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Episode Seventeen: Genes, Gin, and Government

Charles Murray comes to the Remnant with the wisdom of a decades-long career and now 75 years of life for a fascinating conversation with Jonah. They cover the bases . . . if your bases are social science, the future of America, and whether there can be such a thing as a “vodka martini.” The Remnant crew also helps Jonah search for a new catchphrase. Intro and closing music is from “The Wrong Side of the Road” by Remnant listener Patterico, as covered by Steve Bertrand.

Duration: 01:36:52

Episode Sixteen: Iran, So Far Away

Jonah rocks the casbah in the latest Remnant, with Middle East scholar Michael Rubin, who helps him assess the condition of the regimes of Iran and Turkey and the status of the Middle East and Islam generally. Podcast intro and closing music is “March of the Elephants” by Remnant listener Craig Robison.

Duration: 01:19:20

Episode Fifteen: Our Mediocre Media

Fox News's Chris Stirewalt joins Jonah for the latest Remnant to discuss the decrepit state of our media and politics. Also, Jonah and co wrap up the show with a highly self-indulgent year in review. New podcast music by Rob Alley.

Duration: 01:31:20

Episode Fourteen: Arthur Brooks’s The Meaning of Life

Jonah climbs high into the (metaphorical) Himalayas in this week’s Remnant, in search of advice from Arthur Brooks, the guru-like president of the American Enterprise Institute. They meditate upon various topics, including but not limited to finding meaning in life, what’s next for American politics, and what’s so special about the French horn. New podcast … Continue reading "Episode Fourteen: Arthur Brooks’s The Meaning of Life"

Duration: 01:24:19

Episode Thirteen: Podcast Potpourri

Jonah goes guest-free in this week’s Remnant, allowing him to engage in some rank punditry about Roy Moore’s defeat in Alabama and answer listener questions. The show runs the gamut from veganism, best conservative books, and best Twitter accounts, to trade deficits, Al Gore’s inhuman presence, advice for motivating bright but lazy teenage boys, and more. We close with a live reading of something that arguably outdoes sasquatch romance. New podcast music by Roy Lee Nelson.

Duration: 03:57:55

Episode Twelve: Episode Behind Enemy Lines

In the latest Remnant, Jonah talks with Steve Hayward, currently a visiting professor at University of California, Berkeley -- and a conservative. They discuss how what conservatives can do to make more inroads into higher education, and why elite schools should welcome the effort.

Duration: 01:56:01

Episode Ten: Afraid of Trade?

As the Remnant enters double digits, Jonah journeys into the international marketplace, with Cato Institute trade scholar and trade lawyer Scott Lincicome as his guide. Jonah and Scott defend free trade, and try to answer its critics.

Duration: 01:46:20

Episode Nine: Arguing at the Right-Wing Thanksgiving Dinner Table

Jonah invites fellow conservative history geek Matt Continetti of the Washington Free Beacon to explore the past, present, and future of conservatism as an ideology and as a movement. They pick up heaping helpings of neoconservatism, paleoconservatism, libertarianism, and Reaganism en route to a dessert of denouncing Sonny Bunch.

Duration: 01:47:47

Episode Eight: Predators, Real And Imagined

Breaking away from the shackles of the guest-interview format, our host discourses on the sexual misconduct wave moving through Washington, and explains how it’s all Bill Clinton’s fault. If that doesn’t hook you, then stick around for the Bigfoot erotica at the end.

Duration: 01:26:31

Episode Seven: Micro-aggressed by the Dalai Lama

Joined this time by Vulcan extraordinaire Ramesh Ponnuru, our hangover-defying host travels to such far-flung worlds as the Virginia gubernatorial elections, the prospects for tax reform, and the history of neoconservatism.

Duration: 04:22:29

Episode Six: Important Questions

In this slightly profanity-laden episode of the Remnant, Andrew Ferguson fanboy Jonah Goldberg asks the vital questions of the day. What is human nature? Will the conservative movement endure? What is a martini? How horrible a boss is Steve Hayes?

Duration: 02:50:39

Episode Five: Surviving the Apocalypse

Everything old is new again. Our intrepid host brings back recurring guest star Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE) to talk sports, current events, and survivalism, and invites National Review staff writer David French to discuss what do in the event of an actual zombie apocalypse.

Duration: 02:05:09

Episode Four: Chicken Wings, Cheese, and Politics

Our intrepid host talks chicken wings, cheese, and politics with thoroughgoing Wisconsinite Steve Hayes, editor of the Weekly Standard. Stick around for the end, when Jonah responds to uh . . . ah . . . listener criticism.

Duration: 01:03:53

Episode Three: Whatabout-ism

Remnant host Jonah Goldberg continues his quest to get comfortable with this strange medium. Back by popular demand is Senator Ben Sasse (R-Cornhuskers) to explain why we can't have nice things. Jonah responds to listener feedback and also tells us what he thinks about “whatabout-ism.”

Duration: 01:07:00

Episode Two: Why Can’t We Have Nice Things?

For the second episode, Jonah is joined by Yuval Levin, of the Ethics and Public Policy Center and National Affairs. Topics include: the role of institutions, what’s wrong with our politics, nationalism vs. patriotism, and why conspiracy theories are (probably) wrong.

Duration: 00:58:50

Episode One: The Debut

In this, the debut episode of The Remnant with Jonah Goldberg, the host nervously gropes his way through the podcast universe like a blind pervert in a sex-robot warehouse. His first guest is Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE). Topics include: the breakdown in civil society, the rise of tribalism in American politics, bullfighting and the vital … Continue reading "Episode One: The Debut"

Duration: 00:36:55