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Hello, the Rule comprises Adam Ganong and Philip Hall. We are lifelong friends who have been telling stories all our lives. Podcasting, it turns out, is the medium we have been waiting for to tell those stories. The Rules is a podcast in which we brainstorm, discuss, and follow a specific set of rules to write stories, which we then present in the episode. We are committed to producing quality entertainment and having fun doing it! Thank you.




A Hero We Can STILL Bean - Lieve In (Special Episode)

Today marks the one year anniversary of Season 1, Episode 1 of The Rules! To commemorate we have gone back and reused those same rules from a year ago.

Duration: 00:49:54

Welcome to Beautiful Big Mouth Bay (Season 2, Episode 10)

Kaitlin Ruether (@Kaitlin_Ruether) joins Adam and Jenna for the finale of season two! Listen as we write stories about inclement weather and heartbreak in many forms. Get your free audiobook and Audible trial by visiting

Duration: 01:11:57

Tainting The Gherkin Stash (Season 2, Episode 9)

Dinner party shenanigans abound this week as Adam and Jenna are joined by poet and writer Zoe Dickinson (@zoeidadickinson). We tell stories about scary vegetables, hidden pickles, and deals with the Devil. Get your free audiobook and Audible trial by visiting

Duration: 01:20:12

And Now For Something Completely Different

The Rules will be back next week with episodes in our regular format, but for now, enjoy this side project that we've been working on. It's called Slush, and we made it for you. You can find Bobby's work here: And you can find Daniel's book here:

Duration: 00:31:58

$99 For A Great Story (Season 2, Episode 6)

The robots are taking over in this episode as Adam and Jenna get the rules from an AI: Jenna's Twitter bot, @knorrse_ebooks. Get your free audiobook and Audible trial by visiting

Duration: 00:56:18

A Violent Silence (Season 2, Episode 5)

Adam and Jenna are joined by Rodrigo Flores, member of the Canadian Theatre Critics Association and founder of Joyful Magpies ( Take a dive under the sea with us to find out what's lurking beneath the surface. Get your free audiobook and Audible trial by visiting

Duration: 01:02:25

Ghost Pepper (Season 2, Episode 4)

Dear listener: This week, we do the ghost pepper challenge - with a twist. We also write letters. Sincerely, Adam and Jenna. Get your free audiobook and Audible trial by visiting

Duration: 00:53:07

Pizza Wars (Season 2, Episode 2)

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Adam and Jenna contemplate the lives of pizza deliverers who just want to stay home. After you're done listening to this episode, go listen to the Workin' on the Death Star episode of Imaginary Worlds. You won't regret it. Get your free audiobook and Audible trial by visiting

Duration: 00:48:08

Tell A Fairy Tale Day (Special Episode!)

This week Jenna takes over and brings us a special episode in honour of Tell a Fairy Tale Day. Get your free audiobook and Audible trial by visiting

Duration: 00:37:57

Collector's Edition (Season 2, Episode 1)

Adam and Phil are joined by Jenna Knorr, the guest who enjoyed her time on the show so much she never left. Hear all about exterminators, action figures, and the heroes whose contributions often go without reward. Get your free audiobook and audible trial by visiting

Duration: 00:48:17

Monster Madness

Philip and Adam try their hands at writing scary stories in second person, and take a look at why second person can be so jarring.

Duration: 00:36:32


We need to work harder! We're not releasing episodes for a little while, so we can make the best content possible for you!

Duration: 00:04:04

Here's My Point Of View...

We are on a break right now, so we're doing shorter, simpler episodes. This week Adam explains some of his findings about POV.

Duration: 00:15:52

Face Off Finale! (Season 1, Episode 10)

Phil and Adam Face off and find out who is the better writer... editor... and host of The Rules podcast. It's all out, action packed, fast paced storytelling extravanganza!

Duration: 00:42:48

New Rules for New People (Season 1, Episode 8)

The creators of the podcast New Heads for New People join us and give a set of rules. We take our characters from being helplessly upside down to day dreaming of a hot cup of tea. As always we coincidentally write in the same location. New Rules for New People

Duration: 00:34:41

The Dark Days

This week Phil comes up with a writing prompt, we go on a short adventure, and things turn out pretty dark. Adam tries to explain how his brain works, and, of course, stories are written.

Enemy Engaged

This week we use a writing prompt generator built by Adam, and try to figure out what the best way to dispose of an engagement ring in space is (we both fail)