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LGBT News: Australia says 'Yes' to marriage equality; Openly bi gossip queen Liz Smith passes at 94

In this week's headlines: • Australia’s mail-in survey shows a whopping 62% of Aussies support marriage equality • Monday, November 20th is Transgender Day of Remembrance. For more info, visit • Legendary gossip columnist and openly bisexual Liz Smith passed away this week at the age of 94 • Philadelphia gay-basher Kathryn Knott settles a civil lawsuit with the two men she helped put in the hospital after a violent gay bashing in Philadelphia • Supposedly...

Duration: 00:17:45

LGBT News: LGBTs score historic political wins; George Takei accused of sexual misconduct

In this week's headlines: • Political history was made in elections across the country this week by LGBT candidates • A new poll in the UK shows gay men have an issue with masculinity • Australia looks poised to legalize same-sex marriage, but there could be a snag • Pro soccer player Robbie Rogers, the first openly gay athlete in one of the “big four” professional sports, announced his retirement • Star Trek star and LGBT icon George Takei accused of sexual misconduct All that and more in...

Duration: 00:15:08

LGBT News: A very bad week for Kevin Spacey; A federal judge blocks Trump's trans military ban

In this week’s headlines: • Academy Award winner Kevin Spacey had a really, really bad week • A federal judge has blocked Donald Trump’s ban on transgender service members in the U.S. military • Don't miss the marriage equality documentary, “The Freedom To Marry,” now on Netflix • The first openly gay winner of “The Voice Australia” released his latest single, a marriage equality anthem as the mail-in same-sex marriage survey comes to a close All that and more on this episode of The Randy...

Duration: 00:15:53

LGBT News: Egypt moves to criminalize LGBTs; New series "Pose" casts record number of trans actors

In this week's headlines: • Lawmakers in Egypt have drafted legislation which would criminalize homosexuality, making being gay punishable with prison time • The Trump administration now wants to argue against LGBTQ protections at the U.S. Supreme Court • Ryan Murphy’s new series "Pose" has cast a record number of transgender actors • Arrow/Teen Wolf/American Horror Story star Colton Haynes got married in Palm Springs with lots of famous friends in attendance • and my suggestions for some...

Duration: 00:12:55

LGBT News: Trans folks get help in the work arena; "Yes" vote leads in Aussie marriage equality vote

In this week's headlines: • California governor signs "first in the nation" legislation that will require training meant to help high unemployment among transgender people • Donald Trump joked that Vice President Mike Pence wants to “hang" all gay people •The "Yes to Marriage Equality" campaign in Australia appears to be leading • Georgia state lawmaker considers quarantining HIV+ people • CEO goes to jail even as female escort websites continue • Out Canadian country music...

Duration: 00:16:41

LGBT News: Trump addresses anti-LGBT conference; Colton Haynes shares his struggle with depression

In this week's headlines: • The National Parks service pulled out of an event where the rainbow flag would fly, for the first time, on federal land • Donald Trump became the first sitting president to address anti-gay hate group’s Values Voters Summit • Out actor Colton Haynes (Arrow/Teen Wolf/American Horror Story) shared his struggles with depression & anxiety • In queer cinema "Tom of Finland" and "Professor Marston & the Wonder Women" open in theaters • Randy Rainbow parodies the...

Duration: 00:18:14

LGBT News - National Coming Out Day 2017

I posted this as a video this week on National Coming Out Day. I just realized I should share on the podcast also as every day is "Coming Out Day" for someone :) Coming out inspires friends, family, and allies of the LGBT community to stand up for what is right, even in the face of discrimination, bigotry, and violence. And on the most personal level, coming out improves our mental health, self-esteem, success, and happiness. Even if the first step you can take is to come out to yourself,...

Duration: 00:03:59

LGBT News: Trump administration's one-two punch to LGBT protections; Ricky Martin's upcoming wedding

In this week's headlines: • The LGBTQ community gets a one-two punch as the Trump administration goes after transgender protections in the workplace as well as giving a license to discriminate against LGBTs via "religious freedoms" • California Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation into law bringing outdated HIV laws in line with new science • We take a look at one of the gay victims of the Las Vegas shooting massacre • A new poll shows majorities in both political parties believe...

Duration: 00:16:57

LGBT News: CDC says Undetectable HIV=Untransmittable; Iconic "Will & Grace" returns 11 years later

In this week's headlines: • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention agree that when an HIV+ person's viral load is undetectable there's zero chance of transmission to an uninfected person • The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff says trans military members who meet physical and mental requirements should be able to serve in the U.S. military • Azerbaijan is now rounding up and torturing gay men • A new musical based on the life and music of Cher is heading to Broadway • Will &...

