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251 | Og Mandino: “All of Us Need Help; Nobody Makes it All Alone.”

Og Mandino stops by the show today to talk about how important it is to ask for help when we need it, because no person will get anywhere or accomplish anything alone. You can find Og’s books and audio programs at Og’s Book, The Greatest Salesman in the World is available in bookstores and at

Duration: 00:11:05

250 | Dr. Wayne Dyer: “If You Don’t Have a Story, You Don’t Have to Live Up to It.”

We’re continuing yesterday’s excerpt from Dr. Wayne Dyer. Today’s talk is all about why we must let go of our stories to allow our wounds to heal, and focusing on the past and what always has been prevents us from moving forward into who we are meant to be. Today’s talk is an excerpt from The Caroline Myss and Wayne Dyer Seminar program available on For more about Dr. Dyer’s book and programs, visit

Duration: 00:10:24

249 | Dr. Wayne Dyer: “If What You Think About is What Creates Your Reality, and What You Think About is What’s Missing in Your Life, Then You Will Have to Attract More of What’s Missing into Your Life.”

Today’s quote from Wayne Dyer is the first in a two-part series and may be the most important talk we’ve ever had on the show. Dr. Dyer is talking about the reasons why most of us are unable to reach a higher level of consciousness. He explains why so many of us continue to attract things we don't want, and that we will never live in purpose and passion until we completely understand that our minds create our reality. Today’s talk is an excerpt from The Caroline Myss and Wayne Dyer...

Duration: 00:10:14

248 | Mel Robbins: “You Cannot Power Through 23 Hours a Day and Be Effective."

Mel is back on the show today to teach you why it is so important for you to take control of your mornings and your time, and what you can do to create a morning ritual that will allow you to be more productive, more creative, and do more stuff that matters. Get more from Mel at Her best-selling book, The 5 Second Rule, is available in bookstores and on

Duration: 00:12:14

247 | Les Brown: “He Who Learns the Most Earns the Most.”

It’s Motivation Monday with Les Brown! Today Les is talking about the importance of finding and discovering your talents, gifts, and abilities in order to reach your full potential be make your dream life a reality. For more from Les, visit His latest book, Laws Of Success: 12 Laws That Turn Dreams Into Reality, is available at or on

Duration: 00:07:38

246 | Brene Brown: “In the Absence of Love and Belonging There is Always Suffering."

Dr. Brene Brown stops by the show today to talk about vulnerability and all the things we could be missing out on if we don’t allow ourselves to be vulnerable, and that being who you are is much more important than being perfect. For more from Brene, visit

Duration: 00:09:09

245 | Dr Srikumar Rao: “There is Nothing You Have to Get, Do, or Be in Order to Be Happy.”

Dr. Srikumar Rao makes his first appearance on the QOTD show today the flawed mental model that prevents us from feeling happy, and what we can do to shift our focus and experience more happiness in our lives. Dr. Rao's website is

Duration: 00:09:13

244 | Lisa Nichols: “You are the First Example of How the World Gets to Treat You."

Lisa is back to share the three things you must release from your life if you want to experience growth and transformation. Lisa's website is For more on Lisa's upcoming live workshop Speak and Write to Make Millions, visit Today's talk is an excerpt from Lisa Nichols and Charreah Jackson's Abundance Now talk on Youtube. You can find it here.

Duration: 00:10:36

243 | James Ray: “Your Results are a Reflection of You.”

James Ray makes his QOD show debut to talk about how important it is that we use our minds the right way and how our thoughts feelings and actions determine what we do and who we are. For more from James, visit

Duration: 00:08:24

242 | Eric Thomas: “Failure is Not an Option.”

Eric Thomas returns for your motivation Monday to give us a reminder that showing up every single day for as long as it takes is the best way to be successful and let failure know that it is NOT an option. For more from Eric, visit

Duration: 00:09:40

241 | Brendon Burchard: “High Performers Share What They Really Want of Life.”

It’s Brendon Burchard’s first time on the show and he is closing out the week with three steps to becoming a high performer - becoming more productive, developing influence, and demonstrating more courage than others in the face of uncertainty. For more from Brendon, visit His newest book, High Performance Habits: How Extraordinary People Become That Way, is available on

Duration: 00:06:28

240 | Dr. Joe Dispenza: “Your Personality Creates Your Personal Reality.”

Dr. Joe Dispenza makes his first appearance on the show today to talk about how what you think, how you act, and how you feel creates the reality of your life, and what is required for us to truly make change in our brains and in our lives. Dr. Dispenza’s website is His books, including Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself and You Are the Placebo are available now and his new book, Becoming Supernatural, is available for presale on

Duration: 00:11:05

239 | Christine Hassler: “If You Talked to Your Friends Like You Often Talk to Yourself, Would You Have Any Friends?”

Our friend Christine Hassler is back on the show to teach us how to deal with the critical voice that we all have in our heads and shares a self-love technique that you can use to stop criticizing yourself and start showing yourself more compassion. Christine’s website is Her podcast, Over It and On With It, is available on iTunes. Her books, including the most recent, Expectation Hangover, are available on Christine has a free live event coming up, The...

Duration: 00:06:16

238 | Sean Aiken: “Don’t Ask Yourself What the World Needs; Ask Yourself What Makes You Come Alive and Go Do it.”

Sean Aiken makes his QOD debut today to talk about how he was able to find the one thing that he’s the most passionate about and how you can do it, too, by reframing how you think of “work” and giving yourself permission to express the gifts you hold inside of you. For more about Sean, visit Sean’s book, The One-Week Job Project: One Man, One Year, 52 Jobs, is available on

Duration: 00:08:59

237 | Dr. Wayne Dyer: “You Can’t Feel Bad Enough to Make Anybody Else’s Life Better.”

Dr. Wayne Dyer is back on the show to provide a simple thing you can do to make yourself feel better and how important our intentions and mindset are to feeling good and being able to handle anything that may be going on around us. Today’s excerpt is from Dr. Dyer’s program, The Secrets of the Power of Intention available on Visit for more books and programs from Wayne.

Duration: 00:08:09

236 | Napoleon Hill: “Faith without Absolute Positive Belief is Dead.”

Napoleon Hill is here for a Flashback Friday, talking about having faith in our desires and abilities, and reminds us that when we absolute belief that we will have it, there’s no way we won’t get what we want.

Duration: 00:06:31

235 | Andrea Pennington: “To Transform What You See on the Outside, You’ve Got to Transform Who You are On the Inside.”

Andrea Pennington makes her first appearance on the show, talking about the how our minds and our bodies get programmed and how much it affects our self-image and how we see our place in the world. Andrea’s website is

Duration: 00:08:56

234 | Tony Robbins: “If You Succeed and You’re Not Fulfilled, That’s Failure.”

Tony is back! Today he’s talking about how we can increase our energy and improve our physical state so that we can become learners and take the actions necessary to change our lives. For more about Tony’s books, programs, and live events, visit

Duration: 00:08:07

233 | Don Dodge: “Don't Make the Same Mistake Twice, Make a Different Mistake.”

Don Dodge makes his QOD Show debut today to help you think differently about failure and mistakes, and reminds us to dream big and say yes to life.

Duration: 00:07:30

232 | Eric Thomas: ”You Will NOT Outwork Me!”

The Hip Hop Preacher Eric Thomas is here for Motivation Monday, encouraging you to bring you A game every single day no matter what you’re doing and take advantage of every moment life has to offer you. Eric’s website is

Duration: 00:05:16

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