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106: The Quasi-Nerd | Captain Influence

That's quasi-nerd, not queasy-nerd... though we understand why you might make that mistake! Welcome back Captain Influence, aka Tony, to this mad March installment of The Real Brian Show! Our classic lineup of conversations includes music, movies, gaming, and, of course, a strong shot of espresso. In This Episode Quasi-Nerd The prefix quasi just means something that is almost, but not quite the thing that's being defined. Someone who is a quasi-nerd probably meets a lot of the parameters,...


105: Never Give Up! Never Surrender! | Captain Influence

For the second week in a row we're glad to welcome back Tony, aka Captain Influence! In our typical Superhero Friday fashion, we've got the fun and we've got the serious, but this week we want to circle back to reminding each other of how important it is for the two to overlap from time to time. We're a people of extremes, aren't we? We tend toward extremes and finding a balance can be our primary focus in life. But it's exhausting, isn't it? Sometimes we just have to take the fun when there...


104: You Had Me At Colonoscopy | Captain Influence

Welcome back to The Real Brian Show! We're pleased to welcome back Tony, aka Captain Influence, to kick off the month of March. We're going to be hearing about a colonoscopy in this episode, but before you cringe and veer away let me assure you that it is definitely G rated. If you've ever been concerned about getting a colonoscopy or it's on your list of things to do and you've been putting it off... hopefully this will put your mind at ease. To balance out the fun, we'll talk some movies,...


103: Does This Facial Hair Make Me Look Fat? | Miss Ice

Does this beard make me look fat? You never quite know what to expect from an episode of the Real Brian Show, but you can expect to enjoy being dragged along to wherever we venture! I have the privilege of co-hosting with Brian, once again, and we go from what's in our cups to discussing the awesomeness happening at the Olympics to realizing some hard truths about social media. Join us for the fun! In This Episode Does this facial hair make me look fat? The title of this week's episode...


102: I Wish I Wasn't So Dang Sweet | Mangodroplet

Whether Valentine's Day is your thing, or you enjoy celebrating love every day of the year, we are happy to welcome you back to the Real Brian Show and an installment that will hopefully satisfy the broad spectrum of our listener base! We're not much for Hallmark Holidays here at The Real Brian Show, but we do love the fun history of the internationally-observed day of love. Mangodroplet joins the Real Brian and they chat about all sorts of wonderful, nerdy things... In This Episode The...


101: How Real Can We Really Be? | With Mangodroplet

Welcome back to the Real Brian Show! With episode 100 in the bag, we return this week with a fresh dose of realness from crowd favorite, Mangodroplet (aka Anna). There's a lot on the docket for this episode! Brian has some quality Chinese coffee; Owl City and Plumb top our Now Playing list; and the Greatest Showman comes highly recommended. In This Episode How Real We want to be real, but we don't want to overwhelm everyone around us with hardships...nor do we want to alienate people with...


100: The 100th Episode!

We've arrived at the 100th episode! It's a milestone for any podcast and few make it all the way. We're so thankful to everyone who has made this show possible and to the amazing participation of our community. In this installment of the podcast, Brian goes solo in order to reminisce on the last 100 episodes and play some sound bites from the community. If you didn't get a chance to pipe in, leave a comment on the blog post! In This Episode 100th Episode In the television world, 100 is...


99: I Drink Coffee For Your Protection with Mangodroplet

Welcome back to The Real Brian Show! We're excited to have Anna, aka Dr. Mangodroplet, join us again for another riveting discussion. With Brian's coffee roaster in full swing now he is adequately caffeinated and enjoying Papua New Guinea beans from the Sigri Estate. These two have a lot on their watchlist, including the Shannara Chronicles Season 2 and Star Wars Rebels. We're going to talk about pizza places in Fort Collins and an Australian company that is making video game hologram...


98: 5 Things to Make Your 2018 GREAT | Jumanji | Bright | Coffee Roaster | Opioids Crisis

Welcome back to The Real Brian Show! It's our privilege to welcome back Mangodroplet for another amazing Superhero Friday installment. We've got a taste of everything for you this week... Brian's new coffee roaster (and tips on getting started yourself), the opioids craze, the new film Jumanji, and, of course, five things you can actively do to make your 2018 great! In This Episode Make 2018 Great On the whole, what we talk about in this episode can be applied to any year, not specific...


97: The Real Miss Ice Show | Gettin Real and Deep | Sports | College Sports | Fantasy Football | Spotify

Happy Superhero Friday! We're so glad you're joining us for this Miss-Ice-Takeover installment of the podcast. Over the last couple months we've talked a lot about different aspects of community and about being involved in the process that brings people in and makes them feel like they're part of something. This week is no different, except that instead of talking about community in the abstract, Brian and I get really real. Ready? In This Episode Real and Deep While it is never our...


96: 2018 Intentions | Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review | Christmas Classics | Healthy Eating | Casting Crowns

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2018 and the year of intentions! It's not that resolutions are bad, but new year's resolutions can often carry a relatively negative connotation. It's something you resolve to do at the beginning of the year which ends up getting discarded a couple months later. In this episode of The Real Brian Show, Martin (the Flash) and Brian talk about their intentions for 2018. They also talk about Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Christmas music classics, and all the good nerdy...


