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The Sadcast Podcast is a new series brought to you by Dottsie, Simon and Adam. Each week the guys will take turns hosting the show. Sadcast is a discussion show covering anything from life advice to reviews of the worst movies around.




Episode 10: Orphans Present: Gift -Bags Of Daddy's Gone And My Immortal Dumbledore

This week the guys talk more shite and you guessed it! More shite. So why not join in listening to them shite on about a Harry Potter fan fiction that's too rude for youd??....I'm not great at rhyming, I really should take Blondie up on that rap lesson. Anyway Listen, or don't. It's your life but remember this Steve. You are loved! Steve! Intro and outro song I dunno by grapes (c) copyright 2008 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license....

Duration: 01:48:39

Episode 9: Rug Suckers

This week we decided to take up the ambitious task of cobbling together an entire movie via add lib. With inspiration (and in some cases direct plagiarism) from some of our favorite sci fi classics we bring to you the glory that is "Rug Suckers".

Duration: 01:57:09

Episode 8: Court Ordered Sporadic Releases

After a brief break, the lads return to talk about the American election, Donald Trump, conspiracy theories, lonely old men's sexual escapades and Elvis Presley's favourite sandwich .

Duration: 01:58:31

Episode 7 :Blowtorch cuisine and other horribleness from the web

This week the lad's dive back in to the darkness that is the internet. Come for the topic and stay for the accents. Follow us on Twitter @SadCast_PodCast Intro and outro song I dunno by grapes (c) copyright 2008 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license. Ft: J Lang, Morusque

Duration: 01:29:43

Episode 6: Lost in Translation & Simon's series of unfortunate events

This week's episode is all about things being lost in translation. A legitimate fear we all had was that this episode itself would be lost in translation, however thanks to Captain Interrupt's harrowing tale of his trip to Poland, we told irony to go fuck itself.

Duration: 01:27:47