stay motivated.






The AE Holiday Gift Guide (TPS173)

It’s time for another edition of the Asian Efficiency Holiday Gift Guide! If you have no idea what to get for the productivity nerd in your life (or just want a few ideas for yourself), this episode is packed with the top tools and toys that the Asian Efficiency team considers essential productivity gear. If […]

Duration: 00:57:06

Using Coffee Shops and Cafes to Give Your Productivity a Boost w/ Dave Caolo (TPS172)

In this episode, Mike talks with Dave Caolo, a writer, author, and podcaster who has a lot of experience working remotely. Dave and Mike dive deep into coffee shop productivity, talking about why it can be beneficial, addressing the specific challenges you’ll have to face, tips for finding the right shop, and what gear you’ll […]

Duration: 00:43:54

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life: How a Growth Mindset Leads You to Your Ideal Future (TPS171)

Ever wonder why some people are so successful and others seem to really struggle? More than likely, it has little to do with their talent or ability and more to do with their growth mindset. In this episode, Thanh and Mike talk about the importance of developing a growth mindset and how it can translate […]

Duration: 01:17:13

Mind Food: How to Become More Creative and Successful by Watching What You “Eat” (TPS170)

You’ve probably heard the old adage, “you are what you eat,” but it applies to more than just your physical body – it applies to your mind as well. In this episode, Brooks and Mike talk about “mind food,” an idea Mike picked up from author Tim Sanders on the importance of curating what information you […]

Duration: 01:16:57

The Productivity “F Word” (TPS169)

In this episode, Thanh and Mike talk about an essential concept for productivity enthusiasts, which is “Freedom.” They introduce you to the 3 different types of freedom and talk about which types of freedom typically coincide with different stages of life, as well as how real productivity is not just about doing more but about […]

Duration: 00:55:58

Essential Travel Tips to Make Your Next Trip a Breeze w/ Kevin Clack (TPS168)

Traveling can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. In this episode, Mike is joined by Dojo member Kevin Clack to talk about how to make your next trip a breeze. Kevin’s job requires both domestic and international travel and in this episode he shares several of the things that he’s learned over the […]

Duration: 01:00:54

The 8 Root Causes of Procrastination & How to Beat Them (TPS167)

Everyone deals with procrastination, but the reasons why may be drastically different for each person. In this episode, Thanh and Mike dive into the 8 different root causes of procrastination and how to overcome them so you can figure out what’s causing you to get tripped up when trying to get your work done. They walk […]

Duration: 01:15:27

Next-Level Email Processing: How to Handle Any Email in Your Inbox (TPS166)

Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of email you have to deal with every day? Or do you have hundreds of email messages sitting in your inbox? You’re not alone. In this episode, Brooks and Mike revisit the Asian Efficiency email workflow and share some important updates to make your email processing even more […]

Duration: 01:09:02

15 Productivity Tips That Are Weird But Work (TPS165)

This episode is all about weird things that we do every single day to help us be more productive. Thanh and Mike share several tips that they’ve discovered along the way to solving things that drive them crazy, and the Dojo chimes in as well with several tips that our awesome Dojo members use to […]

Duration: 00:52:19

5 Things to Plan Your Week Around for Maximum Long-Term Impact (TPS164)

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Luckily for you, planning is much easier than you think. It all starts with planning the perfect day and then the perfect week. You’ll learn how to be in control of your schedule and make the planning process easy (and not so intimidating). Whether you have […]

Duration: 01:06:39

Overlap: A simple strategy for closing the gap between where you are and where you want to be w/ Sean McCabe (TPS163)

Your ideal future is a lot closer than you might think. In this episode, Mike talks with entrepreneur and author Sean McCabe about how to create the future you’ve always dreamed of bu starting right where you’re at. Sean runs a learning community for entrepreneurs looking to do fulfilling work. Sean is also […]

Duration: 00:49:16

Thinking Time: the Counterintuitive Approach to Growth (TPS162)

Want to know what makes the top CEOs so successful? It’s the time they take to think critically about their business. In this episode we’re going to talk about how you can actually go faster by slowing down and developing a habit of thinking time. We walk you through the critical questions you need to […]

Duration: 01:12:14

It’s All Too Much: 3 Keys to Overcoming Information Overload (TPS161)

As the amount of information increases exponentially, it’s easy to find yourself being completely overwhelmed or succumbing to the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO). You need a plan for dealing with it, and in this episode Brooks and Mike talk about the problem of information overload and more importantly what you can actually do about […]

Duration: 01:09:01

The Secret to Finding Your Blindspots and Overcoming Setbacks w/ Nabill Idrisi (TPS 160)

Nabill Idrisi is back on the podcast to discuss the right way to set goals, how to accelerate the results you want, and how coaching and mastermind groups can help you towards your goals. Nabill attended an Asian Efficiency mastermind and in this episode he shares how the clarity he achieved from that even has […]

Duration: 00:55:04

Advanced Strategies for Reading Faster and Remembering More w/ Abby Marks-Beale (TPS159)

If you’re like most people, you have more reading that you need to do than you can keep up with. Whether it’s a textbook for class, a newsletter for a trade association, or the personal development book that’s been sitting on your nightstand for far too long, we all could you a little help handling […]

Duration: 00:49:12

The Productivity Perils of Shiny Object Syndrome & 8 Strategies to Overcome Them (TPS158)

If you find yourself being distracted by the newest app or the latest productivity tool, you’re not alone and it may not even be completely your fault. You might be suffering from Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS). In this episode, Brooks and Mike dive deep into the allure of the new and shiny. We discuss why […]

Duration: 01:01:47

10% Entrepreneurship w/ Patrick McGinnis: Achieving Entrepreneurial Freedom Without Sacrificing 9-to-5 Stability (TPS157)

Ever thought about launching out on your own but been hesitant to make the leap because you didn’t want to give up the security of your day job? In this episode, Mike Schmitz is joined by Patrick McGinnis who explains that you don’t necessarily have to choose one or the other. Patrick is the author […]

Duration: 00:51:58

3 Keys to Planning the Perfect Week (TPS156)

Do you find yourself wishing you had more time to devote to the things that are really important to you? Chances are it’s not actually a lack of time that’s the problem, it’s how you approach it. Join us as Brooks and Mike break down how to change your mindset so that you can plan […]

Duration: 00:55:26

Making Better Decisions: How to Say “No” and When to Say “Yes” (TPS155)

If you feel stressed out or overwhelmed, there’s a good chance it’s because you’ve said “yes” to the wrong things. In this episode, Mike and Brooks cover how to escape this by making better decisions. We show you several strategies you can use today to start making better decisions for your personal and professional life. […]

Duration: 00:52:31

How Journaling Can Make You 25% Happier (TPS154)

Journaling is a bit of a buzzword in the productivity space, but with good reason. And in this episode, Mike and Brooks explain why it’s so important. They dive into the many benefits of journaling, and share 5 tips for making journaling actionable and effective. They explain how to implement a journaling habit, recommend some […]

Duration: 01:11:33

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