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SGAP003 The Sure Path To Healing Your Chakras

Hi Illura here and welcome to episode 3 of The Sacred Gates Ascension Podcast where I offer your practical tips to help you ascend on your Spiritual path! If you want to restore your chakras or have already begun that journey and want more success - tune in and discover what is undoubtedly the sure path to embracing and repairing these essential Sacred Gates – your chakras! Thank you for listening to my podcast and I truly hope it has helped to motivate you on your own unique Spiritual...

Duration: 00:16:08

SGAP001: Meditation on Planetary Laws of Alignment

What better way is there to awaken to your Spiritual potential than to align with the two greatest planetary Natural Laws of - Gravity and Impermanence! Join Illura for this 6 minute meditation/calling you to re-align with the forces of reality that effect anyone and everything existing on planet Earth right now! The Purest Light To You, Illura

Duration: 00:07:26

SGAP007: How To Make Your Body A Temple When Doing Healing

Does your physical body get sore and tense when doing healing on clients or on yourself? You are about to listen to essential information from The Sacred Gates on how to enter the Sacred Temple that is your body, open the Sacred Gates and exponentially increase your healing abilities!

Duration: 00:17:15

SGAP005: Spiritual Boot Camp for Ascension Seekers

Do you need some boot camp action when it comes to your Spiritual practice? Nothing wrong with that! Jump in and join Illura for some prime time motivation when it comes to staying true to your Spiritual roots! The Purest Light To You Illura

Duration: 00:15:11

SGAP002: 3 Keys To Becoming A Powerful Healer!

What does it take to be a powerful healer? How can you develop your path so that your path is walking you? In this episode Illura will share with you the 3 essential practices that will enable any Healer to experience their full Gifts and Masteries! I appreciate you spending time in your Life listening to my podcast! Illura

Duration: 00:21:35

SGAP006: Why is meditation so hard at the beginnig of my sit?

Does your meditation feel more like an endurance test than an experience of letting go? In this episode Illura will - Zero in on the mechanics of what is often a challenging stage of meditation. Show you how to move from enduring and tolerating phenomena to releasing the tethers that bind you! Map out your 3 major Sacred Gates Describe how to activate these gates so that your physical body becomes a channel for phenomena to pass through you. Thank you! I appreciate you spending time in...

Duration: 00:11:26