Washington, DC


Howard University’s WHUR Radio was the birthplace of Melvin Lindsey’s Quiet Storm, an imaginative mix of unadulterated soul music from the masters of R&B. Melvin’s playlists were copied by countless radio stations but the true sound of The Quiet Storm could never be duplicated. Now you can hear soul music the way Melvin played it, 23 hours a day, 7 days a week on The Quiet Storm Station. Occasionally you’ll even hear Melvin Lindsey’s satin voice between songs, but only right here on The Quiet Storm Station, where The Quiet Storm can be heard day or night. Join WHUR Radio’s signature News and Information program The Daily Drum hosted by Harold Fisher from 7pm to 8pm, Monday through Friday, for an informative hour of News and Insight relevant to the African-Amercian community on The Quiet Storm Station.




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