Duration: 00:18:50

LGBT News: Marriage equality hero Edie Windsor passes away at 88; RuPaul wins his 2nd Emmy Award

In this week’s headlines: • Australian political leaders and celebrities announce support for marriage equality ‘down under’ • LGBT civil rights hero Edie Windsor passed away at the age of 88 • Defense Secretary Mattis issues new guidance on transgender military service members • A new study shows younger guys think bald men are sexy • The first U.S. trailer for the upcoming film, Tom of Finland • RuPaul wins his second Emmy Award All that and more in this episode of The Randy Report

Duration: 00:16:20

LGBT News: Trump's DOJ supports anti-gay baker; Laverne Cox books a new network series gig

In this week’s headlines: • The Trump administration throws it’s support to an anti-gay baker from Colorado at the US Supreme Court • A new study in the UK shows gay folks are still afraid to hold hands in public • A new computer algorithm can determine sexuality by scanning a photo - not a good thing • Ellen DeGeneres admits she was told to tone down the gay talk in the early years of her talk show • Trans actress Laverne Cox books another network series • Out recording artist Jeb Havens...

Duration: 00:16:59

LGBT News: Marriage equality in Australia & Chile; National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

In this week's headlines: • Progress for marriage equality in Australia and Chile • More and more gay and bisexual men are escaping persecution in Chechnya • Acclaimed web series, "Where The Bears Are," debuts its 6th season • Facts, figures and more about National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline - 1-800-273-8255 The Trevor Project’s 24-hour crisis hotline for youth - 1-866-488-7386 The Trans Lifeline - 1-877-565-8860 All that and more on this...

Duration: 00:11:37

Interview: Pop music superstar & LGBT ally Richard Marx

Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter/producer - and LGBT ally - Richard Marx has made a gorgeous debut as a headliner on the Las Vegas Strip with his limited engagement residency, “Satisfied: Only The Hits,” at Flamingo Las Vegas now through Sept. 2, 2017, and I get to talk with him. Among his many achievements, Marx is distinguished for having written a #1 song in four different decades across various charts. Having sold more than 30 million albums worldwide and notching an amazing 14...

Duration: 00:23:47

LGBT News: Texas "Bathroom Bill" dies in special session; Kesha dedicates "Rainbow" to LGBTs

In this week’s headlines: • The special session of the Texas legislature closed this week without passing a proposed anti-transgender bathroom bill • A Missouri lawmaker thinks there’s a difference between human beings and the gays • Kesha penned an open letter to LGBTs explaining the title track to her new album, Rainbow All that and more on this episode of The Randy Report

Duration: 00:10:06

LGBT News: White House Begins Trans Military Phase Out; Will & Grace Already Renewed For 2nd Season

In this week’s headlines: • The White House has approved guidance for booting transgender service members out of the U.S. military • NBC not only adds four more episodes to the Will & Grace reboot, but has already renewed the iconic sitcom for a second season • Animated queer short film, “In A Heartbeat,” charms millions in only four minutes • Matt Joyce of the Oakland A's suspended for shouting anti-gay slur at fan All that and more in this episode of The Randy Report

Duration: 00:15:11

LGBT News: HIV meds prove zero infections to others; Trump trans military ban gets big push back

In this week’s LGBT headlines: • A new study shows hiv+ men who take antiretroviral medication on a regular basis have pretty much zero chance of spreading the infection to others • President Trump gets plenty of pushback on his proposed transgender military service ban • Convicted Philadelphia gay basher Kathryn Knott now says she was acting in "self-defense" when she shattered the jaw of a gay man in 2014 All that and more in this episode of The Randy Report.

Duration: 00:15:21

LGBT News: Trump bans transgenders from military; Texas Senate approves anti-trans bathroom bill

In this episode: • President Trump bans - via tweet - any transgender individuals from serving in the U.S. military. • The Texas State Senate has approved it's hateful, anti-transgender "bathroom bill" • Plus, Eli Lieb drops his new single, "Shangri La"

Duration: 00:18:09

LGBT News: Texas' anti-trans bill; Star Trek Discovery's gay couple; NJ supports trans students

In this week’s headlines: • The Texas legislature is on it’s way to approving an anti-transgender “bathroom” bill • Rhode Island becomes the 9th state to ban so-called “ex-gay therapy” • Star Trek Discovery will feature it's first gay romantic couple • We may soon find out if Academy Award winner Moonlight opened the door for more mainstream success for queer-themed cinema All that and more on this episode of The Randy Report.

Duration: 00:16:25

LGBT News: Malta gets marriage equality; Bway's "Falsettos" in cinemas; new music from Superfruit

In this episode of The Randy Report: • The island nation of Malta approves marriage equality with a huge lop-sided Parliament vote • An attempt to block health care for transgender military service members fails in Congress • The filmed version of the recent Broadway revival of "Falsettos," currently being shown in movie theaters across the country, will be extended • Pop duo Superfruit drops a new music video for their latest - “Worth It (Perfect)” All that and more in this episode of The...

Duration: 00:11:37

LGBT News: Anti-Trans Measure Fails In Washington, Germany Close To Marriage Equality

In this week's headlines: • An anti-trans bathroom measure fails in epic fashion • Germany is close to having marriage equality • Chechnya resumes rounding up and torturing gay men • UK Prime Minister Theresa May sends best wishes for "Happy Pride" in London • Nelsan Ellis (TRUE BLOOD's "Lafayette Reynolds") passes away at 39 • New music from Superfruit "Bad 4 Us" All that and more in this episode of The Randy Report.

Duration: 00:11:17

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