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Tis the Season - All Things Seasonal, Upcoming Valentines Contest, and New Song

This is going to be a fun show Folks! Tis the Season Discusses- The Flu, Seasonal Affective Disorder, The Borneau Bloat, Scammers, and Reverse Motgages Brian introduces " The Tech Corner" To help all of us, APPEAR more savvy Lisa Gets Ooey Gooey with " The Little Things" Brian Debuts his new song, "boo hoo, I've got the Flu" AND, Lisa shares the details, of a very special Valentine's Contest, available only to our Listeners!! It's a Must Hear!

Duration: 00:33:31

The Good Ole Days- A Fun Look Back at Life Over the Last 40 Years

Wow, the last 40 years have seen a lot of changes! As we forge ahead into this new year, we thought it would be fun to look back at the changes we have seen in the last 4 Decades. From the birth of the Internet, to cell phones, and Facetime, technology has been amazing. But, its always fun to venture back- To the good ole days..When Beaver and Wally entertained us with their antics, and the streetlights were our curfew. Join Brian and Lisa for this special walk down memory lane, with a Lot...

Duration: 00:31:20

Another Snap Crackle Pop Morning, The Artic Winter Blast, and Sybil Drops By

Hi Folks - Join Us For our First Show in 2018.. We will discuss this Artic Winter Blast Hitting the Midwest, Things We hate about Winter, How to Beat the Winter Blues, and a Couple of Brian's Other Personalities Drop By for a visit..Brian will debut his new song, Another Snap, Crackle, Pop Morning? We hope you can Join us.... Also, Join in on the Conversation on FACEBOOK, just search "The Sarcastic Seniors: We Would Love to have you..

Duration: 00:19:09

We Survived Christmas, Now What? New Years Resolutions- Or NOT!!!

Here we are folks...December 26th.. We have survived Christmas! (Pats on back all around) Now guess what is just around the corner? New Years, and those blasted New Years Resolutions. We will talk about our own resolutions, or lack thereof, and throw out some fun "what ifs". And, Brian, will be debuting his new song "OR NOT!", at the end of the show. Stick around, its a good one. Please leave us comments on our FB Page, "The Sarcastic Seniors", here on our Blog Talk Page, our Rate us on...

Duration: 00:26:14

Jingle Bells, Christmas Sells, and Other Holiday Dandies...

Join Us for our 3rd episode, and the last one before the holidays..More original music, talk about Christmas Shopping or in Brian's case, the lack thereof.., Brian Bashes Lisa on her winter Driving Skills We discuss Christmas Music, internet shopping, Winter Driving and More.. It will be fun folks! Join us..Share in the conversation on BlogTalkRadio, or on our FB Page... We look forward to hearing from you-Comments, Show Ideas, and More Let's have some Fun Together, and Start these holidays...

Duration: 00:27:08

Episode Duece- Things that Piss us off, "The Mrs Menopause Blues" and other Gems

December 12th, 2017 Episode…. Thanks for tuning in Folks, and letting us share, and Hopefully brighten your morning. This is our first regular format podcast, And, we are looking forward to feedback, introductions, and Show ideas, from you all. This week, Brian and Lisa will share some of the things that piss them off, but they laugh about anyway. We will introduce you to Takilya Pharmaceuticals, and Brian will Debut his new song, “You’ve got the Mrs. Menopause Blues” We promise some eye...

Duration: 00:27:15

Pilot Espisode of 'The Sarcastic Seniors Show- with Brian and Lisa'

Join Us for our Pilot Episode of “The Sarcastic Seniors Show with Brian and Lisa” We will give you the backstory on us, and how the show came to be. There will be a lot of laughing, either with us or at us, but as long as you are getting a good chuckle out of this, we don’t care. Life is tough, aging is tough, if we can all keep a sense of humor through the day to day grind, the world will seem a better place. Make sure to follow us- on Twitter, FB, or the Follow link on the Blog Talk Radio...

Duration: 00:25:59