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A weekly Q&A with someone relating in some way to sports. Random people. Random questions. Random insights. The goal, really, is to bring the spirit of The Quaz to The Quazcast. Jeff Pearlman - author of The Bad Guys Won (a biography of the 1986 New York Mets) and Boys Will Be Boys (an account of the Dallas Cowboys glory days) - goes in-depth with former players and other sports personalities. Real conversations without token answers or media-manicured replies.



Contact: 500 King St. West, 4th Floor Toronto, ON M5V 1K4 (416) 477-7853


The Quazcast - Doug Glanville

The Quazcast welcomes former Major League Baseball outfielder, ESPN writer, and Hall and Oates super-fan Doug Glanville.

The Quazcast - Sean Salisbury

Jeff Pearlman interviews Sean Salisbury, former NFL and CFL quarterback and NFL analyst for ESPN, and current Yahoo Sports Radio host.

The Quazcast - Reshard Langford

Jeff Pearlman speaks at length with Reshard Langford, NFL safety and current free agent, about life in and outside the NFL.

The Quazcast - Brian Johnson

The Quazcast welcomes retired Major League Baseball catcher, and San Francisco Giants Advance Scout, Brian Johnson.

The Quazcast - Tommy Dreamer

The Quazcast welcomes American pro wrestler Tommy Dreamer of Extreme Championship Wrestling and World Wrestling Entertainment. Tommy gives us an in depth look at the highlights of his career, including how a wrestler integrates his lives in and out of the ring.

The Quazcast - Pete Babcock

Jeff Pearlman welcomes Pete Babcock to the 'cast this week. Pete was the Director of Player Personnel for the Toronto Raptors from 2004–2006, and the former general manager of the Atlanta Hawks from 1990–2003. He was responsible for rebuilding the team from 1991-1993, resulting in multiple playoffs appearances and, in 1994, a Division Championship. Pete also served in a number of capacities with the Denver Nuggets from 1984-1990, ultimately becoming President/GM.

The Quazcast - Ellis Valentine

Jeff Pearlman talks with former MLB right fielder and owner of one of the all time greatest throwing arms, Ellis Valentine. Valentine played the bulk of his career for the Montreal Expos. We'll discuss overcoming drug addiction, what it's like for a sports star to enter the real world again after ending a career in the majors, and much, much more.

The Quazcast - Kevin Boss

Kevin Boss is an American football tight end who is currently a free agent in the NFL. He was drafted in the fifth round of the 2007 NFL Draft by the New York Giants out of Western Oregon University. Kevin reveals his experiences in the NFL, what it's like winning a Superbowl, the differences between college football and NFL football, what a concussion feels like, and much more.

The Quazcast - Kay Hanley

Jeff Pearlman spends some time on the Quazcast talking with vocalist of Letters to Cleo and devout Boston sports fan, Kay Hanley.

The Quazcast - Jarrod Bunch

The Quaz welcomes Jarrod Bunch, former American football running back in the National Football League who played for the New York Giants from 1991 to 1993 and the Los Angeles Raiders in 1994. Jarrod discusses his time in the NFL, and his successful acting career in Hollywood after a knee injury ended his professional football career.

The Quazcast - Sal Fasano

This week, The Quazcast welcomes Sal Fasano to the podcast. Sal is a retired Major League Baseball catcher and currently the Roving Catching Instructor for the Toronto Blue Jays. During his career, Sal played for, among other teams, the KC Royals, New York Yankees, Toronto Blue Jays, and the 2002 World Series Champion Anaheim Angels.

The Quazcast - October 28 2013

The Quazcast welcomes Fred Claire to the show. Fred is a former major league baseball executive who served in numerous roles for the Los Angeles Dodgers from 1969–1998 including the role of general manager from 1987–1998.

The Quazcast - Shawn Green

Jeff Pearlman talks with former Major League Baseballer Shawn Green, a two time All-Star, Gold Glove Award winner, and Silver Slugger Award winner whose career spanned years with the Blue Jays, Dodgers, Diamondbacks, and Mets.