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Episode 9: Turkey Drunk


Duration: 01:15:14

Episode 8: Liquid biscuits

In this exciting episode of the Queencast, the group weighs in on Roy Moore and Al Franken, but it's a baby shower (that none of us were invited to) that really gets the conversation lit. Come for the Kardashians, stay for the liquid biscuits.

Duration: 02:09:21

Episode 7: Pop Tart Ready

In episode 7 of the Queencast, Debra is hosting while Soha is somewhere collllld. but Alex regales of of her vacation to Mexico, followed by a discussion about music's purpose and effect, big and small, on us and the rest of the world. Some of us have interesting things to say about it! Well, all of us do. Except for Michael.

Duration: 01:12:43

Episode 6: We're gonna be all robot slaves

Alex is away on vacation for this episode, but that doesn't mean the rest of us are at a loss for words to discuss important current events such as Russia's involvement with elections and Kevin Spacey's involvement with Netflix. We also discuss the importance of unions. And the whole time, the rich keep getting richer while the poor keep getting poorer. But don't let the description bring you down, because we still manage to have some laughs in spite of the cursing, the sweating, and the...

Duration: 01:24:49

Episode 5: ...And then there's Stevie Nicks

In episode 5 of the Queencast, it's birthday time for two of the three scorpios on the show! Happy birthday Soha and Alex! In this episode we continue the discussion about violence and abuse of women, and provide some resources for women in need. From there we not-so-gracefully transition to talking about how the witch costume negatively affects women, which leads to discussion about our Halloweens past and some of our great (and not so great) costume histories. Oh! And there are some...

Duration: 01:13:31

Episode 4: Episode 4

Episode 4 - wow! We all feel some kind of way about it. Sexual harassment, sexual assault, and abuse are complex, heavy topics that got us all talking a lot, but resolving nothing. And we know this talk hurts. That being said, we present you with this episode, but with 2 caveats: 1) this conversation is not over. So much still needs to be talked about. Which leads to 2) we need your voice in this conversation, because we recognize that our 4 voices alone did not represent all the voices...

Duration: 01:49:48

Episode 3: Dragons on the Ark

In episode 3 of The Queencast, Debra and Soha are absent and Alex is in the captain's chair! Luckily, Carly and Michael help their captain carry the torch, along with special guest Kelly Thacher! The crew will make your wheels turn a little bit with a lot of discussion about music, tolerance, and Noah's Ark. So grab your pets and step aboard The USS Queencast where everyone is welcome and nobody will be left behind in the rain.

Duration: 01:18:07

Episode 2: I can hear myself

In episode 2 of The Queencast, the topic is food! Well, ok. The topic is supposed to be food. And food is discussed, just not in the way we anticipated. Nonetheless, it is a wonderful episode! We also check in and talk about the week between episodes 1 and 2, and Alex brings us home with the very powerful, personal story about how she was finally able to hear herself. Also in this episode, Carly talks about a conversation with her grandfather that she recorded, and you can hear that...

Duration: 01:43:01

Episode 1-god-save-the-queencast: 1. God save the Queencast!

Welcome to the premiere episode of the hot new soon-to-be-legendary Queencast! In our exciting debut episode, we introduce ourselves to each other and our listeners with some fun icebreaking chat, and we prove to the world that the most delicious conversations are the conversations that are cooked with love.

Duration: 01:29:57