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The Ready Room is a Star Trek discussion show from covering The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise, and news from all across the Star Trek universe.






215: The Edge of Discovery

Star Trek: Discovery Latest Details and Summer Con Preview. We’re just two months away from the launch of Star Trek’s seventh venture onto the small screen: Discovery. As summer heats up and convention season kicks into gear, news about the series, images from the set, and interviews with creators are bringing us new details and stirring the pot of speculation more feverishly than ever. In this episode of The Ready Room, C Bryan Jones and Larry Nemecek get together to discuss some of...

Duration: 01:42:57

214: You Don’t Have to Breathe that Zenite

The Cloud Minders. Kirk has a history of getting involved in the domestic disputes of other worlds and trying to set the locals straight. That’s why the little Federation clean-up ship is always trailing the Enterprise. Of course, when the planet in question is a member of the Federation, is refusing to do its part to help another member world, and is torturing its own people, it’s a lot easier to justify stepping in. That’s what happened in the third-season episode “The Cloud...

Duration: 01:46:38

213: Welcome to Cyrusville

Vanishing Point. Sometimes it would be nice to have a transporter. What Star Trek fans hasn’t had that thought? But would we really want to be disassembled atom by atom and put back together somewhere far away? Hoshi certainly didn’t in the second-season Enterprise episode “Vanishing Point,” but it was her only way out of a deadly situation. In this episode of The Ready Room, host C Bryan Jones is joined by Justin Oser, Aaron Harvey, and Luke Weir to discuss Hoshi’s eight-second mental...

Duration: 01:46:14

212: Erin Gray’s Blue Jumpsuit

Workforce. We all want to escape from our lives sometimes. What if you could really do it? What if you couldn’t remember the life you left behind? And what if it was all against your will? That’s what happens to the crew of the Starship Voyager in the seventh-season episode “Workforce.” In this episode of The Ready Room, hosts C Bryan Jones and Larry Nemecek are joined by Kay Elizabeth Shaw of To The Journey and Bruce Gibson of Literary Treks to discuss this story of the Voyager crew’s...

Duration: 02:17:32

211: To Hoof or Not to Hoof

Star Trek: Discovery and a Look Back at 50. The premiere of the next Star Trek series may be delayed, but there’s still plenty to talk about. In this episode of The Ready Room, host C Bryan Jones returns from medical leave and hops on mic with Larry Nemecek to discuss some of the news from the past eight months. Looking at Star Trek: Discovery, we delve into the time period, ships, stories, writers, characters, casting, production, delays … and imagine the return of a classic alien. We...

Duration: 02:00:29

210: Disastrous Consequences

Crossover. Sometimes actions can have unexpected consequences. Such was the case in The Original Series when Kirk convinced Mirror Spock to turn the Terran Empire from evil to good. Only he didn’t know it. Kirk had the best intentions, but maybe there was a reason the Terrans were the way they were. We learned the result of Kirk’s speech in the Deep Space Nine episode “Crossover,” the first of many trips to the Mirror Universe for the DS9 crew. In this episode of The Ready Room, we’re...

209: Just Don’t Smell the Flowers

Justice. The first rule of Rubicun III is don’t play in the flowerbeds. No wait … that would be “run everywhere.” But staying away from the flowers is definitely rule number two. And if don’t obey the rules, there’s only one punishment: death. The boy, Wesley Crusher, learned this the hard way when Picard allowed his crew to go on shore leave on a pre-warp world. In this episode of The Ready Room, we’re joined by Bruce Gibson and Luke Weir to discuss “Justice” … and why there can be none...

208: Star Trek: Discovery, with Larry Nemecek

Breaking Down the Latest Details. Bit by bit we’ve been learning what Bryan Fuller and CBS have in store for us when the seventh Star Trek series launches in January 2017. The initial reveal of the name and hints about the time period got fans talking, and then the reveal of the ship and a teaser turned up the heat. Now a batch of details, revealed by Fuller at CBS’s All Access panel for the Television Critics Association in Los Angeles, has set a flurry of speculation in motion. In this...

207: Big Ball of Progress

Star Trek Beyond. After Star Trek Into Darkness, many questioned whether there would be a third film set in the Kelvin Timeline. The road to Beyond was a rocky one that included a complete reset of script, writer, and director. But in the end, Simon Pegg, Justin Lin, and the cast and crew of this rebooted Star Trek delivered a film that celebrates the 50th anniversary of the franchise, and that has surprised fans and critics alike. In this episode of The Ready Room, Matthew Rushing takes...

206: Flamenco Stunt Dancer

Plato’s Stepchildren. Uncontrolled power will turn even saints into savages. This is what Captain Kirk explains to Parmen, the sadistic leader of the Platonians in “Plato’s Stepchildren.” Despite saving the man’s life, Kirk, Spock, and McCoy are held hostage and tortured—along with Uhura and Nurse Chapel—when they refuse to leave the doctor behind and accept some random gifts. In this episode of The Ready Room, we’re joined by Aaron Harvey, Andi VanderKolk, and Mike Morrison to discuss...

