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What's an Ecosystem and Why's Everyone Talking About It?

Jim Young and Carl Ryden discuss the increasingly popular term "ecosystem" and how having one benefits your bank. You'll learn why you need one, how to manage implementing one within your bank, and navigating through inevitable friction points.

Duration: 00:20:01

Becoming an Accountable Leader

Jim Young sits down with Lorraine Moore, former bank executive, speaker, author, and advisor to executives across all industries. She uncovers why creating a culture of accountability is more important than ever before and how leaders can create an environment that encourages accountability. You'll learn how to become a stronger leader and foster a workplace that's empowering.

Duration: 00:18:47

Artificial Intelligence - The New Digital Divide (Part I) [REBROADCAST]

This episode is a rebroadcast of episode 90. Jim Young and Carl Ryden discuss how Artificial Intelligence will improve the banking industry and help amplify your data.

Duration: 00:15:51

When Bain Talks Pricing, People Listen

In this episode, Dallas and Jim talk about the difference between price setting and price getting as it relates to a recent infographic from Bain & Company.

Duration: 00:14:40

Stop Pricing With a Tourniquet

Jim Young and Dallas Wells discuss what it means to "price with a tourniquet" and how doing so leads to poor approval processes and lending practices and unhappy customers. You'll learn what to do instead when it comes to pricing loans.

Duration: 00:15:04

We Need API's!... Um, What's an API?

Jim Young sits down with Jeff Henderson, EVP of Product Development at PrecisionLender, to discuss APIs and why they're important. They also discuss bank data - how much you should share, with whom, and how often.

Duration: 00:12:01

Get Busy Buyin' or Get Busy Dyin'

Jim Young and Dallas Wells discuss an article by Chris Skinner on why banks need to partner with technology instead of building their own. You'll learn the importance of buying technology over building it and how it'll impact both the bank and its customers.

Duration: 00:20:40

Is A Performance Plan in Your Future?

Struggling to develop new business and match your previous sales performances? There may be several reasons why you're not on your A-game anymore. In this episode, Jim Young chats with Ned Miller, SVP at MZ Bierly Consulting, about the reasons why some experienced bankers are falling short and how they can regain the confidence in selling that they once had.

Duration: 00:23:12

The Kind of AI That Actually Matters At Your Bank

In this episode, Maria Abbe and George Neal discuss two different types of AI, why it's important to know the difference, and which one will help your bank. You'll learn practical ways to implement AI and how it'll give you a leg up against the competition.

Duration: 00:15:09

Before You Buy, What's Your Value Prop?

In this episode, Jim Young chats with Travis Engebretsen, VP of Strategy at Seacoast Bank. Engebretsen recently wrote a piece on how a well-defined value prop that points to the customer is what will distinguish one bank from the others. The two discuss how a bank can create a customer-centric value prop and talk through the do's and don'ts. They also discuss how to buy technology effectively and efficiently at your bank and how your value prop affects how and what you buy.

Duration: 00:22:48

Designing for Humans, Not Averages (REBROADCAST)

(REBROADCAST) It's common practice in the banking industry to design for the average customer. In this podcast, Carl Ryden shares why you should design experiences for the edges instead.

Duration: 00:26:13

Your Search For A Book on Commercial Banking Is Over

There is a lot of content out there on banking, specifically retail banking. But when it comes to commercial banking, there isn't as much thought leadership. Seeing this gap, we decided to puts our thoughts, beliefs, and approaches on commercial banking into a book. In this podcast we talk about the origin of the book, the topics covered within the book, and how to get your copy of Earn It: Building Your Bank's Brand One Relationship At A Time.

Duration: 00:18:01

Becoming A Leader In The Workplace

This episode topic is a bit different from topics of the past, but it builds off our BankOnPurpose panel discussion on hiring and retaining talent at banks. When it comes to hiring, training, leading, and ultimately helping employees - especially women - rise to levels of leadership, there are many aspects that come into play for banks. These include the bank's view on diversity and what women can do throughout their careers to build the confidence they need to rise to leadership. In this...

Duration: 00:17:18

How to Avoid Originating a Bad Loan

With experience in a money center bank, at a large asset manager, in specialty finance, and having underwritten billions of dollars in commercial real estate loans, Katharine Briggs joins us to talk about how to avoid originating a bad loan. She shares tactics that will help you mitigate the factors that lead to bad loan origination, the impact originating a bad loan has on your bank and your relationship managers, and processes you can put into place to keep your bank on the right track...

Duration: 00:18:50

Common Misconceptions About the Cloud

Making the decision to store your data in the cloud can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. Jim Young sits down with Chelsea Marshall, Trust and Security Specialist at PrecisionLender, to discuss common misconceptions about the cloud as it relates to on premises solutions and data security.

Duration: 00:13:21

UX Is Not My Job

User Experience (UX) affects each piece of your organization and is a distinguishing factor in creating a better experience for your customer. In this episode, Jim Young sits down with Amanda Stockwell, President of Stockwell Strategy, to discuss the importance of UX at your organization, how you can create parameters for successful UX, and each individual's role in the process.

Duration: 00:22:54

The Purposeful Banker Awards - Up & Comer Award

Jim Young sits down with Dustin Minarchick of CNB Bank, winner of the Up & Comer Award at BankOnPurpose 2017. After many years of success in a Credit Analyst role, Dustin made the jump to a Commercial/Retail Lending Officer and has thrived. In less than a year, he generated $10,563,000 in new business spread across a staggering 125 relationships. At an average of 2.5 new relationships a week, in addition to other responsibilities, Dustin has shown no signs of slowing down, making him a...

Duration: 00:12:44

The Purposeful Banker Awards - Trophy Deal of the Year

Jim Young sits down with Trevor Lewis of Los Alamos National Bank, winner of the first annual Trophy Deal of the Year award at BankOnPurpose 2017. Trevor worked with the developers and their legal council for close to six months to get a structure that would work for the developer, the bank, and the various government entities. He balanced the needs of all parties involved and allowed his passion to be directed by the amount of economic development the deal would create for his community.

Duration: 00:12:39

Buying Bank Tech - Why FOMO Is Real

FOMO, or the fear of missing out, is a term frequently used in discussions about social interactions. For example, it's the reason we check our phones immediately when a notification pops up. But how does it relate to banks and, more specifically, buying bank technology? Dallas Wells, Chief Success Officer at PrecisionLender, sits down with Jim Young to share his thoughts.

Duration: 00:16:15

3 Customer Support Trends of 2017

Maria Abbe sits down with Katie Wirka, Lead Client Support Specialist at PrecisionLender, to discuss some of the recent trends in the world of customer support. We'll cover each of the following: 1. Switching from reactive to proactive support. 2. Encouraging empathy in client interactions. 3. Using new technologies (AI, predictive analytics, natural language processing).

Duration: 00:27:26

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