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Are you a dad? If so, perfect! You’re qualified to listen to our show then! As a former collegiate quarterback at Central University, I’ve decided to use my QB experience, business experience and dad experience to create a podcast for all of the dads out there! Let’s face it, we all are far from perfect and have many areas where we could become a better husband and father. For those reasons, that is why we are launching the QB DadCast! I will be interviewing working dads, stay at home dads and even some famous dads to talk through the struggles that we are all going through to let you know you’re not alone out there. The title of this podcast is a play on words. Stereotypically, the quarterback of the football team tends to be the leader of a team. As a fathers, we want to provide you have an open-mind and to open up vulnerabilities within you so that we can help you become the best leader of your family that we can be. Simplistically, the goal of each episode is to provide fathers with skills, confidence and learning lessons so that you can become a better quarterback of your household.



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