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Dr. Pfau On Managing Sequence Of Returns Risk In Retirement Planning

On this episode of The Resilient Advisor Podcast, Dr. Wade Pfau and Jay Coulter discuss managing sequence of returns risk in retirement planning. Last spring Dr. Pfau had an article published on titled ”4 Approaches To Managing Sequence of Returns Risk In Retirement.” It is a very popular post on the site. We examine each approach from the financial advisor's perspective. 1. Spend Conservatively -> Is the 4% number correct in this low interest rate environment? 2....

Duration: 00:20:34

How Financial Advisors Can Build A Franchise Ready Business With Duncan MacPherson

Duncan MacPherson of Pareto Systems joins Jay Coulter for this episode of The Resilient Advisor Podcast. Duncan is one of the industries top thought leaders in the areas of practice management and business development. He is a well-known industry keynote speaker and the author of several books including his most recent titled 'The Advisors Playbook'. What We Discuss: Duncan's Framework For Building A Critical Path To Franchise Readiness: 1. Why: Demography and Commoditization 2....

Duration: 00:48:53

Stress Management For Financial Advisors With Dr. Jack Singer

Dr. Jack Singer joins Jay Coulter on The Resilient Advisor Podcast to discuss two issues that hold many financial advisors back: Stress & The Impostor Syndrome. We also dive into 'Learned Optimism' and how it impact financial advisors. Connect With Dr. Jack Facebook: @DrJackTheFunSpeaker Twitter: @drjacksinger Website: Email: About Dr. Jack Singer (From his website) I am a nationally-renowned psychologist,...

Duration: 00:25:04

How Financial Advisors Can Leverage DiSC To Grow Their Business With Nicole Jansen

The DiSC assessment is a powerful tool for both enhancing your sales skills and building your team. Nicole Jansen comes on the podcast to share her experience working with financial advisors on how to best leverage DiSC in their business. She is a Certified Human Behavior Specialist with over 27 years of industry experience. Nicole is also the host of The Leaders Of Transformation Podcast which has been downloaded in over 100 countries. Connect With Nicole LinkedIn:...

Duration: 00:29:41

The Student Loan Epidemic & Your Clients With Joseph Reinke

As a financial advisor, the student loan problem is a major issue when building financial plans. On this episode of The Resilient Advisor Podcast, Joseph Reinke, CFA of FitBUX shares his thoughts on solutions to this issue. Connect With Joseph Twitter: @Fitbuxofficial Facebook: @Fitbuxofficial Website: About Joseph Joseph Reinke is the CEO and founder of Fitbux, Inc. FitBUX is introducing innovative finance products and technology to the student lending...

Duration: 00:19:03

How Sophisticated Advisors Incorporate Home Equity Into Retirement Planning With Professor Jamie Hopkins

Professor Jamie Hopkins comes on The Resilient Advisor Podcast with Jay Coulter to discuss how sophisticated financial advisors are using home equity as a tool in retirement plans. Jamie has been feature on Consuelo Mack’s PBS show WealthTrack (Link), Forbes (Link) and MarketWatch. Reverse mortgages are not what they used to be. This episode will be very informative for any financial advisor or financial planner who is stuck in the dogma that the industry has around these tools. You owe...

Duration: 00:34:16

Does A Commodity ETF Allocation Make Sense? An interview with Will Rhind

Will Rhind, the CEO and Found of GranitesShares joins Jay Coulter on this episode of The Resilient Advisor Podcast to discuss portfolio construction with broad-based commodity ETFs and gold ETFs. What We Discuss: Does it make sense to use the ETF structure for commodity structure? The Bloomberg Commodity Index vs the GSCI Index. The implications of the recent energy drawdown. Mean Reversion implications for index investors. COMG vs COMB Gold ETF's as a part of a...

Duration: 00:19:27

Overbought markets, the death of volatility and misconceptions about gold - An interview with Charlie Bilello.

On this podcast, Charlie Bilello from Pension Partners comes on to discuss some of their recent research on the equity markets, volatility and how to position gold in a portfolio. Tags: The Resilient Advisor, Resilient Advisor, Jay Coulter

Duration: 00:22:32

What does Morgan Stanley's Protocol exit mean for your business? With Attorney Joel Beck.

This week Morgan Stanley is exiting the Recruiting Protocol. While the implications are not exactly clear at this time, Attorney Joel Beck discusses what we know at this time. Connect With Joel Phone: (678) 783-3692 Office Email: Website:

Duration: 00:08:16

Does A Proactive Public Relations Campaign Make Sense For Financial Advisors?

