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A podcast looking back at all those classic fun, entertaining and dramatic movies from the 1980's




045 – This is Spinal Tap.

Taking it to Eleven this week as Gidgit and Angry laugh their way through one of the all time great comedy classics as we join Spinal Tap on the road and the return to greatness! We also have an amazing cameo on this week, thank her for supporting us by supporting her. Lana does our into theme and something a little extra this week. Check Lana’s amazing music by clicking HERE… Read more

Duration: 01:04:33

044b – Aliens

This week we wrap up our podcast on the incredible 1986 film Aliens. So much going on in this half of the movie, not to mention this podcast has our first ever prize giveaway! Good Luck! Other Podcasts we mentioned: Two peas on a Podcast Schlock or Not So I Married a Movie Geek … Read more

Duration: 00:45:57

044a – Aliens

This week we celebrate a year of 80’s movie podcasts as we start our two-parter on the all time classic – Aliens! Huge thank you to all out there listening to us! Podcasts we chatted about. Some are friends who’ve helped us along the way (thanks all!), but all of these we recommend you try them out! The Countdown PC Skip to the End The Unwritable Rant Drift and Ramble Lore Podcast And check out the fantastic Horror block of Schlock Horror!Thanks Paul for your support and...

Duration: 00:57:19

043 – Blue Velvet

This week Gidgit and Angry delve in to the seedy underbelly of Lumberton NC as they join Jeffrey and Sandy in their investigation in to the mysterious Dorothy Vallens… That’s right, this week, it’s the genius of David Lynch before Twin Peaks came along… When a woman sang a song and wore…. Blue Velvet… … Read more

Duration: 01:14:29

042 – The Goonies

Hey you guys! This week Gidgit and Angry are in Astoria Oregon, looking for the treasure of One Eyed Willy! Goonies never die and this classic from the 80’s is just as much fun today! … Read more

Duration: 01:03:14

041 – The Right Stuff

With the sad passing of the brilliant writer and actor Sam Shepard we take a look at one of his most famous roles – that of Chuck Yeager. The man who broke the sound barrier and was truly made of The Right Stuff. This pivotal role shadows over the incredible achievements of the Mercury Astronauts in a classic from the 1980’s! Find the Childhood Remastered Podcast HERE!… Read more

Duration: 01:03:33

040b – Batman

Continuing on same Bat Time, same Bat Channel, this week Gidgit and Angry enjoy the last half of one of the biggest movies of the 1980’s – Tim Burton’s Batman! And we shout out congratulations to one of Angry’s favourite podcasts – The Unwritable Rant on 100 very funny episodes! Check out Juliette Miranda HERE! … Read more

Duration: 00:48:56

040a – Batman

Gotham City is a place of violent crime, ruled by organised crime as the law struggles to fight for order. In this dark city one man strives to keep justice alive. We call him Bruce Wayne. Gotham City know him as… Batman … Read more

Duration: 01:05:20

039b – The Abyss

This week we’re rounding out our deep look in to the Abyss. People might die, aliens might be seen and Bud kicks back to enjoy the view 5ooo meters down at the bottom of the ocean. Our promo this week is for the “So I married a movie geek” podcast – check them out HERE!… Read more

Duration: 00:51:12

039a – The Abyss

This week we’re in neon neoprene, waaaay down deep as we find out juts what is living in…. The Abyss! … Read more

Duration: 00:52:36

038 – The Pirate Movie

This week finds Gidgit and Angry on the high seas and singing Gilbert & Sullivan numbers as they enjoy the 80’s cult classic The Pirate Movie! Podcasts we mentioned: Skip to the End The Countdown PC The ACPN Podcast And Gidgit will soon be guest starring on the Scream Queenz Podcast… Read more

Duration: 01:14:34

037 – Christine

This week we bought a 1957 Plymouth Fury. Nothing can go wrong… right? Join Gidgit and Angry as they share the love all over again for one of their favourite horror movies. Plus it’s directed by the legendary John Carpenter! Podcasts we talked about in the episode: The Countdown PC Two peas on a pod Drift and Ramble Podcast… Read more

Duration: 01:07:18

036 – Revenge of the Nerds

This week finds Gidgit and Angry at Adams College, stair diving into beer pools and winning the homecoming concert! Enjoy the hilarious 1984 comedy Revenge of the Nerds! Our new intro is from musician Lana White – check out her amazing work HERE! … Read more

Duration: 01:21:50

035b – Excalibur

This week Gidgit Von LaRue and Angryman continue their look at the greatest cinematic treatment of the Arthurian legend – Excalibur. Plus, they do squeeze in a couple more references from the Monty Python version too! Our podcast buddies over at the Countdown Podcast can be found here!… Read more

Duration: 00:42:09

035a – Excalibur

This week we go back to 1981 for the greatest King Arthur movie of them all! A movie so big that we decided to make it a double episode full of chrome covered knights, epic battles and some very funny lines from the greatest Magician in history – Merlin! Also, we may reference Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Just a little bit. #podernfamily… Read more

Duration: 01:04:39

034 – Footloose

This week we’re saving the town of Bomont, one montage at at time! Gidgit and Angry revisit the classic that is Footloose! A film with a great story, and an even better soundtrack. An unmissable eighties film, we dare you not to be toe tapping from the opening credits! … Read more

Duration: 01:24:16

033 – The Fly

This week Gidge’s partner @ColonelKickhead steps in to take a seat in the RC HQ! Angryman is out sick and the Colonel has excelled himself and stepped in to take co-hosting duties on one of the biggest and best horror films of the 1980’s – The Fly! The Retro Cinema is part of the #podernfamily podcasts and the ACPN podcast network… Read more

Duration: 01:05:55

032 – 9 to 5

This week we’re in the office and up against one of the most horrible bosses in cinema. But who can withstand the skills of Lily, Jane and Dolly? … Read more

Duration: 01:07:54

031 – RoboCop

This week Gidgit and Angry roam the dystopian streets of Old Detroit watching as the fallen Officer Alex Murphy is resurrected into the future of Law Enforcement- RoboCop! … Read more

Duration: 01:21:47

030 – Flash Gordon

It’s a HUGE podcast this week as Gidgit and Angry can’t stop talking about the 1980 cult classic Flash Gordon. It’s over the top, comic book fun as they hit the hard questions. Like would you choose Princess Aura or Dale Arden? Plus having a Queen soundtrack never hurt anyone. … Read more

Duration: 01:23:28

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