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Show #327 - Davi Millsaps, Kyle Chisholm, Jeremy Albrecht with The Newf and Alex Ray In-Studio

This season has been nuts and we've got a bunch of insiders on tonight to talk about it from their perspective. Davi Millsaps just announced his retirement from the sport he has known his whole life and he joins us to talk about that gut-wrenching decision. Kyle Chisholm has been having a really good year, even getting good starts finally and he's on to talk about that. J Bone is on to talk Hill, Malcolm and Bogle's nasty crash. Alex Ray brought his nasty leg in to hang and chat with Newf...


Show #326 - Weston Peick, Christian Craig, Tyler Bowers, Mike Ojdea, Roger Larsen with Tony Berluti In-Studio

Weston Peick has been really pushing himself to run up front through the first 5 rounds and he comes on to talk about his progress and thoughts on the series. Christian Craig nearly had one this weekend in Oakland but a cross-rut ended that pretty spectacularly. Tyler Bowers had himself an incredibly scary crash on the last lap of the 450 main and surprisingly was in good spirits during his post race interview and we talk to him about it. Mikey Ojeda is here to talk about the new deal they...


Show 325- Justin Barcia, Andrew Short, Colton Aeck, Colin Morrison with Kris Keefer In-Studio

Justin Barcia is back on the show and he's back on the track like he hasn't been in quite a few years. Andrew Short just finished the Dakar Rally and he joins us to talk about the major changes in his program. Colton Aeck comes on to talk about testing the Steve Matthes Memorial Net this weekend in Glendale and becoming part of SX history! Colin "Scummy" Morrison joins us to discuss his brand SKVI who aims to help privateers. Keefer is in studio bros!


Show #324-Ken Roczen, Justin Brayton, Chase Sexton and Jason Weigandt In-Studio

Ken Roczen joins us to discuss not only his return to Anaheim 2 where he ended his 2017 disastrously but to talk about the experience of the debut of the Triple Crown format. Justin Brayton comes on to discuss his 2018 so far and Weege's mildly awkward affection toward him. Chase Sexton has been getting better every week and he joins us to talk about that progress and what his goals are moving forward. Weege is in studio and Filthy mixed in there too!!


PulpMX Show Live from BTO Sports

We setup shop in the BTO showroom with cohost Kris Keefer to discuss the series so far, BTO Sports' Mikey Ojeda joins us as well!


Show #323 - Aaron Plessinger, Malcolm Stewart, Phil Nicoletti, Dakota Tedder with Cade Clason and Alex Ray In-Studio

Aaron Plessinger is looking dynamite like JJ Walker from Goodtimes through the first two races of the year and he's on to talk about THAT. Mookie lined up a two race deal with JGR and he was the top fantasy points scorer in Houston, which is great and he's on to talk about the opportunity and the future. Alex Ray and Cade Clason are in studio playing with their phones BRO!


Show #322 - Shane McElrath, Adam Cianciarulo, Ryan Villopoto, Phil Nicoletti with Ryan Gauld and Randy Richardson In-Studio

Shane McElrath picked up where he began last season and looks poised to not let it slip from his grasp in 2018. He joins us to talk about the win and his focus. Friend of the show, Adam Cianciarulo, comes on to talk about his fresh outlook for this Supercross series and honestly plenty of other things not related to racing. RV comes on to discuss his relationship with Yamaha. Yes, that's right YAMAHA! Oh and Filthy Phil makes an appearance!


Show #321 - Eli Tomac, Jake Weimer, Andy Jefferson, DV with Kris Keefer In-Studio

Eli Tomac really manned-up and agreed to come on and talk to us only a week before his year long battle begins. Major props to Eli for that. DV comes on to talk about his program working with Dylan Ferrandis. Jake Weimer is welcomed back to the show to talk about his road back from injury and how he is feeling heading into the season opener on limited time. Andy Jefferson of Husqvarna joins us to discuss Keefer's love affair with the Factory Edition Husky 450. Keefer is in studio for all...


Show #320 - Adam Cianciarulo, Wil Hahn, Ryan Villopoto and Nick Wey In-Studio

The countdown to Anaheim 1 is well underway and we have the real deal #92 on the line to talk season prep and-- who are we kidding, with the 27 in studio and the 92 on the line, it's all jokes and good times. Wil Hahn joins us as well for a little #BlueCru talk. With the history between Steve and Wey, there's no telling where the talk could go tonight.


Show #319 - Justin Brayton, Trey Canard, Seth Rarick, Kris Keefer and more Pookie!

We figured why not try another new twist on the show after a couple in studio guests had pressing issues come up, why not have a bunch of long form phone guests hosts tonight? We have Trey Canard on the line to discuss his thoughts and ideas moving into the 2018 Supercross season with regard to rider safety and a little more structure. Justin Brayton comes on to discuss things "down unda" and what he thinks about the coming season aboard the MCR Honda. Seth Rarick and Kris Keefer phone in...


