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Wisdom for the Weekend: Never Settle!

Life is too short to settle for shit we don’t really want. Like, a warm body to watch Netflix, but with a guy that’s, "meh"? Or a job you can move on from, but are afraid there is nothing better. Listen to this week's Wisdom for the Weekend episode for tips on how to stop the settling for bullshit in your life. Show notes:

Duration: 00:06:10

059: Open Wide Into Relationships and Soulmates with Melissa Ambrosini

Melissa Ambrosini, bestselling author, podcast host and motivational speaker, is back on the show this week! This time, we talked about her new book, Open Wide: A Radically Real Guide to Deep Love, Rocking Relationships, and Soulful Sex, soulmates, and relationships. During our chat, she also described how she met her dreamy hubby and shared just some of the attributes that make their relationship so special. We also jammed on: Show notes:

Duration: 00:59:35

Wisdom for the Weekend: Stop Holding On

Do you find yourself holding on to friends, lovers, or partners that are one-sided? Do you find yourself giving away so much energy that it's becoming exhausting? Why do we do this? Is that person or job truly serving your highest good? Listen to this week's Wisdom for the Weekend episode to find out why it's important to cut ties. Show notes:

Duration: 00:06:45

058: Deeper Connections During Intimacy with Christina and Stephanie from T&A Talk Sex Podcast

The conversation in this week’s episode of The Sacred Medicine Podcast could have easily been all about sex and been extremely raunchy. However, the topic that kept coming up was one many women often complain about - lack of connection between the sheets. Christina and Stephanie from the T&A Talk Sex Podcast join me this week to dish on all things sex, sexy, being vulnerable, connecting with your partner and more! We jammed on: The importance of vulnerabilityHow to use the power of...

Duration: 00:59:35

Wisdom for the Weekend: What Does An Extraordinary Life Mean To You?

What does an extraordinary life mean to you? When you think about how your extraordinary life could be, what do you envision? Can you think of 3 things that would make your life feel extraordinary? In this week's Wisdom for the Weekend, I dive into my 3 things. You can have a life that you consider extraordinary. Dream big and wide, my loves. Show notes:

Duration: 00:07:36

Sexual Trauma, The Aftermath with Rachael Maddox

We’ve never talked about trauma on the Sacred Medicine podcast before. However, it’s an important topic and one I was eager to learn more about. Rachael Maddox, my guest this week, is a trauma resolution educator and coach. She has helped hundreds of women and men resolve their sexual trauma and reclaim their pleasure, power and wholeness. In this week’s episode, Rachael describes her own personal journey with trauma. We also jammed on: The definition of traumaThe signs of traumaHow to...

Duration: 00:52:43

Wisdom For the Weekend: Seeing The Miracle In Ordinary Things

Whether I am the country or in the city, I take the time to see beauty and miracles in things, people, and nature. It can be life changing. During the weekend, take off your headphones and look around at the beauty of everything. Do it once, and the try to make this into a daily habit. I encourage you to listen to the world around you; and see the miracle in the ordinary. Show notes:

Duration: 00:07:12

056: Material Girl, Mystical World with Ruby Warrington

Today I am joined by Ruby Warrington, author of Material Girl, Mystical World and founder of The Numinous. She is here to discuss her love of fashion, New Age ideas, and how she balances the two. During our conversation, we discuss her journey into new age beliefs, her daily practices, and what she does daily that allows her life to flow with the moon cycles. So, so good! We also jammed on: Her book,Material Girl, Mystical WorldHer love for astrology and spiritualityHow she found her...

Duration: 00:57:18

Wisdom for the Weekend: Your Potential Is Enormous Compared to your Problem

Are you having second thoughts about creating your dream life, job, house or business? Do you keep thinking that it's just not possible? Know that your potential is by far greater than any fear, excuse, or objections that you can think of. Keep going and don't give up. Show notes:

Duration: 00:06:41

055: Mantourage, Sexual Boundaries, and Dating Men Who Earn Less with Jenn Burton

If you’ve considered dating multiple people at once, but had questions about it or wondered if it’s a good idea, you won’t want to miss this episode. Jenn Burton, Dating Expert and Romantic Fairy Godmomma to smart, successful single women, joins me this week on the podcast. We talk about what to do if you fall too easy early on, dating and more. Jenn is also going to take us through the concept of mantourage dating and explain why it’s so good for you! We also jammed on: How to...

