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#089 - IT Review, The Passing Of A Legend, & Batman: TAS 25th Anniversary

This week on the show: Segment One: TJ is joined this week by Andy Mac and the guys recap the week that wasn't as TJ's abatement duties make him feel his age. Segment Two: FGS brings us some dandies as check fraud and slave commerce are points of discussion (all hate mail can be sent forth-with). HOT TAKES presents a conversation/review of the new movie IT, the passing of comic book legend Len Wein, and the guys celebrate the 25th anniversary of Batman: The Animated Series. Segment Three:...

Duration: 01:25:07

#088 - McGregor/Maywether Recap, Defenders Review, & A Tense Phone Call

This week on the show: Segment One: TJ and Marty recap their time off (unfortunately, life gets in the way) and discuss camping buses, elderly parents with no volume control, and displaced spiders. Segment Two: FGS brings two new morons into the spotlight and then things get a little real as voice of the show (& Marty's wife) calls in when an intruder tries to break into their camper (one's in the chamber, folks). HOT TAKES covers the long awaited McGregor/Maywether fight and TJ's review...

Duration: 01:49:09

#087 - A Conversation With Andy

This week on the show: A slight change in format as what was to be the second segment of the show becomes a near two hour gab fest between TJ and special guest Andy Mcnamara. Lots of topics covered (but mostly wrestling and sex). Here you'll find: How fairy tales should/could be reworked into wrestling angles (the infamous Neverland Screw Job), two horrifying FGS winners (there's a theme.... Hum along, if you'd like), Glen Campbell and Ric Flair, Sunny is a train wreck, why is Chyna not...

Duration: 01:54:26

#086 - The Return of 'Taika' & Siri Vs. Bohemian Rhapsody

After an almost month long hiatus, THE QUAD M SHOW returns!!! This week on the show: Segment One: The guys catch up on all that's happened during the time off. Marty starts a new company and TJ release a sneak preview of Enigma #4. Segment Two: FGS brings us two stories of three morons. Two can't find a room and one has a reserved sign at the state pen. HOT TAKES delivers more celebrity death, Atari unveils plans for the new Ataribox, San Diego Comic Con movie trailers for Justice...

Duration: 01:33:33

#085 - Spider-Man: Homecoming Review and EARTHQUAKE!!!

This week on the show: Segment One: TJ & Marty bring a little update on Micah The Artistic Autistic. The fellas also recap a 5.8 earthquake that took place mere hours after last weeks recording. Plus, a new Z-LIST CELEBRITY FOLLOWER is introduced. Segment Two: FGS presents Starbucks. HOT TAKES covers TJ's glowing review of Spider-Man: Homecoming. The guys talk about the new Castlevania series on NetFlix as well as other fave shows from the streaming service. Also, H. Jon Benjamin and...

Duration: 01:30:07

#076 - Bunnies...Don't...Poop...Eggs!!!

This week on the show: Segment One: Jason gets a boo-boo and TJ relearns the value of "Ctrl+S". Segment Two: FGS presents two Easter themed award winners. One is a preacher spreading the word in Hong Kong and the other is a woman who doesn't take kindly to her boyfriend's ham cooking ways. HOT TAKES leads to a discussion of Nintendo pulling a bait and switch (no pun intended) and Top 10 NES games. Plus, Bill O'Rielly. Segment Three: REDDIT FUN asks "Add 'Almost' to the beginning of any...

Duration: 01:07:14