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Be where your buyers are w/ Trish Bertuzzi - SDR Madness #9

Trish is the President of the Bridge Group and Author of the Sales Development Playbook. She is one of my favorite people to listen to when it comes to sales and she hits home with this tip. Do not lean on what you like, lean on where your buyers are. If you are playing where your buyers are not, why are you there? Trish talks about how you can be where your buyers and provide them value on a daily basis.


Getting over the fear of the phone w/ Bailey Featherston - SDR Madness #8

Bailey is an SDR at Vidyard where she is helping sales and marketing professionals do videos at scale. In order to get over the fear of the phone, you have to pick it up. Bailey talks about being persistent with making each call and bringing value helped her get over the phone. She finds that her biggest success is on the phone because she can resonate with her prospects and she gets a better view point of what the customer wants.


How to research before a cold call w/ Jaclyn Lipnicki - SDR Madness #7

Jaclyn is the Head of Business Development Representatives for North America where she is helping lead a team to reach out to content marketers to help them bring the most value for their organization. People nowadays are afraid of the phone, however I believe that is due to lack of confidence before reaching out. Jaclyn talks in detail on how you can do research before a cold call and sound confident to your prospects.


Getting started with direct mail as an SDR w/ Jen Steffan - SDR Madness #6

Jen was an SDR at Brightfunnel, where she now is working in a customer success role. While she was an SDR, she did direct mail campaigns that were successful and generated results for her. This quick tip touches on how you can start direct mail today and start seeing results like Jen.


Embrace the journey of sales development w/ Mellissa Lui - SDR Madness #5

Melissa is the SDR Manager at ChowNow where she leads a team of SDRs as they call into net new accounts. She takes a deep dive on why its important to embrace the journey of sales development and not rush it. If you are patient and take your seriously you will get that promotion that you are looking for. Love the journey you are on and the results will come.


How to model success w/ Taylor Scotto - SDR Madness #4

I have Taylor Scotto who is an SDR leder from Everwise take a deep dive on how you can model success from people who are performing well. Success is all around when you are in the trenches with your fellow reps. Do not be afraid to ask for help and see what type of tactics others are using to accomplish their goals. Don't let your ego get in the way of learning from someone else's success.


How to prepare daily for success w/ Jake Wolpert - SDR Madness #3

Jake Wolpert who is an SDR from Feedvisor talks about what he does daily to prepare for success. If you don't plan, then you plan to fail. He correlates his commitment to preparation from sports and he uses those lessons from his sports team to see success in his SDR role. Come prepared to dominate the day and put yourself in a situation for consistent success.


Leveraging Screenshots in your outreach w/ Nicholas Longo - SDR Madness #2

Nicholas is an SDR at Pitney Bowes and he makes his outreach unique by leveraging screenshots in his emails. This has helped him get responses and resonate more with his prospects. If you use social listening correctly, you can find out what your prospect needs are and leverage that information to provide value to them.


Be an Active Listener w/ Sam Cartwright - SDR Madness #1

Welcome to SDR Madness. These episodes will be daily tips provided throughout the March Madness tournament in order to give you all guidance as you close out the quarter strong. Sam is a sales development team lead at ZenProspect where he is prospecting into new accounts to help accelerate the pipeline for his company. In this SDR Madness tip, Sam talks about why you need to be an active listener in order to be successful in sales.


020/ How sales enablement helps SDRs with Melissa Madian

Melissa is the Principal at TMM Enablement Services where she helps organizations understand the importance of sales enablement for their internal operations. The topic that she dives into today is how to use sales enablement in your organization today to help your SDRs grow as sales professionals. If you SDRs are growing, than that means that your organization will be prepared to take on future leaders.


SDR Round Table: The Current Mindset of an SDR

The SDR Round Table is a gathering of sales professionals to bring value to the sales and sales development community based on a live conversation. It is derived from the concept of King Arthur and the Roundtable. The main purpose is to have an authentic conversation that provides actionable tips, techniques, and advice for sales development professionals and young professionals in their careers. We will be doing these quarterly and having engaging conversations just like this one.


019/ How SDRs can leverage inbound selling with Jen Spencer

Jen is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at SmartBug Media where she helps with brand strategy and making sure the sales team is leveraging their resources efficiently to source meetings and drive revenue. The inbounds that you get in from a company is important to leverage as an SDR. Pay attention to how they are communicating with you to give them the most value for their prospect. Be intelligent about your inbound process so that your SDRs are intelligent when reaching out.


Why SDRs Should Read the Sales Development Playbook

This is from a video I did in the past about an incredible book I read as an SDR while I was still in the role. The Sales Development Playbook by Trish Bertuzzi is an important book for SDRs. This book helped me with tactics to perform better in my role and how to be a future leader as well.


How Fanatical Prospecting Helped Me as an SDR

This is one of the first books I read as an SDR that helped me take my game to the next level. If you read this book you will learn the fundamentals on how to be a great SDR and win the day.


How to move from SDR to AE

For most SDRs the next step in their career is to become an account executive or go into the AE role. This role is focused on closing revenue for the company and they have specialization in specifically closing the deal. Proper documentation, due diligence in your SDR role and being a top performer all go into the promotion of becoming an AE.


Announcing The SDR Round Table and why I am excited about it

I am super excited to announce that I will be adding a new segment to #TheSDRChronicles called The SDR Round Table. It is derived from the concept of King Arthur and the Roundtable. The main purpose is to have an authentic conversation that provides actionable tips, techniques, and advice for sales development professionals and young professionals in their careers. These conversations will be live and be done quarterly throughout the year. There will be many familiar faces that you have...


017/ How to Keep Your Psyche Steady During Your Journey with Bryan Wish

Bryan is the marketing consultant at "The Creative Curve" where he is helping Allen Gannett with his new book launch. The topic we dive into is understanding how to not let your psyche take a downturn in your career. This goes into self-awareness and knowing what you need to have to be mentally in tune with yourself to be successful. If your psyche is off, then your results will diminish and you will not be effective in your role.


016/ How to do Cold Call Introductions with Ryan Wuflestad

Ryan Wulfestad is the VP of Business Development at Light Business Development Group where he helps generate pipeline for the organization. He has had previous experience in sales development where he made cold calls and also was an internal trainer as well. Powerful cold calls start with powerful intros. When you intro yourself with a weak intro, then it will lead to a weak conversation. Cold calling is a skill that can be developed over time and every day you can work on it to be better...


015/ From SDR to CSM with Jason Katz

Sales development is a perfect place to start your growth in your career. It allows you to go multiple positions and navigate to something you want to do for the long-term of your career. Jason who was formerly an SDR found his passion in customer success. He shares how the SDR role has helped him become a great CSM and help him with his process.


If you have momentum, keep going

If you have momentum, keep going. In 2015, I did 2-3 motivational livestreams every day for about 6-7 months to spread my message to a wider audience. I ended up being recognized by a good amount of people on Periscope and connected with some amazing people.I had an awesome audience and people resonated with my message. However, I became got sick for a week. I stopped making the videos as consistently and eventually stopped doing them all together. At the end of the day, I should have...


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