On this episode I interview Dan Sondelm, CEO of Sondhelm Partners. He as 20 years of experience building brands in the financial services industry. How do you establish yourself as a 'Thought Leader?' 1. Define your message and be a part of the conversation 2. Produce Content: Blog, Podcast, YouTube 3. Repurpose Content (Social Media) Idea: Have you googled yourself? It's important! Why social media is important for financial advisors. 1. Your competition is there. 2. Your...

Duration: 00:33:43

How To Train Your Mind Like A World Class Athlete With Russ Rausch

My guest on this episode is Russ Rausch of Vision Pursue. Russ and his team consult with professional athletes, coaches and corporate organization. He teaches his clients how to improve performance by changing the way they think. What We Discuss: We all carry an 8-1 'Negativity Ratio' with our thoughts. This impacts performance. How to train your brain to influence your thoughts via an understanding of the chemical reaction in your brain. The Four Elements 1. Expectations,...

Duration: 00:36:27

10 Ways To Elevate Your Practice With Kristin Andree

What we discuss: Gallup Strengths Finder: Kolbe A Assessment: Kristin's New Course: 8 Weeks To Elevate Your Practice: Watch The Video About Her Course: Link Connect with Kristin: Website: Social Media Facebook: @andreegroup Twitter: @andreegroup Instagram: @andreegroup LinkedIn: @kristinandree

Duration: 00:22:48

How To Partner With The Right Wholesaler With Rob Shore Of Wholesaler Masterminds

Partnering with the right wholesaler can bring tremendous value to an advisory practice. Industry veteran Rob Shore of Wholesaler Masterminds® comes on the podcast to discuss how a financial advisor can determine if they have established a truly impactful partnership with their key wholesalers.

Duration: 00:20:12

A Pragmatic Process For Advisors Considering A Transition With Linda Willis

Industry veteran Linda Willis joined me on the podcast to discuss some of the important issues financial advisors face when considering a transition. Connect With Linda Website: Email: LinkedIn:

Duration: 00:16:50

What Is The Value Of Your Advisory Business? With Aaron Hasler

Valuing your advisory business can be very difficult. There are an incredible number of variables that go into the valuation. Transition Consultant Aaron Hasler of comes on the podcast to share some of his expertise on this important topic. Connect with Aaron Website: LinkedIn: Link

Duration: 00:30:48

The Top 10 Reasons Financial Advisors Should Start A Podcast with Kirk Lowe

I have found podcasting incredibly helpful in both my professional and non-profit efforts. It is an incredible platform that allows you to connect with people and build your brand. Kirk Lowe is an expert at building financial advisor marketing strategies and he is a big advocate of podcasting. On this episode we discuss the Top 10 Reasons Financial Advisors Should Start A Podcast. Kirk's podcast with Matt Halloran:

Duration: 00:32:43

Current ETF Trends with Tom Lydon

Tom Lydon is one of the best known ETF experts today. On this podcast we discuss some of the larger issues facing Financial Advisors today when allocation to ETFs. Smart Beta vs Factor Strategies.What does a zero cost ETF look like?Are ETF Strategists necessary today?The pros and cons of using fixed income ETFs.The current market for dividend focused ETFs. Are Robo Advisors really a threat to the traditional model.What will the market for mutual funds look like in 5 years?

Duration: 00:26:42

Cultivating HNW Clients with John Frankot | Episode 9

On this episode John Frankot and I do a deep dive on cultivating and engaging High Net Worth clients…...which is always a popular topic in this community! We discuss how top Financial Advisor are del eloping deeper client relationships and growing their business. We define the HNW space, discuss relationship marketing and how to execute a 'Life Style Event.' A little background John: Founder of Triple R Media, Inc - www.triplermedia.comPublisher of Life Refined Magazine -...

Duration: 00:23:48

Succession Planning Issues For Financial Advisors with Joel Beck | Episode 8

Without a succession plan, you are inviting a business and financial catastrophe. Your heirs will not maximize your years of hard work. You need a plan. ASAP! On this episode of The Resilient Advisor Podcast we discuss this issues and more with Attorney Joel Beck of The Beck Law Firm. Joel’s practice is focused in the areas of financial markets, insurance regulation, estate planning, and business law.

Duration: 00:15:15

Commodity Investing - How The Retail Investor Loses with Portfolio Manager John Farley | Episode 7

Have you had a client close their account because a competitor presented them with the latest Managed Futures Fund with a great 'track record?' Has a client moved their business because they decided that they could trade futures contracts and generate better returns than you? Are you constantly discouraged by the underperformance of your ETF allocation to commodities? On this episode of The Resilient Advisor I discuss these issues with 20 year trading veteran John Farley, who is the...

Duration: 00:17:20

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