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336 | Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: “Everybody Can Be Great, Because Everybody Can Serve.”

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Is here to close out the week to remind us all of what it truly means to be great, and how simple it can be to make a difference in the world.


335 | Brian Tracy: “If You're Not Constantly Learning, You’re Actually Falling Behind.”

Brian Tracy is here today to talk about the importance of developing and growing yourself, and gives three simple ways to upgrade your skills to improve your life. For more from Brian Tracy, visit You can find today’s full talk here.


334 | Lisa Nichols: “You Don't Have to Know Where the Road is Going to End, You Just Have to Be Willing to Take Your Next Step.”

Lisa returns to the show to to share a story about how she almost missed the chance of a lifetime that changed her career and her life, and that as long as we’re willing to go one step at a time, we don’t always have to know where we’re heading. You can find today’s full talk here. Her next Speak and Write event is May 4-6, 2018. Learn more at


333 | Jake Ducey: “Suspend Your Disbelief About Who You Think You Are.”

Jake Ducey is here to talk about the importance of how you see yourself, and how you can change your life simply by changing the image of who you think you are. Visit Jake’s website at for more about Jake’s books, programs, and events.


332 | Les Brown: “Good Things are Supposed To Happen to Me.”

Les Brown is back for another Motivation Monday to encourage you to watch your words, your thoughts, and beliefs to recondition your mind to expect good things and live true to who you really are. For more from Les, visit You can find today’s full talk here.


331 | Jordan Belfort: “There is No Amount of Poverty You Can Have in Your Life to Make One Person Wealthy.”

Jordan Belfort makes his show debut today on Finance Friday to talk about the realities of having money, and gives a reminder that your perception of money and the financial goals you set will always dictate how much money you have and what you do with it. For more about Jordan, visit


330 | Tony Robbins: “If You Want to Change Your Life, Figure Out How Your Worst Day was Your Best Day.”

Tony Robbins is back to talk about the three decisions we all make that determine the quality of our lives, the importance of finding the gifts in our struggles and having gratitude for our experiences. For more about Tony’s books, programs, and events visit


329 | Jim Rohn: “The Same Wall that Keeps Out Disappointment Keeps Out Happiness.”

Jim is here to share the four things you can use to turn your day around, and how turning your day around has the power to change your life. For more from Jim, visit Find today’s full talk here.


328 | Wayne Dyer: “You Get Back from The Universe, From the World, What It is That You Put Out There, In the World.”

Dr. Wayne Dyer is back to remind us of the abundant life that we can all experience, as long as we follow the law of the universe that allows us only to receive as much as we give. For more from Dr. Dyer, visit You can find today’s full talk here.


327 | Arnold Schwarzenegger: “It is Impossible to Be a Maverick or A True Original if You’re Too Well Behaved and Don’t Want to Break the Rules.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger is here for your Monday motivation to talk about thinking outside the box and breaking the rules in order to be who you want to be and get to where you want to go. Arnold’s website is You can find today’s full talk here.


326 | Lisa Nichols: “The Greatest Love that You Can Ever Give the World is the Demonstration of What Loving You Looks Like.”

Lisa Nichols brings our Friday message to remind us that we have a responsibility take care of ourselves in order to give to others, and the only way for others to know how to treat us is by how we treat ourselves. For more from Lisa, visit You can find today’s full talk here.


325 | Brendon Burchard: “What Must I Do Today to Move the Needle Forward?”

Brendon Burchard is back on the show to share three simple habits of high performers that anyone can adopt to have more clarity, motivation, and success. For more from Brendon, visit His newest book, High Performance Habits: How Extraordinary People Become That Way, is available on


324 | Martha Beck: “The Risk to Become Tight in a Bud Becomes Greater than the Risk it Takes to Blossom.”

Martha Beck makes her show debut today to talk about how we can be more calm in the face of fear and how our personal calm can positively affect our own lives and the lives of those around us. Martha’s website is You can find today’s full talk here.


323 | Simon T Bailey: “What You Want, Wants You.”

Simon T. Bailey returns to the show to remind us of the gift of rejection and that we should never stop wanting what we want or going after it, because whatever we seek is also seeking us. Simon’s website is You can find today’s full talk here.


322 | Steve Harvey: “Your Real Life is in Your Imagination.”

Steve Harvey is here for Motivation Monday to talk about your imagination, using faith to replace fear, and why you should keep your biggest dreams to yourself. For more from Steve, visit Today’s full talk is available here.


321 | Les Brown: “Money Makes it Possible.”

It’s Finance Friday with Les Brown, who shows us the difference that money can make in all areas of your life and all the things that are made possible when you have money. For more from Les, visit You can find today's full talk here.


320 | Michael Bernoff: “If You Could Stand in The Possibility that You are Already Living The Way You Wanted to Live, What Would You Make Your Life About?”

Michael Bernoff makes his debut on the show and provides an important question we should all ask ourselves that will help us look at the reasons behind why we do what we do, and how we can use the answer to grow. Michael’s website is You can listen to today’s full talk here.


319 | John Addison: “Find What You’re Good at Without Trying, and Then Try!”

John Addison returns to the show to talk about finding your gifts and strengths, and how great you can be if you focus on improving your strengths, instead of your weaknesses. For more from John, visit You can watch John’s full presentation here.


318 | Gretchen Rubin: “When One Loves, One Does Not Calculate.”

Gretchen Rubin stops by the show to talk about the importance of relationships for human happiness and shares some simple ways that we can strengthen and improve our relationships with others. Gretchen’s Website is Her latest book, The Four Tendencies, is available in bookstores and at


317 | Eric Thomas: “Information Changes Situations.”

Eric Thomas is back for your Motivation Monday, who is talking about upgrading yourself, and the importance of aligning your values with your dreams in order to make those dreams a reality. For more from Dr. Thomas, visit You can find the full clip here.


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