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Tour de Political Corruption (Episode 36)

In Episode 36, we review a host of government corruption stories from misuse of city-owned vehicles in New York to a gubernatorial candidate under investigation for fraud in Michigan.

Duration: 00:22:18

The Respass Report - Episode 34: Prosecutions from Russia With Love

Review of the blockbuster news that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has indicted former Trump campaign officials Paul Manafort and Rick Gates for conspiracy against the United States and other charges. We also review the charges and guilty plea for Trump campaign advisor George Papadopoulos, who was convicted of lying to the FBI in the Russia investigation.

Duration: 00:29:38

The Respass Report - Episode 34: "The President has great difficulty with the truth"

Episode 34 includes coverage of Trump's ongoing war of words with retiring Republican Senator Bob Corker, the anti-Trump retirement speech of Republican Senator Jeff Flake, and remarks on the tragic passing of Sgt. La David Johnson in Niger and the unfortunate politics of the story.

Duration: 00:29:17

The Respass Report - Episode 33: Hurricane Trump Hits Obamacare, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands

Coverage of Trump's new effort to cripple Obamacare, his meeting with the President of the US Virgin Islands (himself), the situation in Puerto Rico, and Trump's feud with GOP Senator Bob Corker.

Duration: 00:34:00

The Respass Report - Episode 32: Let's Talk About Guns - The Las Vegas Massacre

In Episode 32, we discuss the Las Vegas Massacre where a domestic terrorist killed over 50 people and wounded over 500, along with the insanity of America's gun debate.

Duration: 00:24:20

The Respass Report - Episode 31: Trump Launches War Against (Black) Pro Athletes

Donald Trump is again dividing the country, this time via sports, by calling for athletes (mostly black athletes) protesting the National Anthem to be fired. We cover the statements rejecting his position and more!

Duration: 00:16:22

The Respass Report - Episode 30: Economic Mobility Barely Exists for Black Men; Medicare for All

In Ep. 30, we discuss new research that shows limited economic mobility for black men, meaning they have limited chances of having a better income than their fathers. We also briefly discuss the unveiling of Senator Bernie Sanders' Medicare for All legislation.

Duration: 00:34:40

The Respass Report - Episode 29: Listener Reflections on 9/11, Congressional Term Limits

In Episode 29, Respass Report listeners share their reflections on where they were on 9/11 and we discuss our proposal for congressional term limits.

Duration: 00:31:40

The Respass Report - Episode 28: DACA, Charlottesville, and Trump's Crazy August

After taking August off, The Respass Report is back to review the dumpster fire that was Trump's August 2017. We take a look at Trump's ridiculous reactions to the racist incidents in Charlottesville, his high staff turnover, and his upcoming decision on the controversial DACA program for people who were brought to the US illegally as children.

Duration: 00:31:33

The Respass Report - Episode 27: Jeff Sessions and Marijuana Madness

In Episode 27, we discuss Trump's public turn on his Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who is currently ramping up a misguided war on the legalization of marijuana. We discuss the fight over marijuana legalization and the related racial inequities. The pod will be on a vacation for August 2017!

Duration: 00:38:44

The Respass Report - Episode 26: Why Republicans Hate Obamacare + Trump Jr's Russia Lies Get Exposed

Donald Trump Jr gets caught in lies about Russia and we have a lot to say about it. We also discuss why Republicans want to see Obamacare die, and touch on what we truly need to get healthcare right: single-payer.

Duration: 00:43:57

The Respass Report - Episode 25: "What the Health" Documentary Thoughts + Trump Embarrasses Us Again at G-20

In Episode 25, we discuss the controversial "What the Health" documentary and the dangers of red and processed meat. We also talk Trump's embarrassing overseas trip to the G-20 Summit.

Duration: 00:26:43

The Respass Report - Episode 24: An Interview with State Senator Nina Turner of Ohio

Former Ohio State Senator Nina Turner joins the show to discuss her rise in Ohio politics, her transition to being a national political figure, and her reasons for being a leading surrogate for the presidential campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders. We also discuss being a black woman in white male dominated politics as well as motivation for millennials to join the progressive politics cause. You can see The Nina Turner Show on The Real News -

Duration: 00:31:21

The Respass Report - Episode 23: Interview with Dr. Atira Charles, Professor at Florida A&M and Diversity Expert

This week we have a wide-ranging interview with Dr. Atira Charles, Assistant Professor of Management at Florida A&M University and a diversity consultant. We discuss how Dr. Charles got admitted to Florida A&M at 16 on a full scholarship and had her Ph.D from Arizona State University at age 27. She reflects on how it felt to be one of a few black female Ph.Ds is her field. She also hugged President Obama at her Ph.D commencement against Secret Service advice! We discuss theoretical...

Duration: 01:00:00

The Respass Report - Episode 22: "Live" Political Comedy Edition

I decided to write a political comedy monologue and to give it a try before a "live studio audience." Hope you enjoy!

Duration: 00:06:45

The Respass Report - Episode 21: The Anatomy of Presidential Impeachment: A Bill Clinton Case Study

Were you too young to follow the Bill Clinton impeachment? Do you need a refresher? Episode 21 dives deep into the events leading up to the impeachment of President Clinton and how that impeachment should inform our thoughts on a potential impeachment of President Donald Trump.

Duration: 00:38:09

The Respass Report - Episode 20: Foul Language Edition: STFU About Bill Maher + Trump Flips Off the Planet

A rant about the silly Bill Maher controversy and the left's constant urge to stir up online outrage mobs about minor incidents. Also, we discuss the Paris climate agreement and Trump's decision to withdraw. Lot's of F bombs in this show!

Duration: 00:30:27

The Respass Report - Episode 19: Trump Embarrassment World Tour + Montana GOP Candidate Chokeslams Reporter

Discussing Trump's embarrassing first international trip, the Montana GOP candidate for Congress chokeslamming a reporter, and thoughts on the awful Betsy Devos.

Duration: 00:31:59

The Respass Report - Episode 18: Comey Has the Receipts + Trumpy-leaks + My Apology to Hillary

Talking all things Trump - the news that he leaked classified information to the Russians in the Oval Office AND the bombshell report that Trump asked former FBI Director Comey to drop the investigation into former Michael Flynn. I also issue an apology to Hillary Clinton!

Duration: 00:30:51

The Respass Report - Episode 17: Trump Fires FBI Director Comey; France Trumps Hate, ObamaCare Repeal Revived

The open and second half of the show are all about Trump's crazy firing of FBI Director, James Comey, who was investigating the Trump campaign for ties with Russia. We also discuss the French election, the Republicans' latest effort to repeal Obamacare, and Betsy DeVos getting booed at BCU's commencement.

Duration: 00:39:18

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