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The Review sits down with Wayne Rostad

Wayne Rostad will be playing a benefit concert at Vankleek Hill Collegiate Institute in November to support Arbor Gallery.

Duration: 00:20:36

The brain's behind the Beau's Oktoberfest: Josh Gottlieb

The Review sits down with Josh Gottlieb, the man in charge of Beau's brewery's biggest event of the year: Oktoberfest.

Duration: 00:38:29

Ep. 17 - Hand Pedals to the Medal with Joey Desjardins

Strap in and enjoy the ride! This week we sit down with Joey Desjardins, a Next-Gen Para-cycling athlete looking to make the push towards Tier 1 status. Fresh off a successful turn at the Para-Cycling Road World Cup in The Netherlands, Desjardins talks to us about what goes into his training, the mental benefits of competition, and the importance of both giving and receiving support from those you love.

Duration: 00:27:18

Ep. 16 — Welcome Umaia!

"It seems weird to me that people will see me as something that I don't see myself." This week, we sit down with Umaia Perlin. She's 16-years old and is our summer intern at The Review. We chat about her love of film and literature, her meeting Margaret Atwood and asking her about feminism, and finally a part of her life she says she may need to think about more as she gets older.

Duration: 00:38:19

Ep. 15 - Natasha Martel at Arbor Gallery

This week, we speak with young artist Natasha Martel, who moved to Vankleek Hill for love and is exhibiting her art at Arbor Gallery (36 Home Avenue in Vankleek Hill) until July 30. Meet her at the gallery on Sunday, June 25, between 2 and 4 p.m.

Duration: 00:05:32

Ep. 14 — Take a deep breath

The last time we had Danny Norris on the show, he was heading to Toronto to be put on a lung transplant list. Only three months later, he's been given a new set of lungs and a new chance at life.

Duration: 00:13:45

Ep. 13 — Welcome Clark!

This week we sit down with our newest reporter here at The Review. We chat about everything from what makes Super Smash Bros. a more complex game than you may think, to growing up in a small town, to what basic universal income may look like. Enjoy!

Duration: 00:54:26

Ep.12: Relay for Life

Are you heading out to Relay for Life in Maxville? What about next week's relay in Plantagenet? This week, Up and Comers speaks with relay organizer Debra-Lynn Bellefeuille about her journey.

Duration: 00:08:01

From car parts to pirouettes: Hannah Dawson's Olympic pursuit

After finishing in the top 10 at last year's National Junior Ladies figure skating competition, 16-year old Hannah Dawson is on a podium pursuit at the 2022 Winter Olympics. What does it take to get there? How does she balance training and personal life? And what's her connection to a local clothing brand?

Duration: 00:19:03

Ep. 9: VKH's Golden Girl

This week, we speak with Vicky Jean-Louis, owner of Golden Hill juices. We chat about how her juices have exploded around town, a mom with a full-time business, and what's on the horizon.

Duration: 00:39:56

Ep. 8: Keeping active

This week on Up and Comers, Kayla Léveillé Quan and Chloe Plouffe of not-for-profit organization 100% Actifs on why Hawkesbury is home.

Duration: 00:06:18

Episode 7: Arts Council

This week on Up-and-Comers, Shanna Steals, Executive Director of CAPRAC, shares why she stayed in Prescott and Russell and speaks about her vision for Prescott-Russell's art scene.

Duration: 00:23:21

Ep. 6: History outside the classroom

A couple weeks ago we spoke with students on their way to the Vimy commemoration. This week, we chat with a couple of those students about the atmosphere during the ceremony and learning outside the classroom.

Duration: 00:20:31

Ep.3: Starting a business

This week on Up-and-Comers, Alan Bradley shares why he started his own business here in Prescott and Russell, where he grew up.

Duration: 00:10:43

Ep.4: Remembering Vimy

This week on Up-and-Comers, we chat with local high school students on their way to Vimy for the 100th anniversary. Disclaimer: The text read in the old-time radio voice comes from the Canadian Encyclopedia.

Duration: 00:07:59

Ep.3: It's punk rock

Arbor Gallery curator Niki Mulder speaks with Up and Comers about why she no longer considers herself a city person, and what her hopes are for Vankleek Hill's Arbor Gallery.

Duration: 00:14:23

Ep. 2: Beer by design

What makes a beer look good? How does Vankleek Hill compare to Toronto? That and more as we chat with Eddy from Beau's brewery.

Duration: 00:16:49

Episode one: home on a hobby farm

The Review's new podcast series debuts with an interview with Patrick Lalonde. The L'Orignal resident opened his business, Lalonde Physio, about a year ago. In the episode, he shares his reasons for coming back home, what he likes about L'Orignal, and his vision for the future of the area. This new podcast series, with episodes every Friday, will bring you a peek into the lives of a new generation of Prescott-Russell residents. Do you or a friend have a story you want to share? Email us at...

Duration: 00:06:37

An important podcast announcement

Hi podcast listeners! Review Radio is evolving. We're really excited about a new series we're working on. Listen below for more details, and check out the first episode next Friday.

Duration: 00:17:12

"Soapboxes" and new lungs

This week on Review Radio Hour, we report on yesterday's Upper Canada District School Board meeting, and bring you an interview with Danny Norris, a local resident who has cystic fibrosis. Plus, information about what's going on in your community in the coming days and weeks.

Duration: 00:24:46

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