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The One Year Anniversary Show!

In a love letter to our fans, we do a deep dive into their letters slash emails and discuss among other things, wrestling stuff... yes wrestling stuff like how Raven created his pose; flock favorites, etc. Also, how he stole Sandman's Go Away doormat; movie Sleeper and his Marine Corp time. Plus, his appearance on Louis Theroux, his former disdain for silver sharpies as well as much, much more. There's plenty of Busby's dickishness and of course all the usual perversions.


R&B (Raven & Busby) prove unequivocally that they are idiots

Hilariously botched intro; Raven sings cartoon theme songs horribly off key & debuts new yet rotten impressions; obscure references aplenty.. The Bugaloos, Clue Club, Captain Kangaroo; Busby behaves dickishly as usual; Newser returns as a woman gives a shoe to her hallucination; a name game too ridiculous for words, as well as fan mail, Dick Snarl, and of course all the usual perversions.


Horrible impressions galore!

Bad impressions by Raven & Busby are a highlight of this week's as usual slap dash put together episode; Raven gets on his soapbox momentarily to get serious about gun control; Busby behaves dickishly; UFC predictions of Sunday's fights that already occurred.. but not to them; BuzzBea Arthur; Rick & Morty name game pt 2; does the name Pavlov ring a bell? And of course all the usual perversions


The Night of Not Any Stars!

A veritable 3 ringed circus of shameless & shameful depravity featuring naked butt tug of war, ecstasy & GHB, naked boob line-ups, people passing out while having sex, condemned row homes, sharpie drawn on passed out faces, chicks named Fred and Bernie, a failed foot massage, Fat Kevin, mud rooms, stripper chicks, how Chad became Busby Berkeley, Filipino mail order brides, forgotten Superman soundtrack & cape, or in other words... Your basic rock star drug addled weekend featuring...


Raven so on fire, Busby’s dickishness can’t put it out

Raven creates greatest (worst?) tag team ever; Rotten impressions galore; Name game 1 - Rick and Morty; Name game 2 - it's a doozy; Name game 3 Busby's impressions - it's a don'ty; new original Raven song; Raven's man crush, ruined by Busby; dissection of Rockhold vs Romero; viewer mail; quote of the day; Raven almost plugs some bookings, xenophobia runs wild, recommendations are made, and of course all the usual perversions.


The most wrestling adjacent episode ever

UFC titles analyzed; Busby diagnosed; Another Raven original song butchered; Pink's early "dancing" career discussed - apparently Raven knew her; February holidays questioned; Popeye supporting characters in name game; Very Adjacent League formed! Or, VAdj League for short; dickishness, Jeep Swenson, Michael Stipe Miocic, Chyna, China Syndrome, Alice the Goon - not Bill Irwin the Goon; Acronyms one more time; Eagles win Super Bowl while local Philly fan eats horsepoop, and of course all...


R&B (Raven & Busby) discuss R&R (Royal Rumble) - well, parts of it

R&B book cartoon character Royal Rumble; Busby's Nation renamed.. poorly; Raven writes and sings original musical composition; bad impressions of Jim Ross are performed; NEWSER rocks.. while rocks should be thrown at Busby new game; Bugsy McGraw & Greg Valentine in name game; Rory MacDonald vs Douglas Lima, Tesla Death Ray, Katharine Heigl, Beetle Bailey, IKEA, and National Menudo day - the band or the food? And of course all the usual perversions.


The return of Raven & Busby

Raven wrestles at Old Timey bldg; Bobby Fulton bleeds buckets; Bonnie Blackstone’s beautiful bouffant; Busby’s new game bombs as do his Xmas gifts for Krista; name game w/King Julian the Lemur of Madagascar fame - spoiler: Raven wins! Yay!; Dickishness abounds, xenophobia is questioned and Newser returns w/a vengeance as people in Oregon angry at having to pump own gas; quote du jour is at its most Trumpian absurdity; Fan Mail from fan favorite Dick Snarl & others and of course, all the...


Big Xmas episode... well, uh… not really, but Raven does sing the Heat Miser & Cold Miser song!

Raven's Colonoscopy discussed; wrestling is brought up and kinda talked about; we learn what Busby's rejected nicknames were; Fan Mail is its usual brilliance even with Dick Snarl on time out; Busby hits new dickish highs and new dickish lows; Max Payne is today's name game subject and Raven really kabongs Busby! Haha! Suck it Busby! We find that depression is nothing to be ashamed of; Newser returns, the Dickish Chronicles, Word of the Week, Quote of the Day, recommendations. The show is...


History's Greatest Perverts

Cosmo quiz bombs and yes it was Raven's shitty idea, but we’ll still blame Busby as we learn his dickishness knows no bounds; Busby forces his mom to get him a passport while he is treated "specially;" Wings is discussed…yes that Wings...the TV show, not Paul McCartney's band... although the band is what leads to the TV show's, umm….you get it….or you will after you listen to the podcast; Busby’s mattress gift is discussed…it’s kinda like the opposite of the "gift of the...