Duration: 00:51:03

054: Dating Tips: Online Profiles, Signs He Is Wrong For You, And What If He's Only Interested In Sex with Suzanne Oshima

Suzanne Oshima is a Dating & Relationship Coach and the Founder of Dream Bachelor & Bachelorette. She is the real deal! In this episode, she gives tips on being empowered around dating and men. This New Yorker dishes the lowdown on: Dating profile tips to attract the partner you are really looking forHow to avoid burn out (being militant about dating several times per week)Best way of screening before actually meeting in personIs he wrong for you? Learn the signsWhat to do with men that...

Duration: 00:48:12

Wisdom for the Weekend: May Your Vision Be Bigger Than Your Pain

When there are times of pain or confusion in your life, can you allow your vision to become bigger than your pain? Moments of limbo or when you are trying to figure out what's next can be painful and daunting. During those times, acknowledge your vision when it comes knocking. And, then allow it to grow bigger than the pain. Show notes:

Duration: 00:06:54

053: Foods to Enhance Fertility, Balance Menstrual Cycles and Adrenal Health with Madeline MacKinnon

Want to learn how foods can positively affect your health? Listen up! Madeline MacKinnon, a certified nutrition consultant and founder of Natural Hormone Healing joins me to talk about foods that enhance fertility, foods to eat throughout your menstrual cycle, and foods to address adrenal health. Ladies, get ready to add to your grocery list. This episode is packed with nutritional information you can incorporate into your daily life, today! We jammed on: Learn the different stages of...

Duration: 00:51:32

Wisdom for the Weekend: Loving a Little More

This week is all about doing one thing to reach out to a friend that you haven't seen or heard from in a long time. Being the one who reaches out, perhaps with a simple text message or by mailing a card, is a sweet gesture and goes a long way. I share more examples in this week's Wisdom for the Weekend. Be the one who loves enough to be the first one to reach out. You wont regret it. Show notes:

Duration: 00:04:51

052: Single Ladies, Stop Settling! With Tinzley Bradford

What a fun conversation with Tinzley Bradford! Tinzley is relationship coach and author of, The Settle-Free Dating Method. Ladies, listen up. If you are single and immersed in the world of dating and settling for mediocrity, you need to listen to this interview! Tinzley will have you dropping those unworthy men or women in a heartbeat. You deserve so much more. We jammed on: Are you settling when it comes to dating? Learn the eye-opening signs!What to do if youaresettlingDating an ex?...

Duration: 00:54:18

Wisdom for the Weekend: Never Giving Up!

Today is the day I finally sign the lease on my new space for my vision. My vision of creating a sanctuary for women in the midst of NYC. It took months, but I never lost the vision or the desire to do so. It was worth the wait and I'm happy I didn't give up. There were definitely times I was about to settle for a shared space or something really small. But, I decided to stay the course. Is there a desire or dream that you have been wanting to manifest in your life? Don't ever give up on...

Duration: 00:04:51

050: Planetary Update: Jupiter with Jennifer Angel

This was yet another great episode with Jennifer Angel, resident astrologer to one of America’s most successful celebrity and entertainment magazines – Star! This month we talked all about Jupiter and lucky dates to watch out for - mark your calendars! She is also a returning guest; you can hear our previous chats about planetary retrogrades here and post solar eclipse hangover, here. We also jammed on: Jupiter update and what is happening in October and NovemberEach of the 12...

Duration: 00:53:16

Wisdom for the Weekend: Fully Committing

Is there something in your life you are afraid of committing to? What is that one thing that you desire or long for? Have you fully committed to creating it? Magic happens when you finally decide to commit to that one thing. No more half-assing it! Show notes:

Duration: 00:03:57

049: The Lowdown on the Ketogenic Lifestyle with Shawn Mynar

I’ve started to dabble in the ketogenic diet recently and wanted to get the full scoop on how to do this the right way. I came across Shawn Mynar’s podcast, the Keto for Women Show, where she talks about all things ketogenic including diet and lifestyle resources for women. She’s also a holistic nutritionist. So, I knew I just had to have her on my podcast! In this episode, Shawn gives me the lowdown on the ketogenic lifestyle and more. We jammed on: Show notes:...

Duration: 00:46:21

Wisdom for the Weekend: Magic

This week I am talking about magic. Specifically, how can you allow magic to take over your life, to allow it to happen with flow and with ease? Listen to this week's Wisdom for the Weekend to find out. Show notes:

Duration: 00:02:57

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