95: Is There Sugar In It? | Christmas and Holidays | Elf | Spiritual Plague | Cookie Preferences | DMX Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer | Lindsey Stirling | Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Welcome back, for the last installment of the podcast for the adventure that has been 2017! We're excited to cap off the year with Scarlet Synapse and all the joy she brings to our ears. Even though we listen to music all year long, we eat cookies all year long, and lights are displayed in one way or another all year long, there's just something about this time of year that makes it all fitting. Which is why we're taking some time in this podcast to talk about them all (because there are a...


94: “Me Too” | Sexual Assault and Harassment | Star Wars: The Last Jedi | Overwatch | Andy Weir - Artemis | Dark Matter

It's Friday! And we're one week closer to Christmas. It's all too easy this time of year to get sucked into the vortex of presents and shopping, so we encourage you to listen to this podcast while you're doing something non commercial-holiday related. Maybe it's time to vacuum the spare bedroom... or clean out that closet you said you would clean out last year. With Brian and Anna (aka Mangodroplet) at the helm, we're going to be talking about a pretty heavy, and very relevant, topic....


93: Sympathy vs Empathy | Stranger Things 2 | Awaken Online: Catharsis | Megadeth Christmas | Lacuna Coil

As we draw deeper into the season of giving, of love and good cheer, and, most importantly, of hope, our conversations lead to the heart of matters that affect our relationships and, as a result, affect our community. Here at The Real Brian Show we are advocates for having the difficult conversations, for breaking complex human actions down into smaller pieces in an attempt to understand them, and encouraging one another to be the best version of ourselves. So join us in welcoming Mad...


92: I Wish I Could Just Quit You | Justice League | Supergirl | Maid of Steel | Commitment | Intentionality

Under commitment, over commitment. We see it all in modern society. Carl, Brian and Emilee take a whack at dissecting what it is getting in our way, why we make promises we don't intend to keep or why we hold back from making any promises at all. It's Superhero Friday, though! Which means we're going to have a blast talking about all our favorite things, including Justice League (we promise only minor spoilers). In This Episode can Just Quit Remember the adage, nobody likes a quitter?...


91: Stop the Hate | Respect | Feminism | Basketball | Peppermint Mocha | Guild Wars 2 | Sciatica | The Flash | Valuing Time and Money

Welcome back to The Real Brian Show! On this installment of the podcast, before a brief hiatus as we break for Thanksgiving, we welcome Shear Terror (Morgan) back to the show. Did you know that Brian is 13" taller than Morgan? Yeah. Seriously. But height makes no different on a podcast, right? Our differences make us unique and give us unique experiences and give us a variety that makes life so well rounded. But our differences also cause bias, division and derision. Why? Oh, let us count...


90: Andrea Deck is Sassy Octopus | Alien: Isolation | Diabetes Awareness Month | Ghost Recon: Wildlands | Lee Stephen | Voice Acting

Welcome back to The Real Brian Show! This week we've invited Lee Stephen and Andrea Deck to join the discussion. We last spoke with Lee in Episode 86 and were eager to get him back. To add some flavor, we also recruited Andrea Deck, who is a voice, film and stage actor currently living in Great Britain. Together we chat about video games,what it's like being an American and living in England, voice acting, and Type-1 diabetes. Ready for some fun? In This Episode Andrea Deck You may...


89: Sometimes I Pretend to Be Normal | Enneagram | JK Rowling | Stranger Things 2 | Sci Fi November | Voice Acting | Animated Movies

Happy Superhero Friday! In this installment of the podcast, I step out from behind the veil of the blog posts and co-host with Brian. We have a lot of fun with this discussion, including diving into one of my favorite topics... personality tests! There are several unmistakeable truths in this life: 1) the world is always changing, 2) sometimes things happen to us, and 3) we need to interact with people. Personality tests don't have an answer key, but they certainly produce tools for us to...


88: The Harry Potter Episode | Bertie Botts | Fantastic Beasts | Chocolate Frogs | Butterbeer | Pumpkin Spice Mocha

Welcome to the Harry Potter episode of The Real Brian Show! From beginning to end, front to back, this is Harry Potter through and through We're drinking butterbeer, eating chocolate frogs (or nuance chocolate...), talking about our favorite (and least favorite) Harry Potter things. Basically, if you love Harry Potter, you're going to have a blast joining in this week. In This Episode Harry Potter If there was ever a conversation I wish I could have been a part of, it was this one!...


87: What You Think, Manifests | Basketball | Alien: Isolation | Scheel’s | Guinness and Gouda Bread | Will Smith

When circumstances dominate us it is easier to notice how the things we think manifest in our lives. Let's talk about balance and how we can turn the negative outcomes into positive ones! Camron is back from the city that never sleeps, so he and Brian dive right into another fantastic Superhero Friday installment of The Real Brian Show. In This Episode Manifests “What you sow in thought, either useful or useless, manifests itself sooner or later in your circumstances.” Cogito ergo sum....


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