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Podcasting movies from the 1980s We are an Australian based podcast that grew up watching movies int he 1980s/ Now we're rewatching them all over again! Weekly podcast!

Podcasting movies from the 1980s We are an Australian based podcast that grew up watching movies int he 1980s/ Now we're rewatching them all over again! Weekly podcast!
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Melbourne , Victoria


Podcasting movies from the 1980s We are an Australian based podcast that grew up watching movies int he 1980s/ Now we're rewatching them all over again! Weekly podcast!




061 – Better Off Dead

This week Gidgit and Angry are in Greendale CA, ready to ski the K-12. Right after they restore a gorgeous ’67 Camaro. Join us as we dodge paying the paperboy his two dollars and enjoy the classic Better Off Dead all over again! … Read more

Duration: 01:29:35

060b – The Empire Strikes Back (Part Two)

Join Gidgit and Angryman as they embark on exploring the second half of the amazing 1980 entry in to the Star Wars franchise. Warning – Spoilers! … Read more

Duration: 01:02:54

060a – The Empire Strikes Back

The Retro Cinema brings in 2018 with a classic among classics – Arguably – well, we both think so, the best in a franchise spanning decades! Join us on Hoth as we head into space and then Dagobah… well you get the idea.. … Read more

Duration: 01:03:58

059 – Top Ten Vacation Movies

This week – remember those eighties movies that had some sort of holiday or vacation in them? So do we! In the last podcast for 2017, Gidgit and Angryman put together their Top Ten favourite Vacation movies. Never fear we’ll be back bright eyed and bushy tailed in January 2018! … Read more

Duration: 00:50:07

058 – Lethal Weapon

He’s burnt out, on the ragged edge… the film that created the classic buddy-cop trope and spawned a huge franchise is the Retro Cinema Christmas movie! Catch Gidgit, Angryman and special guest Paul from the Countdown Podcast as they enjoy watching this holiday classic from 1987! Click below to check out Paul and Wayne’s hilarious podcast!! … Read more

Duration: 01:39:44

057 – Top Ten Kids Movies

This week in the last of our current series of Top Tens we head waaay back to our childhood and enjoy our favourite kids movies. Surprisingly we really both seem to be fans of a ‘little bit scary’ and the ‘right amount of dark’ – Are your favourites on the list? … Read more

Duration: 00:51:50

056 – Top Ten Baddies You Love

This week we look at some of the great baddies of the films of the 1980’s. Let’s face it, we were spoilt for choice in this category! So many great characters to remember – join us as we look at those bad guys you couldn’t help but love! … Read more

Duration: 00:34:48

055 – Top Ten Original Movie Songs

This week we top ten the songs that helped make 80’s movies as fantastic as they are! Remember when songs were written for a movie? So do we! Join us for a truckload of music and 80s movie love in this podcast! … Read more

Duration: 00:47:57

054 – Top Ten Sexiest Stars

Gidgit is away so we’ve put together some pre-recorded fun for you Find out who we think are the sexiest stars on screen in the 1980’s Plus we have some of your picks as well! … Read more

Duration: 00:42:52

053 – Willow

This week it’s Gidgit’s birthday pick as we join the brave Nelwyn Willow and his newfound friend Madmartigan as they journey to take Elora Danan to the castle of Tir Asleen! Watching this film, you’re going to see a lot of scenes and style that have turned up in films decades later. … Read more

Duration: 01:19:19

052 – The Wraith

Fast cars, righteous vengeance and Sherilyn Fenn – There’s everything to love in this film. You like it too? Well this is the definitive podcast on this 1986 classic! … Read more

Duration: 01:30:55

051 – Ladyhawke

This week we’re back in the 13th century to see if true love can survive an evil curse as Ferris Bueller helps Roy Batty and Elvira Hancock be reunited (Yes there’s lots of six degrees on this one!) Visually stunning and a great tale – It’s Ladyhawke! … Read more

Duration: 01:12:55

050 – Annie

This week Gidgit and Angry have a hard knock life and go back to 1933 and join a little red headed girl as she goes from the orphanage to a life of wonderful comfort – most importantly with Grace and Daddy Warbucks! And a big thank you to all our listeners as we hit 50 80’s movies! So many more to come!… Read more

Duration: 01:18:41

049 – Road House

This week finds Gidgit and Angry at the Double Deuce watching Dalton and Wade Garret turn a dive into the place to be! Join us for laughs and trivia at one of the cheesiest 80’s movies ever- Road House! … Read more

Duration: 01:18:33

048 – Pet Sematary

This week we’re finding out that sometimes, Dead Is Better. Join Gidgit and Angry for their take on the classic 1989 horror Stephen King novel now movie – Pet Sematary! … Read more

Duration: 01:21:15

047 – Mannequin

This week is one of the great little popcorn flicks of the 1980s! Fun laughs and montages in the classic Mannequin! … Read more

Duration: 01:05:04

046 – The Untouchables

It’s Chicago, 1930 and Al Capone rules the city with fear and unlimited money. One group of men dared to stand up to him and changed the course of American History. The Untouchables! Other podcasts to check out! So I married a movie geek Stuck in the 80’s Rabbit ears TV Podcast Undead Wookie The Countdown Podcast 2 Peas on a Pod… Read more

Duration: 01:21:52

045 – This is Spinal Tap.

Taking it to Eleven this week as Gidgit and Angry laugh their way through one of the all time great comedy classics as we join Spinal Tap on the road and the return to greatness! We also have an amazing cameo on this week, thank her for supporting us by supporting her. Lana does our into theme and something a little extra this week. Check Lana’s amazing music by clicking HERE… Read more

Duration: 01:04:33

044b – Aliens

This week we wrap up our podcast on the incredible 1986 film Aliens. So much going on in this half of the movie, not to mention this podcast has our first ever prize giveaway! Good Luck! Other Podcasts we mentioned: Two peas on a Podcast Schlock or Not So I Married a Movie Geek … Read more

Duration: 00:45:57

044a – Aliens

This week we celebrate a year of 80’s movie podcasts as we start our two-parter on the all time classic – Aliens! Huge thank you to all out there listening to us! Podcasts we chatted about. Some are friends who’ve helped us along the way (thanks all!), but all of these we recommend you try them out! The Countdown PC Skip to the End The Unwritable Rant Drift and Ramble Lore Podcast And check out the fantastic Horror block of Schlock Horror!Thanks Paul for your support and...

Duration: 00:57:19

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