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A show for entrepreneurs who want to increase their profits. And since when did talking about money need to be boring?! The Profit First Podcast gets serious about money by having the most fun possible.

A show for entrepreneurs who want to increase their profits. And since when did talking about money need to be boring?! The Profit First Podcast gets serious about money by having the most fun possible.
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A show for entrepreneurs who want to increase their profits. And since when did talking about money need to be boring?! The Profit First Podcast gets serious about money by having the most fun possible.




Episode 192: Reframing Customer Loyalty with Jack Daly

Jack Daly is a master of public speaking and sales and shares with us his tips and processes. He really delves into techniques to connect and grow customer relationships by using effective systems. Welcome to Episode 192 of the Profit First Podcast!


Episode 191: Woman-Owned Businesses in the Entrepreneurial World with Elizabeth McCourt

Woman-owned businesses have a massive opportunity in the entrepreneurial landscape. If you are a woman-owned business, you can become more profitable than ever. If you're a guy, there are insights here for you, too! Join us with Elizabeth McCourt.


Episode 190: Profit and Membership Organizations with Michelle Villalobos

Welcome to Episode 190 of the Profit First Podcast! Michelle Villalobos shares her story of launching a membership organization - and how it wasn't all sunshine and roses. Michelle left a corporate position to start her company; it was only after she burned through all of her savings that she was able to start making the turn towards a successful business... but her story wasn't done yet! It took years to finally get her business to a level of consistent profitability. Then with the...


Episode 189: How to Own Your Dreams Without Selling Your Soul with Lisa Robbin Young

Author Lisa Robbin Young is releasing her newest book, Creative Freedom. In Episode 189 of the Profit First Podcast, Lisa shares the details on how you can own your dream once and for all, without selling your soul ever.


Episode 188: Profitable Family Business With Barry Moltz

Barry Moltz, author of How To Get Unstuck, Bounce, You Need To Be A Little Crazy and other business books joins us for Episode 3 of the Profit First Podcast. Barry explains the extra steps family run businesses must take to be profitable.


Episode 187: Amplify Your Mind and Your Income with Kelly Ruta

Therapist turned Mindset Master, Kelly Ruta walks us through the money mindset. Get ready to amplify your mind and amplify your income. Welcome to Episode 187 of the Profit First Podcast!


Episode 186: Saving Money and Increasing Your Profit with Dawn Brolin

Dawn Brolin, Managing Member of Powerful Accounting, LLC joins us for Episode 186 of the Profit First Podcast. Dawn deep dives into how to save money and increase profit in your business.


PFP ep 185

Any product can be more profitable by digitizing. Are you already selling a product? Want to make it more profitable? Jason Van Orden will show you the path in Episode 185 of the Profit First Podcast.


Episode 184: Transitioning to Specific Business with Leticia Mooney

Entrepreneur Leticia Mooney joins Mike Michalowicz and Chris Curran for Episode 184 of the Profit First Podcast! Leticia talks about her business goals as Mike gives some great tips on becoming a specialist to skyrocket your businesses success.


Episode 183: Entrepreneurial You with Dorie Clark

Dorie Clark joins us to talk about her new book, Entrepreneurial You. In her book, Dorie writes about becoming more effective leaders. To become more effective leaders, we need to embrace the best of the entrepreneurial ethos, including: - A willingness to talk about, and learn from failure. - A commitment to testing and iterating your products/services - rather than making a big bet and just praying it works. - The importance of creating multiple revenue streams, to reduce risk and...


Episode 182: Explosion of Profit with Mike Agugliaro

Mike Agugliaro shares how he started a small electrical contractor/plumber business and grew it into a massive home service company that now generates more than $32 million in revenue. The secrets to his success aren't necessarily what you'd expect... a moment of exhaustion resulted in an explosion of growth. Additionally, Mike shares insights on how he started another business for coaching that plays into his passion. By being his authentic self it attracts customers that resonate with...


Episode 181: Building a Business without Being There with Lisa Kuecker

Lisa Kuecker is a New Orleans entrepreneur, teacher, artist and momma. She's spent the last 10 years building her own kind of multi-million dollar fitness and wellness empire, while working 20 hours a week because she's kinda obsessed with family time and her next adventure. She's most passionate about changing the future of families all across the world who are fighting a battle against McDonalds, video games, and obesity...and losing. Which is exactly why she's on a mission: to empower...


Episode 180: Profit in Management Consulting with Peter Laughter

Peter Laughter, CEO of Wall Street Services in NYC joins episode 180 of the Profit First Podcast. Peter explains how the staffing industry works as well as how he makes a profit from it.


Episode 178: Make Profitability Fun with Dave Crenshaw

Making a business profitable means making a business fun, so explain Dave Crenshaw, author of The Power of Having Fun. In this episode, discover the neat ways to have fun and drive profitability. Yes, they do go hand in hand.


Episode 178: Confidence to Steal the Show with Michael Port

On this "best of" episode we interview bestselling Author Michael Port. Michael talks about his book, Steal the Show, and gives us great pointers on how to gain the confidence you need for speeches, job interviews, or deal-closing pitches.


Episode 177: Finding a Gap in the Market with Sarah Jones

The Introverted Alpha. Sarah Jones saw a business opportunity to help introverted men get back in the dating scene and developed a program that is wildly successful. Sarah tells us how she made her business profitable, not just by seizing an opportunity, but doing what's right. Yes, sometimes the nice guy can win.


Episode 176: Permission to be Profitable with Jen Sincero

On this "best of" episode, success coach Jen Sincero unexpectedly takes Kristina through a coaching session on her passion in opera singing, sharing tips like "it's normal for humans to be afraid of change, but we need to live into our fear to start to grow, expand and live the life of a badass." One of the most powerful questions Jen asks is "if there was a gun put to your head... if your life depended on it, would you do it?" We have to realize, that our life DOES depend on this decision...


Episode 175: Neuromarketing Through Photography with Roger Dooley

Photographs, they can make or break a business. Roger Dooley explains why photographs are so important to the profitability of a business and explains all the neuromarketing techniques that make photographs drive profitability in your business. But there is more. Learn extraordinary neuromarketing techniques from our repeat guest, Roger Dooley.


Episode 174: Step by Step of the Pumpkin Plan with James E. Cawdron

James Cawdron discovered the Pumpkin Plan and used it to turn around his business. He outlines the exact steps he took to make his business more profitable than ever before. The system is simple, the process is effective, the question is, are you going to follow in James' footsteps?


Episode 173: Make the Most of Your Metrics with Dan Fagella

If you want to drive profitability in your business, you've got to know where that profitability is coming from. Our guest, Dan Fagella, explains why metrics and its powerful dashboard is the exact tool you need to making your profits achieve exactly what you desire.


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