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Wisdom for the Weekend: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

There is no growth in your comfy space. In order to grow in all areas of your life, you need to bravely step out of your zone. This could be in the bedroom, in your relationship, or in your business. What will you do to get out of yours? Take me on your journey!


071: Online Dating, Ghosting, Dating Disasters,Sex Toys and Orgasms with Laura Lane and Angela Spera

This week I am joined by the hosts of the This Is Why You’re Single Show, Laura Lane and Angela Spear. They also recently wrote a book of the same name. This was one hilarious interview, I loved every second of it! What’s the deal with online dating? We chatted all about that and we shared some of our online dating disastrous tales.! We also jammed on: Ghosting: why it happens and what to doLong distance relationshipsOur dating disasters, including a few of my ownIs dating...


Wisdom for the Weekend: What are you waiting for?

What is that one thing that you keep holding off from doing, trying or buying? Now is the time to just do it. Research how you can do it, buy it, or afford it. Live your life now. What are you waiting for? Show notes:


070: How to Be An Embodied Sensual Woman with Jenna Ward

This week, Jenna Ward, Feminine Embodiment Coach & Founder of the School of Embodied Arts, joins me on the podcast. I love what Jenna does for women! In fact, we do similar work. Jenna started out as a hospital pharmacist. And, now she guides women to embody their feminine spirit. She is doing such powerful work in this world. I knew I needed to have her on the show! We jammed on: How she went from pharmacist to Feminine Embodiment CoachHow to tap into your intuitionLearn a few ways to...


Wisdom for the Weekend: Be Effen' Consistent

This week I'm talking about being consistent, showing up and getting the things you truly desire. The only way to do so is to be consistent. I'm calling you out this week and also sending a message to myself. We all make excuses. But success in everything happens when you embrace consistency. Show notes:


069: Creating a Love Life on Your Own Terms with Harvey Hooke

Today, Harvey Hooke, a groundbreaking dating + relationship coach for women, is on the podcast talking all about dating and relationships. One of the big topics we talked about was creating a love life on your own terms and what that means. He facilitates and guides people to create conscious relationships, through enhanced intimacy, communication and emotional practices. I just can't get enough of this topic! We jammed on: When to bring up relationship questionsHow to get the...


Wisdom for the Weekend: You Can Have Everything You Want

You can have everything you want. Yes, it’s true. Today I’m giving you some highlights from a business conference I am attending in Las Vegas. Listen up ladies, it’s time to own our space and our place in this world and be prosperous. Check out my Instagram feed for daily inspiration and pics. Show notes:


Wisdom For The Weekend: What To Do To Avoid The Flu

This year's flu season is insane. In this week's episode of Wisdom for the Weekend, I provide some tips to avoid getting the flu! We have another 6-8 weeks left of the flu season. So, listen up, don’t be part of the epidemic! Show notes:


68: 75 Men - One Woman’s Journey Through Sensual Adventure and Exploration

This week my very dear friend, Margaret Shrum, is sharing her adventures with dating 75 men. She would share her titillating stories with me after every date. Totally drool worthy. I was thrilled when she agreed to be a guest on my podcast to discuss her journey. Margaret is a Love and Sensuality Stylist, creating workshops and consulting for her brand, Vitamin L. Living in Seattle since 2014, she is currently writing a book about compassionate dating with intention and humor. If you’ve...


Widsom For The Weekend: You Are Worthy

You are worthy of all that you desire. Gone are the days of mediocrity when it comes to life partners, that new coat or bag that you so want in your closet. Listen up to this week’s Wisdom For The Weekend. The time is now to know your worth! Show notes:


067: The Fifth Trimester with Lauren Brody

This week on the podcast, Lauren Brody, author of The Fifth Trimester: The Working Mom’s Guide to Style, Sanity, and Big Success After Baby, joins me to discuss the Fifth trimester of pregnancy. The fifth trimester is everything that happens after your baby arrives - all of the feelings, thoughts and decisions that a working mom faces. Having never birthed a baby and never will in this lifetime, I wanted to share this information with my audience of soon-to-be or new mothers. We jammed...


Wisdom for the Weekend: Celebrating The Little Things

This a quick episode of Wisdom for the Weekend. I recently celebrated the launch of FemmeMed. With that fresh on my mind, I wanted to remind you to celebrate even the littlest things. Big or small, they all matter. The more you celebrate and are grateful, the more it just shows up in your life. Show notes:


066: FemmeMed NYC Updates, My Seasonal Affective Disorder & The Blue Moon

This week I have a solo podcast episode for you. In this episode I provide updates on my life, my Seasonal Affective Disorder, and details on last week's FemmeMed launch event. And of course, the super blue blood moon! Show notes:


065: Embracing The Sacred Feminine with Marcela Veron

I had such a beautiful conversation with Marcela Veron. She is not only a priestess, she is a Sacred Feminine Healing Arts Practitioner, Mentor & Intuitive, and Essence & Embodiment Coach. She is also an interior alchemist and personal design lifestyle consultant. She is just doing so many amazing things! It was almost serendipitous that I found Marcela during a web search. When I did, I knew I had to have her on the show. She has such an amazing gift with holding feminine space and is...


Wisdom For The Weekend: Trusting Your Inner Wisdom

In this week's Wisdom for the Weekend episode, I share my experience of being led by a crazy and risky move. And, now I finally see why I was being led. I also share my 23andMe ancestry results, profound and beautiful. Show notes:


064: How To Have A Happy Vagina with Dr. Carrie Jones

What a fun interview today with Dr. Carrie Jones! Dr. Jones is a functional medicine hormone doctor, Medical Director at Precision Analytical, Inc. and actively promotes women’s health and hormone education. In today’s episode, we talked all about keeping the vagina pristine and happy. Listen up ladies, it’s time to love up your pussy! We jammed on: How to avoid recurrent yeast infections and what triggers themWhat foods to avoid to keep the vagina pH balancedAt home natural approaches...


063: How To Stop Feeling Like Shit with Andrea Owen

When I came across the book, “How to Stop Feeling LIke Shit: 14 Habits That Are Holding You Back From Happiness,” by Andrea Owen, I had many questions. Andrea is a certified life coach who helps high-achieving women let go of perfectionism, control, and isolation and choosing courage and confidence instead. She joins me on the podcast this week. So, I had the opportunity to ask her the questions that came to mind when I first saw her book. Most specifically I wondered if there were...


Wisdom for the Weekend: The Time Between It's Over And What's Next

I have grown to love the time between it's over and what's next. Many rush through it and force things to happen. In this episode of Wisdom for the Weekend, I expand on a beautiful image to get you through it. Show notes:


062: 062: Wrapping Up 2017 With 2018 Desires And Meditation With Amber Chalus

Amber Chalus, founder and creator of The Liberated Woman, is someone I met via the podcast world. And, I just love her! She was a guest on my podcast previously. This week, she is back! In this episode, Amber and I talk about our highlights of 2017. It’s so important to acknowledge the past in order to ring in the new year. Amber has some exciting news as well! We end our conversation with a beautiful meditation, and with Amber’s soothing voice, there is nothing better. Show notes:...


Wisdom for the Weekend: 2018 Goals & Desires

As we welcome in the new year, what are your 2018 plans, desires and goals? In this Wisdom for the Weekend episode, learn what mine are and what I’m planning for 1/1/18. It’s going to be a great year, how can you prepare? Show notes:


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