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The Quotable Podcast -- Learn from the best. Sell like the best

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Sales, especially B2B sales, is so competitive even a small adjustment can be a tipping point in your breakthrough success. Join us for thought-provoking conversations with some of the greatest minds in sales today.

Sales, especially B2B sales, is so competitive even a small adjustment can be a tipping point in your breakthrough success. Join us for thought-provoking conversations with some of the greatest minds in sales today.
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Sales, especially B2B sales, is so competitive even a small adjustment can be a tipping point in your breakthrough success. Join us for thought-provoking conversations with some of the greatest minds in sales today.






Episode #77: Mental Preparation Is Key to Sales Success, Dan McGinn

Almost everyone is capable of achieving more than they are now. So what’s holding you back from the next level of sales success? Join Daniel McGinn, Senior Editor, Harvard Business Review, and author of Psyched Up: How the Science of Mental Preparation Can Help You Succeed as he shows how great mental preparation leads to great sales interactions. By moving to a new emotional space, you can decrease anxiety, boost your confidence, and turn the dial up on your performance. Guest: Daniel...

Duration: 00:29:01

Episode #76: Coaching is the Future of Selling, with Keith Rosen

Delivering value used to be the best way to sell, now it’s about making your people (including customers) more valuable. Join Keith Rosen, CEO of Profit Builders and author of Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions, as he shares the mindset, language, and skill set required to effect this shift. Find out how you can go beyond meeting quota to actually changing people’s lives. Guest: Keith Rosen ( Hosts: Kevin Micalizzi...

Duration: 00:29:10

Episode #75: Technology Is Redefining Sales — Are You Ready? with Max Altschuler

Even as technology continues to speed up the rate of change, your skills and selling process will be what sets you apart. Join Max Altschuler, CEO of Sales Hacker and author of Hacking Sales, as he shares advice on how to stay competitive, hone your craft, and refine your process in the face of technology shifts coming in 2018. New tools to help the buyer and bots to help sellers may be changing the landscape, but if you’re prepared, you’ll stay in a strong position to keep...

Duration: 00:26:21

Episode #74: The Secret Is in the Follow-Up, with Tim Wackel

It’s always a challenge getting your prospect’s attention, but there are things you can do to improve your success. Join Tim Wackel, keynote speaker and presentation coach, as he reveals the importance of choosing the right medium and message to propel your sales success. Knowing your ideal customer, your prospects, and your story are must-haves. But winning depends on how you follow up. Choosing the right medium can make all the difference. Guest: Tim Wackel...

Duration: 00:25:37

Episode #73: Career Development Is More Than Just Making Your Number, with Steve Benson

Making the number is just the start. Join Steve Benson, CEO of Badger Maps, as he shows the immense value of helping your employees get on the right career track. By bringing the right talent into sales, you’ll increase retention, improve your bottom line in a sustainable way, and create more leaders in your company. Follow this long-term approach and everyone wins. Guest: Steve Benson ( Hosts: Kevin Micalizzi (; Christina...

Duration: 00:26:26

Episode #72: Video Is a Selling Tool for High Performers, with Sati Hillyer

Video isn’t better than the phone or face-to-face meetings; it’s just different — and it’s often different enough to set you apart from your competition. Join Sati Hillyer, CEO of OneMob, as he shows how video can make you more productive, trustworthy, and high performing, starting with prospecting and continuing through the funnel all the way to close. Guest: Sati Hillyer ( Hosts: Kevin Micalizzi (; Christina Arroyo...

Duration: 00:33:42

Episode #71: Social Selling Is Not the Answer — Combinations Are, with Tony Hughes

Social selling is not a cure-all; it’s one of the activities, along with phone and email, that reps need to practice in combination. When you’re convinced that you’re adding value, you’ll be more convincing and effective across every channel. Join Tony Hughes, international keynote speaker and author of Combo Prospecting, as he shows how to win consistently today. Guest: Tony Hughes ( Hosts: Kevin Micalizzi (; Brigid...

Duration: 00:31:20

Quotable Podcast Episode #70: The Secrets to Using Social for Sales, with Rich Stone

Social media gives you great tools for building your brand, learning more about your customers, and connecting with them. Join Rich Stone, VP of Sales, West, at TechTarget, as he reveals the secrets to building trust and rapport digitally. Focus your profiles on your customers, practice a thoughtful approach to sharing and engagement, and always elevate brand building over bragging. Then get ready for supercharged — and highly socialized — results. Guest: Rich Stone...

Duration: 00:30:37

Episode #69: To Hit Your Sales Targets, Tap “Career Relaunchers," with Carol Fishman Cohen

When you think of hiring for sales, you probably don’t think about those professionals looking to return after a career break. But you should. Join Carol Fishman Cohen, CEO of iRelaunch, as she shares the secrets to connecting with this growing source of sales talent, and how career relaunchers can steady your aim as you shoot for ever higher sales targets. Guest: Carol Fishman Cohen ( Hosts: Kevin Micalizzi (; Christina Petersen...

Duration: 00:33:09

Episode #68: Become a Star Sales Storyteller, by Being a Better Listener, with Cathy Salit

Storytelling is central to the way our brains work, and key to engaging with customers and prospects. Join Cathy Salit, CEO of Performance of a Lifetime, and author of "Performance Breakthrough: A Radical Approach to Success at Work," where she shares her tips for telling better stories. Guest: Cathy Salit ( Hosts: Kevin Micalizzi (; Tiffani Bova ( Related resources: Storytelling in Sales:...