205: Disco Vulcan Zombies

Impulse. Some things never go out of style. Take zombies, for instance. They’re wildly popular on 21st-century Earth, and they can be found in the 22nd-century Expanse as well. But what happens when you mix the living dead with logic? That’s what Archer and the crew of the Enterprise had to find out when they stumbled upon a zombified Vulcan crew in “Impulse.” In this episode of The Ready Room, we’re joined by Mike Morrison, Dennis Castello, and Phillip Gilfus to discuss this horror...

Duration: 01:54:44

204: Galileo’s Lizard

Distant Origin. Dinosaurs may have been smarter than we think. Some of them may still be. That’s because they live in space and fly around in ships based on technology 65 million years more advanced than that of Starfleet. When that asteroid headed for Earth all those years ago, these hadrosaurs said sayonara to the planet’s mammals. In this episode of The Ready Room, we’re joined by Zachary Fruhling and Aaron Harvey to discuss one of Voyager’s most unusual stories, “Distant Origin.”...

203: The Orb of These Things Happen

Things Past. We know that Odo has a colored past. He held the post of security chief under the regime of Gul Dukat during the occupation of Bajor. As an outsider, he would seem to be the ideal candidate to protect the Bajorans from unchecked Cardassian brutality. But while he sees himself as the voice of justice, a strict adherence to policy can lead to wrong decisions. That’s what happened when he allowed three innocent Bajorans to be executed on his watch. In this episode of The Ready...

202: The Limits Curse

Suspicions. When you have a story that features both Ferengi and Klingon scientists, you know you're in for something unusual. Throw in a Takaran, and you may start to feel blue—especially if you've lost your job after causing an intergalactic incident. This is what happens to Dr. Crusher in “Suspicions.” In this episode of The Ready Room, we’re joined Larry Nemecek, Sue Kisenwether, and Mike Morrison to discuss this episode of Murder, She Wrote in space and why it sometimes feels like...

Duration: 02:23:09

201: Escape from Light Ball

Return to Tomorrow. Having your body taken over by an alien is a risk every Starfleet officer takes. And, as Kirk has said, risk is our business. Being possessed of your own free will, however, isn’t usually how it works. But when the disembodied voice of Jimmy Doohan asks a favor, it’s hard to resist. That’s what happens to Captain Kirk when the crew of the USS Enterprise visit a long-dead planet being used to store giant lightbulbs. In this episode of The Ready Room, we’re joined by...

200: Five Years and Counting

Reflecting on The Ready Room and Star Trek. It’s hard to believe that it’s been five years since the first episode of The Ready Room. Born of disaster, this show has evolved into a gathering place for the hosts of the network that grew up around it. The network has become an important part of the daily routine for many Star Trek fans, but there was a time when there was no network. There was just this show. So as we reach another milestone—200 episodes—we take a break from our...

199: The Search for Pineapple

Silent Enemy. Most aliens in Star Trek are presented in terms that the human mind can understand. The Klingons, the Romulans, even the Borg. We can make sense of their actions and motives. But in reality, new life that we meet out in space will have a lot less in common with us. Enterprise attempted to address this truth midway through its first season in “Silent Enemy,” which pitted our crew against beings that only CGI could create—and who never spoke a word. In this episode of The Ready...

The Ready Room 198: Procreation TED Talk

Someone to Watch Over Me. When you live on a starship, you get to know your neighbors. Sometimes you get to know them well. Especially if you’re Seven of Nine and you’re taking an interest in interpersonal relations. Armed with Borg implants and 24th-century Starfleet technology, gathering data is easy. The only problem is that some of your subjects may not want to be part of the study. In this episode of The Ready Room, we’re joined by Charlynn Schmiedt, Zachary Fruhling, and Phillip...

Duration: 01:55:13

The Ready Room 197: Life with the Safeties On

It’s Only a Paper Moon. Events in Star Trek—even tragic ones—rarely have lasting consequences. Deep Space Nine changed that with arcs that took place during the Dominion War. In particular, in the final season, Nog’s injuries in battle led to a deep exploration of the lasting impact of a single moment in time—and they did it with the usual DS9 mix of serious commentary and humor. In this episode of The Ready Room, we’re joined by Zachary Fruhling and Matthew Rushing to discuss Nog’s...

Duration: 02:06:40

The Ready Room 196: Indiana Picard and the Secret of the Whatever

Captain’s Holiday. Everyone gets a bit too stressed sometimes. And when that happens, it can be difficult to enjoy anything—even the negotiation of a successful trade agreement. When this happened to Captain Picard, the crew had to pull together to force him to take a vacation. But of course, a Picard vacation isn't quite like the ones you and I take. In this episode of The Ready Room, we’re joined by Aaron Harvey, Matthew Rushing, and Mike Schindler to discuss “Captain’s Holiday,”...

Duration: 01:46:04

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