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The RuPeat is an obsessive, hilarious, research session of RuPaul's Drag Race, Season 4, Episode 4: Queens Behind Bars. 1 Episode, forever. #yas #werk

The RuPeat is an obsessive, hilarious, research session of RuPaul's Drag Race, Season 4, Episode 4: Queens Behind Bars. 1 Episode, forever. #yas #werk
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The RuPeat is an obsessive, hilarious, research session of RuPaul's Drag Race, Season 4, Episode 4: Queens Behind Bars. 1 Episode, forever. #yas #werk






Killing Charlie Hides w/ Viva Vidalia

We're joined by Mr. Rockbar and shining jewel of the nightlife scene, Viva Vidalia to discuss just where Charlie hid all her emotion in that lip sync. We talk sex dungeons, death drops, the NYC drag explosion and so much more.

Duration: 00:29:56

2.3 Kimora Nomora

Kimora's gone back to vegas and we are in deep mourning. JUST KIDDING! Flippe Kikee joins us to talk all things drag and then some. We tagnet-trample Chipotle, Fairy Tale Mad Libs, Overly Cute Bartenders, Soul Cycle and so much more.

Duration: 00:53:59

2.02 Social Media Queens

Drew and Pierce tackle the world's most powerful opponent: Twitter! Let's see how our Season 9 RuPaul's Drag Race queens are dealing with the attention before the whole damn thing even starts!

Duration: 00:34:51

Season 2 Episode 0 - Meet the Queens of Season 9

It's the most wonderful tiiiiiime of the year. That's right kittens, RuPaul's Drag Race is right around the corner. We're joined by EXTRA special guest, Phyllis Shapiro, to talk about the freshly dropped meet the queens segments. We talk fashion influences, oil rich husbands, the best country to buy furs (it's not the one you're thinking) and of course lots of drag! What better way to PrEP for the coming season?

Duration: 01:26:45

Episode 13 - The RuPeats Take Manhattan

Tuck it in kittens! Our season one finale event went off with a bang and everyone felt it. Pierce and I are back in the studio offering color commentary on the social event of the season, the drag ball for the true ballers, the EXCLUSIVE Rockbar reading of "Queens Behind Bars" with a star-studded cast. Give it a listen and PrEP for season 2 starting in February.

Duration: 01:18:44

The Gang Tackles Racism

The cycle is complete! We end our first season with our very first guest, MISS Flippe Kikke! We get into all your favorite subjects in our attempt to vivisect the spookiest queen of season 4. We talk art school prejudice, white power, puerto rican chicken, the Basic queens, Pokemon GoGo's. Is It Drag: TV Personalities and Mac vs PC

Duration: 01:07:31

Gypsies, Tramps, and SQUEE!

It's the Dark Lady-boy herself, Chad Michaels! Pierce and I go solo to talk about giraffe prints, the 80's hit Take on Me, the career of Kat Dennings, the possible hypocrisy of safety pins, and much more! If you have a minute, please leave a rating on iTunes, it makes a huge difference.

Duration: 01:00:26

A Kai Kai With Your Sister

There's a rattle snake on this recording! Can you hear it? Ru-co-co-co. We welcome comedian and hair model Adam Dorn to talk the return of Little Kenya Michaels. We pigeon-hole Georgia O'Keefe, talk the baseball history of Abner Double Gay and his hairy Cubs, come up with a line of T-Shirts, and find blood in our puddin' farts. Let's dive in, kids!

Duration: 00:56:45

Wigs Thirsty for the Lord

DOUBLE SOLO. It's back to basic with Drew and Pierce as sisters doing it for themselves to tackle Dida Ritz. Not actually tackle her, not with those shoulders. We talk church camps, criminal baby sitters, drag wives, and much more!

Duration: 00:56:45

The Beatdown Strikes Back

Grab your saddles, we're riding Willam again! Performance artist Amy joins us to discuss the mysterious origins of blue makeup, the song canon of Irving Berlin, the great Central Park fire, "those weird reddit guys" and MORE!

Duration: 00:53:25

Your Tone is Very Soothing

It's Willam Week curlfriends! We have an exclusive interview with the queen of Paramus, NJ - Mrs Phyllis Shapiro! Phyllis drops the T on society balls, her time on Sex and the City, Elaine Stritch's awful hats, sex in a mole-skin fur suit, and so much more. Bonus: hot steaming shit, straight from the bar!

Duration: 01:05:53

The Unclockable Life of Kenya Michaels

This episode we're joined by the sometimes draggy (but never a drag) Evan! Learn about the infamous Susanne Bartsch parties, airbrush makeup, Daddy NO!, and more!

Duration: 00:58:01

It's Not Easy Being Green

Drew and Pierce welcome our first guest, Ms Flippe Kikee, to talk about Madam LaQueer in Season 4, Episode 4 of RuPaul's Drag Race. At the RuPeat we watch the same episode everyweek until we become one with Party City, where we all belong.

Duration: 01:10:13