Duration: 00:27:54

Episode #67: Sales and Marketing Alignment Comes from People, Not Technology, with Jeff Davis

Many organizations pursue sales and marketing alignment from a pure technology perspective. But Jeff Davis, Founder of the Sales and Marketing Alignment Summit, has a more holistic vision. Join us as he explains the critical first step to achieving organizational alignment: Make your case first to the CEO, and do it right. Then build on your success. Guest: Keith Davis ( Hosts: Kevin Micalizzi ( Related resources: How...

Duration: 00:27:54

Episode #66: Use Your CRM Proactively to Accelerate Sales, with Frank Perkins

In some organizations, it’s possible to close a deal without using the CRM. If the CRM isn’t essential to selling, it’s not being used as well as it should be. Join Frank Perkins, RVP of Enterprise Sales Programs at Salesforce, as he shares his insights into using CRM to improve the sales process and create a culture that breeds success. Ensure your CRM is essential to closing the deal and that completing records is a natural part of the process. The true value comes when you have the...

Duration: 00:39:08

Episode #65: To Supercharge Sales Productivity, Unleash Peer to Peer, with Elay Cohen

Having a culture of coaching is important, but it’s only the beginning. Join Elay Cohen, CEO and Co-Founder of Sales Hood, as he shows you how to supercharge your sales team from the bottom up. You’ll learn to tap into the power of peers to influence each other, and find best practices that everyone can use. You can build positive peer pressure with the right programs, technology, and CRM integration to help all your reps raise their productivity at scale. Guest: Elay Cohen...

Duration: 00:31:43

Episode #64: Referral Selling:Your Under-Utilized Secret to Better Sales, with Joanne Black

Most people would agree that selling through referrals is one of the best ways to ensure better sales. Unfortunately, most reps don’t know how to get the most from each referral. Join Joanne Black, author of No More Referral Selling and Pick Up the Damn Phone: How People, Not Technology, Seal the Deal, as she shares the ins and outs of generating more referrals and sales. Guests: Joanne Black ( Host: Kevin Micalizzi (; Julie...

Duration: 00:26:26

Episode #63: Analytics – Your Secret to Selling More, with Denise Dresser

You may have great data — and the tools to visualize it — but to be a great leader, you have to move beyond reacting to the metric of the week and know what to measure when. Join Denise Dresser, AVP of Enterprise Sales at Salesforce, as she shares the secrets to keeping her sales teams aligned and selling. Learn how to split your time between pipe and opportunity. And how to turn dry analytics reports into fuel for success. Guests: Denise Dresser...

Duration: 00:28:44

Episode #62: Selling with Digital Is More Than Just Social, with Mario Martinez Jr.

Yes, social media can extend your personal brand and sales reach. But if that’s all you’re doing, you’re missing out on other transformative digital selling options. Join Mario Martinez Jr., CEO, Vengreso, as he shares how emerging technologies like video can help you step up your sales, and how you can position yourself to take advantage of the full spectrum of online networking opportunities that are always at hand. Guests: Mario Martinez Jr. ( Host: Kevin...

Duration: 00:29:09

Episode #61: Get Your Cross-Generational Selling Right, with Warren Shiver and David Szen

Everyone talks about millennials in the workplace, but did you realize there are three generations working shoulder to shoulder — and that each may have a different motivator, requiring a different approach? Join Warren Shiver and David Szen, Managing Partner and Principal Consultant, respectively, from the Symmetrics Group and authors of The Multigenerational Sales Team. Listen in as they share insights on how baby boomers, Gen Xers, and millennials work together. You’ll learn the best...

Duration: 00:28:29

Episode #60: Win the Megadeal, with McKinsey's David Levitch & Aditya Pande

Very large deals can be a great opportunity for a company, or they can take away from the bottom line. Join David Levitch, Associate Partner, and Adit Panda, Partner, from McKinsey & Company as they share their findings on how to land the megadeal while ensuring the greatest return. Winning these complex deals requires better deal forensics, a new approach to pricing and engineering, standardized processes, better-aligned incentives, and more. It may be challenging, but it is more than...

Duration: 00:29:48

Episode #59: Look in the Mirror: Why Sales Managers Need to Be Coached, with Matt Cameron

Sales execs think their managers need help with deal support. Managers think they need help building the culture, leadership practices, and vision. Join Matt Cameron, Managing Partner at SalesOps Central, as he shares his findings — that managers desperately need help with coaching. Learn how to bridge the divide and increase sales performance through a well-structured coaching program in a culture of vulnerability and transparency. Supporting deals may feel fulfilling, but may not be the...

Duration: 00:28:11

Episode #58: Building Customer Success into Your Sales DNA, with Tiffani Bova

Unless you’re selling cotton candy at a fair, the touch-points in your customer experience will cross departments. But that begs the question — who owns the customer experience, and who’s responsible for customer success? Join Tiffani Bova, Global Customer Growth and Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce, as she explains how to make customer success part of your DNA. Tiffani identifies three broad areas for improvement: 1. Identify who is responsible for performance across the many parts of...

Duration: 00:34:07

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