Observer Hall of Fame Observed

UFC 218 discussion unreserved; 10 most absurd laws from the world could get you served; the Busby name game with Grand Wizard & Danny Spivey you deserved; Fan Mail & Newser are observed; Busby’s streak of both xenophobic & dickish behavior is preserved; the Mattress Snafu has Busby unnerved; Quote of the Day is read with verve; WrestleRock once again is swerved; and of course all the usual perversions are underserved. Oh, and stick around, there’s a post show interview with Alternative...


Head Transplant a RESOUNDING Success!!

13 most offensive board games; Beefcake / Hogan feud; Raven ruled and Busby drooled in Uncle Elmer name game; Raven puts over his own stories; Busby finds his slide whistle & uses it! Isn’t that rather dickish of him to steal Raven’s only musical skill? It certainly is! Did Ya Know triumphantly returns; Hunter S. Thompson’s Quote of the Day, as well as Max Landis, Elias Theodorou, Vader stabbing story and now, back to the board games. Whew, some of the board games are so incredibly...


Perry Saturn Interview….a must listen!

Part 2 of last week’s crazy cliffhanger; Conor MacGregor goes crazy; crazy octopus eats man’s penis; crazy-ass fan mail; Jinder Mahal, Dick Snarl, paper airplanes; Raven puts over his friend, director Max Landis and Busby heels on him. Ouch! Busby continues to be clever and witty...and xenophobic & dickish.. what a shocker. Oh and of course, all the usual perversions. Send in your comments and questions to


Raven F&@k, Marry, Kills the Flock

The Rise and Fall of James Ellsworth; the best to-do list ever is pontificated upon; the Raven-appropriated Busby name game is starting to devolve strangely; Busby’s mattress snafu is discussed; 500 5-star reviews show is now named but still in the future…but at least we named it… it’s The Nite of Not Any Stars - eh, it’ll do for now, it’s a placeholder…get over it. Busby is xenophobic about some such sh*t or other as usual, and apparently is afraid of ice in urinals….yeah can you believe...


Jericho Vs. Omega, AJ Wins Title and Raven Spirals

Raven has personal crap that sucks just like everyone else; UFC reviewed; Raven sings songs by the ______ when intro takes a detour; new twist to "Raven-appropriated Busby name game" with both Geto Mongol & Waldo Von Erich; Busby is xenophobic against people with masks or some such sh*t; WrestleRock rap cliff-hangered again as is the answer to whom Raven would F&@k, Marry, Kill in The Flock, fan mail and of course all the usual perversions. PS: One of the Quotes of the Day is great and...


The Scalping of Raven by the Father Jim Mitchell

The Intro is debated; UFC 217 is previewed (though by the time you hear this, it'll have already happened...its a wormhole thing); the Minions hit 300 5star reviews so Raven tells the above headline's story of how he nearly got beheaded by the Sinister Minister; Newser returns with a vengeance; they play the "Raven-appropriated from Busby" wrestler name game with Kane...not physically with get it; Raven proves through Newser that head transplants WILL happen only to be met by...


Observer Hall of Fame Discussed

Who should be in, who shouldn't, why not and wherefore; a rhymey, old timey yet gritty and grimy opening not with peyote but with Wile E Coyote; Raven's appropriated Busby name game is played with Cyclone Negro, some made up characters are booked; fan mail, Busby behaves with his usual xenophobia and dickishness, and of course all the usual perversions.* * Although I don't believe there were as many usual perversions as usual. Also we hit 300 5-star reviews today so next week we will be...


Raven Unpacks The Shield Reunion & Jimmy Jacobs Firing

On Raw, Seth Rollins calls Roman Reigns a "big dong;" Raven marks out for one of his all time heroes, Michael PS Hayes, and tells their fantastic first meeting; Mad Rabbi gets a long-term program; Busby's name game is appropriated by Raven and is now much better. Especially this week with the Kevin Sullivan version; Busby behaves dickishly with his mattress, among other assorted general dickishness; lots of fan mail and of course all the usual perversions. Send in your comments and...


Raven Reveals Why He Quit WCW

We find out who Autumn is and all about the Rhino; Busby tells his fascinating Secret Origin yet still makes time to behave dickishly and of course all the usual perversions. Send in your comments and questions to



Yes, its the LIVE! episode of The Raven Effect podcast from the Improv in Hollywood! It is the most fun ever had at a podcast taping ever according to Raven, Busby & everyone there! The audience, supplied w/ noisemakers by RAVEN, becomes the Greatest Audience in human history; fan character suggestions from Twitter are turned into actual characters with storylines; the Disco Inferno's idiotic creation "The Invisible Man" is booked; we learn what the old school saying "red equals green"...


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