Show #318 - Christian Craig, Phil Nicoletti, Josh Hansen with Connor Fields and Kenny Watson In-Studio

The off-season is winding down and we've brought on a wide array of personalities for this early December show. We have Filthy Phil Nicoletti on to discuss the revamped JGR Suzuki team for 2018. Christian Craig joins us to discuss his reset for 2018 where he plans to return to his 2016 greatness and show everyone last year was merely a hiccup. Josh Hansen comes on to talk about his 2018 prep and plans and we have have the perennial straight shooter, Kenny Watson and Connor Fields in-studio


Show #317 - Cody Webb, Short, Cianciarulo with Grant Langston and Keefer In-Studio

It's been a minute but we are BACK with the ever so gentlemanly Andrew Short who comes on to discuss his new racing ventures. Cody Webb, master of Endurocross and just incredibly talented two-wheeled technician is on and we have Keefer in studio with someone you may have heard of.. GRANT LANGSTON!! Oh yes, join us for this legendary episode.90


Show #316 - Luke Renzland, Jayce Pennington, Kenny Watson with Tony Berluti and Skip Norfolk In-studio

Traders Yamaha's Luke Renzland comes on to talk 2018 with Steve, Berluti and his race director Skip Norfolk! We also have teammate Jayce Pennington on to see what his expectations are for 2018 and with JT on the line, Berluti and Norfolk in studio-- WE CAN'T GO WRONG!


Show #315 - Justin Hill, Ryan Villopoto, Tom Shields with Daniel Blair and Thomas Fichter In-studio

Justin Hill's deal with JGR has finally been announced and he comes on to talk about his goals for 2018. RV lined up at the Red Bull Straight Rhythm and joins us to discuss how his first time on a 2 stroke on a SX style track was as well as his race series that he is working on with Tom Shields who is also on. Daniel Blair is in studio holding down the co-host duties and Thomas Fichter of N-FAB is also in town for SEMA and the show BRO!


Show #314 - Marvin Musquin, Jeremy Albrecht, Ryan Holliday, Ronnie Mac with Paul Perebijnos and Eric Peronnard In-Studio

Marvin Musquin actually did it, he won the Monster Million by winning all 3 races at the Monster Cup! He's on to talk about overcoming the insane odds en route to that massive payday! Jeremy Albrecht hasn't been on in a while so he joins us to catch up and update us on Justin Bogle's status after that gnarly get off. Ryan Holliday comes on to discuss the Amateur aspect of the MEC. Eric Peronnard and Paul Perebijnos are in studio with insight and quick wit!


Show #313 - Jeremy McGrath, Rich Taylor, Kyle Bentley, Travis Preston with Kris Keefer and Michael Lindsay In-Studio

It's a Shootout banaza bro! We've got a ton of 450 shootout talk with Vital MX's Michael Lindsay, Keefer Inc's Kris Keefer and EKS Brand Goggles' Rich Taylor. We also talk to Kyle Bentley of the recently decommisioned RCH team and THE KING IS ON!!!!!!!! Jeremy McGrath is in the house... or at least on the air.


Show #312 - Zach Osborne, Cole Seely, Wil Hahn with David Pingree In-Studio

Just a few American hero's gabbin' about moto bro. Zach Osborne finally achieved a long time dream to be part of the United States MXdN Team and though it didn't turn out great, he's a hero and joins us to to discuss the experience. Cole Seely had an incredibly unfortunate MXdN experience and he joins us to elaborate on that. Pingree is in studio with comic relief and opinions!


Show #311 - Cooper Webb, Jason Weigandt, Jeremy Malott with Daniel Blair and Stank Dog In-studio

We have Cooper Webb on to talk about a trying rookie season in the 450 class which concluded with thumb surgery, Weege to discuss a little bit of everything, Jeremy Malott from Red Bull joins to talk Straight Rhythm and Stank Dog with Daniel Blair both in studio to provide insight and comic relief.


Show #310 - Broc Tickle, Colton Haaker, Tim Ferry, Davi Millsaps with John Anderson and Kris Keefer In-studio

Broc Tickle was one of the riders left standing when the RCH Team was unbelievably disbanded a mere year after winning a Championship... BUT Broc's reputation for being a hard working, highly coachable racer has landed him on the Red Bull KTM right alongside Marvin Musquin and training with Aldon Baker. He joins us to talk about how happy he is looking at 2018. Defending Endurocross Champ Colton Haaker joins us to talk about his title-run for 2018 which has just begun and John Anderson of...


Show #309 - RJ Hampshire, Paul Malin and Charles Castloo In-Studio

Paul Malin has been calling the MXGP action for a decade and we were super stoked to have him on tonight to talk about his thoughts on the USGP at WW Ranch. RJ Hampshire represented in a STRONG way for the United States by going 1-1 in the MX2 class and he comes on to talk about the feather in his 2017 cap before starting prep for 2018. Charles Castloo of 100% comes in to hold down the cohosting duties and offer his insight on the USGP.


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