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Characteristics of Successful Real Estate Agents

Motivation March continues on T.R.E.O.L with this weeks special guest John Lusink a highly successful Real Estate Agent, Managing Broker and Business Coach. John has over 30 years of experience in real estate and has coached thousands of agents while serving in the capacity of a Managing Broker. In this episode of T.R.E.O.L Kevin & John discuss some of the characteristics that successful Real Estate Agents have and utilize which tend to lead to more overall success in the ever changing world...


Rolls Royce Dreams with Big Wheel Ethic – Pt.2

This week Kevin is back with part 2 of his "Motivational March" conversation with award winning author, coach and motivational speaker Taft Mohair. In part one of this two part podcast Kevin and Taft discussed why knowing your purpose in life is important. In this followup episode Taft will share some of the success tactics he empowers his clients with and how you can apply theses same tactics in your journey to success. / To purchase the...


Rolls Royce Dreams with Big Wheel Ethic

Kevin kicks off Motivational March with award winning author, coach and motivational speaker Taft Mohair. In part one of this two part podcast Kevin and Taft discuss why knowing your purpose in life is important and the impact that walking in your purpose ultimately has on your life. If you are wondering what all this has to do with real estate check out part one of Rolls Royce Dreams with Big Wheel Ethic. / To purchase the International Bestseller...


Why Kevin Loves Real Estate & why you should too

This week Kevin talks about why he loves Real Estate and why you should at-least consider "dating" real estate. The possibilities are endless and who knows you too might just fall in love with Real Estate. Check out this weeks installment of TREOL and see if you and Real Estate are a match made in heaven.


The Myth & Truth About “Off Market Opportunities”

In this installment of TREOL Kevin explains the myth and truth about the often requested "OFF MARKET OPPORTUNITY". Do off market opportunities really exist? If so where do I find them? Am I really getting a good deal? Do I really need a broker or can I just take a Real Estate class and hit the ground running? If you are searching for the truth about "Off Market Opportunities" be sure to listen closely to Episode 31 of The Real Estate of Life.


Top Three Things You Need To Know Before Investing In Commercial Real Estate

February is question and answer month so be sure to submit your real estate related questions. This week Kevin explains the "Top three things you need to know before investing in commercial real estate". So get your pen and pad ready to receive some valuable information that could save you time and money.


The Biggest Mistake I’ve Made – “Confession of a Top Producer”

In this episode of The Real Estate of Life Kevin talks about the biggest real estate investment mistake he's made thus far and provides some helpful tips to keep you from making the same mistake. So listen and learn from the "Confession of a Top Producer".


Building Wealth in 2018 – The Q&A Podcast

In this first installment of TREOL for 2018 Kevin answers some questions submitted by TREOL listeners & viewers. Check out Episode 28 of TREOL and if you have a question that was not answered, just to go to and submit your question. This year Kevin is focused on helping you build (more) wealth so don't just listen - take action and make the most out of everyday in 2018!


Know Your Numbers

In this weeks final installment of TREOL for 2017 Kevin encourages people to "Know Your Numbers" in order to get a realistic view of where you stand financially. If you plan on building wealth in 2018 you have to know exactly where you are in order to get where it is you want to be and that means not being afraid to know your credit score, your assets vs liabilities and ultimately your net worth. Check out Episode 27 of TREOL to find out how to calculate your numbers so you can build...


Setting SMART Goals For Success In 2018

Kevin remains on topic as he continues his efforts to prepare listeners for a highly successful year in 2018. This week Kevin breaks down just how to set and achieve SMART goals for 2018. It's not enough to just set goals, you must have a plan to accomplish those goals if you truly want to be successful . If you are asking yourself - "How do I set SMART goals?" You can start by listening to TREOL Episode 26.


Generating Leads To “FLIP” Properties

Kevin returns from his Thanksgiving holiday break to answer one of the questions he receives most; "How do I generate leads to FLIP properties". Despite what you see on television "Flipping" any property requires an ample amount of due diligence and typically it takes much longer in real life than on television. So if you are considering getting into "flipping" properties check out this Episode of TREOL and be sure to take advantage of the lead generation ideas Kevin offers up.


Truly Thankful..

In this Thanksgiving Episode of The Real Estate of Life Kevin takes a moment to expresses his thankfulness and encourage his listeners to do the same because it truly makes a difference in your outlook on life. HAPPY THANKSGIVING 2017!


4 Things To Consider Before You Buy or Invest In a Multi-Family or Commercial Property

In this installment of The Real Estate of Life Kevin is joined by Omar Ruiz Co-Founder of LeRu Investments, LLC. LeRu Investments is a real estate investment and property management company with commercial and residential real estate across the United States. In this discussion, Omar provides some valuable insight on the 4 things you should always do when doing "due diligence" prior to purchasing any multi-family or commercial investment property.


Real Estate & Franchising – It Takes More Than Just A Good Location

When most people think about starting a business or purchasing a franchise they probably never take into consideration some of the studies and analysis that have to be completed before you get the keys and turn on the "open for business" sign. In this Episode of The Real Estate of Life Kevin is joined by Daren Hawthorne - V.P. of Franchising for Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery who explains the many factors that are taken into consideration before approving a Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery...


Should I Get My Real Estate License?

In this Episode of The Real Estate of Life Kevin answers one of the most common questions he's asked; "Should I get my real estate license?". If you are you considering getting your real estate license be sure to check out this episode of The Real Estate of Life because you might just change your mind - or not. Which ever decision you make you will be more informed after hearing what Kevin has to say.


The ABCs of Real Estate Development

In this Episode of The Real Estate of Life Kevin continues the discussion about investing in real estate, this time from a developer's perspective. Exactly what does a Real Estate Developer do, what are the qualifications, and more importantly how do they make money. Check out this episode of T.R.E.O.L to get answers to these questions and more.


Just Do It – Self Directed IRAs

In this Episode of The Real Estate of Life Kevin continues the discussion about creative ways to invest in Real Estate while encouraging listeners to stop making excuses and "Just Do It". Self Directed IRAs provide another opportunity for potential investors to take advantage of the benefits of purchasing Real Estate while planning for the retirement years.


Creative Ways To Invest In Real Estate – Lease Purchase, Lease Options, Wraps & Subject To Loans

In this Episode of The Real Estate of Life Kevin discusses several creative ways to invest in Real Estate without having to get a "traditional bank" loan. Lease Purchase, Lease Options Wrap-Around and Subject To loans are just a few of the options that are available to potential buyers and investors. If you are looking to invest in residential or commercial real estate hopefully this podcast will provide some additional insight about some of the many options that are available.


Don’t Worry – Be Happy!

Does success always lead to happiness? What is success? How do you measure it? Can you become overly successful? Many people are taught that if you work hard and become "successful" that happiness will surely follow. In this Episode of The Real Estate of Life Kevin takes a deeper look into this ideology because for many people, this may not always be true. So enjoy this episode of TREOL and ask yourself, are you just successful or just happy or are you happy and successful?


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